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Wanted to create a CorelDraw file

I tried a few different ways to convert a file I have as various EPS, AI, and PDF formats so that I could import it into CorelDraw in order to save as a CDR file, after getting a request for that type of file from a customer in Dreamstime.

No luck whatsoever. I tried moving it via my Ubuntu machine even in case the problem was to do with Mac – Windows incompatabilities. I suppose if I kept trying I might eventually do it but I won’t need to that every day of the week so ….  But then you never know when the might be the need again to have a file that will have the CDR extension.

I think in the past I have got Illustrator files into CorelDraw and I know I have imported EPS files in. Trouble is, that there are so many variations of the EPS format.