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Bubblin in Dublin

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Girl on way home from party at Portobello Dublin

Just got back home from a visit to Dublin. Much of the time seemed to be used up traveling from part of Dublin to another. Did a bit of chillin’ and took in a movie, I saw ‘Taken’ with Liam Neeson in it. Thoroughly enjoyable and I may even see it again in Spanish at the local cinema.

I did get taking some photos while there but there were also a couple of the days where the weather was no conducive to photography. On Tuesday morning the heavens opened and only the ducks were enjoying themselves. On the first morning I was there I got taking some photos early in the morning by the canal at Portobello. I was taking the photos and a couple who were on their way back home from a party from the night before, asked me how come I was taking pictures of the grunge and gunk in the canal rather then the lovely swans on the other side of the lock.

I do like to go for the interesting arty shot and not so much the shots that the amateur point and shoot camera wielder would go for. I did snap a couple of the swans late through, why not? Again I was without a tripod due to the bags and weight restrictions of the airline company. I was on the look out for a bean bag though, a bean bag would be great in situations where you can’t use a tripod and is easy and light to carry around. I did see one specially made for photography when I visited Newcastle but it was too small. The upshot of my searching so far is a big fat zero, no bean bags and I have not even seen the beans or beads that I could use to make my own either. Maybe I will get lucky when I go to Birmingham next month.

Anyone like to contact me about taking pictures in Dublin or if you know anywhere I might get a bean bag for resting a camera on top of let me know in the contact form or leave a comment.

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