Now this is a really important task. closing the open paths in Illustrator, because if you leave any open paths in your art work you will have it being rejected. The problem is first of all finding the open paths and then closing them quickly and easily. I first found this to be time consuming but with the help of some plug ins for Illustrator I can now close open paths really quickly.

Couple little things you need to know about when creating a vector
image, especially if you are going to sell it on stock websites

Here are some tips and tricks for making the best out of your work.
Mostly time savers.

OPEN PATHS: If you are dealing with open paths, you are in trouble, so
try this to FIND THEM FIRST without hassle.

To install this plugin, just drop the plugin in your Adobe Illustrator
Plug-ins folder. It works with Adobe Illustrator CS – CS2 and CS3….

What does this plugin do… It actually finds all guides, paths, open
paths, closed paths, filled paths, unfilled paths, stroked paths,
unstroked paths, dashed paths, undashed paths, compound paths, groups,
live object groups, gradient meshes, envelopes, symbols, embedded raster
art, and placed art.

It will appear under Select / Object menu.

So after clicking on select open paths, your open paths are selected,
now how are we going to close all these paths, here to

This time just drop the plug in in Illustrator scripts folder, it will
appear in File/ Scripts menu, and click. All your paths are closed in 2
steps. What a time saver.

Well if you have only couple paths to close just click on the open path
and press CTRL + J to join them, personally I never use this.

So there you go some vital information for you if you are going to sell your art on the microstock sites.

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