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Spondicious Podcast 05 with Lee Torrens

Here is and we are featuring . Lee is very knowledgeable about the industry although modest of his achievements. Have a listen and you will find some gems of information in there that will help you with working as a microstock contributor.

In it he mentions  who is among the world’s top microstock contributors and has been a full-time microstocker since May 2006. His portfolio contains over 6,000 images, specializing in business, fashion, lifestyle, outdoors, 3D renders and sport.

The Sponsor for the show is that allows you to call ordinary phone very cheaply from your computer. I have used it and it does work very well.

Yuris’ favourite gadget

I just bought a monopod last week so it was interesting to see what views Yuri Arcurs has about monopods. I have the ball head to use if I want to although I actually bought it for another purpose. Perhaps I will buy another to use on the monopod.

A favour please.

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Yuri time again – Learn from the best

Yuri Arcurs is the master when it comes to Micro Stock photography and therefore when I saww that Crestock were producing the videos in which they get Yuri to tell us wannabees how to do things in MicrostocK I was more than happy to watch the videos and learn form the best.

I posted here the previous video and it was learning how to shoot and direct a model and the latest video is the part two. How to get the right smiles from the model and  getting the model to freeze the action and eliminate the possibility of blur. Using a second shooter on expensive shoots to get more capital from the shoot. More pictures, with the second shooter getting in and taking shots when you are having some down time with the camera, checking shots or changing lenses or whatever.

Here is the video.

Sold some photos this week with , mostly subscriptions but it all helps

Barbed wire illustration

I always like it when I have one of my illustrations sell, especially when it sells as a vector file. Today I sold and image of some barbed wire. The barbed wire is rusty and gungy looking and maybe I will do a shiny version of the wire at a later date.