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Wizardgold Ramblings. I was listening to the Nosillacast and she was reviewing and it sounds like a useful bit of kit that I would like to get at some time or other.

and Bento are apps I have bought this week. Bento has a

Talking to , he is into photography and learning how to do more with his images. Evan has Sun Virtual Box on the computer  but hardly uses it.

He has opened up his Mac to be able to upgrade ram, so he is a bit of tech head and not afraid to dive in there.

Has use various browser applications including Stainless. Oovoo is an app he uses with , and to chat and get the sound better by putting that through Skype instead.

Evan has made videos and put them on to DVD using the iLife applications. His grand parents have been impressed with the finished product. That is normal though because iLfe is such a great suite of applications.

For back up it is and also Time machine. For the utilities Evan like and . Caffeine keeps the machine from going to sleep. iStat tracks many of the things within the computer like temperature of the machine internals.

Evan prefers to go to the video store to buy movies because it is cheaper than buying the movie on iTunes. he does buy ‘The Office ‘ the TV series in HD. I mention web drama.

On the iPod touch he has Tweetie for , Flight control, , Air mouse, Skype.

In school there are a few nerds he might talk to but can’t understand the PC based geeks. Hands in work at school in a printed format but sometimes will hand in via email instead.

Evan listens to a pile of podcasts too numerous to mention so you can listen to this podcast to find out for yourself.

Don’t forget to enter the competition for the Amadeus Pro Audio editing application.

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