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Writers20Q Podcast 3 Scrivener

The developer of Scrivener

I got talking to Keith Blount the developer of , the excellent writers software for the Mac.

He tells me that he is a wanna be writer and a coder but not necessarily in that order. Used to be a teacher in primary school and gave up the high life to be a code monkey.

Talking about Scrivener

The idea behind Scrivener is that you write the long novel in chunks and you can use Scrivener to organise the whole thing. there are loads of ways of looking at the work. You can just concentrate on the small bit you are working on. You can see all of the small bits in an outline mode or you can see them on a corkboard view. Lots more information from Keith about Scrivener in the podcast.

He changed to Mac and was looking for a decent laptop and was blown away by the iBook and the retail store experience helped him to make the decision to buy. I have a number of questions for Keith in the interview about how he uses his Mac and you can listen to the podcast to get more.

Win a copy of Scrivener

The question to answer is Is there something spooky in the Text Menu

Coming soon to Writers20Q

Keith Blount

I have one interview completed with the developer of the writers software Scrivener, Keith Blount. I heard about this software originally from Andy Inhatko who is a tech writer for the Chicago Sun Times and he writes blogs, articles for magazines and web sites. He was pleased to be using Scrivener because he could focus on the writing and then export it out for whichever publication, knowing that it would in the right format for that destination.

So I bought Scrivener after trying it out on my Mac for a couple of weeks. I really like using it. You can go full screen and block out all the distractions. There a number of super features in the software all designed to help you organise your writing, outlining tools, a corkboard area to keep the writing and the research.

One neat trick is that after you have bought it you can have it on more than one machine you own. I have the iMac and the MacBook, I can’t use both at the same time  so it makes sense to be able to have on both of my machines and not have to buy 2 licences. It is what I call sensible licencing.

Abbie Clarke

I have interviewed Abbie about her writing and it is a breath of fresh air to talk to a young enthusiastic writer who is just getting started with her creative writing. I just have to edit the interview and get it ready to turn into a podcast. and has started to publish her writing on it. Check it out.

Matthew Wayne Selznick

Matthew is the writer of an audio book entitled Brave Men Run. I listened to it during the last week. I found it to be enjoyable and I contacted Matthew to see if he would come on this show. Totally delighted to announce that I will be interviewing him next Tuesday. I will be asking questions about going the audio book route and how it might be leading to sales of eBook versions and print versions. I will also ask about what sort of help he needed to be able to get good production values on the podcasted audio book. I will be asking about he latest work which is called Hazy Days and Cloudy Nights and I want to find out what he is planning next.

Video20Q Podcast 1 David Baker

I found David on twitter where he is known as . Seemed like a good plan to ask if he would like to be featured on the new Video 20 Questions Podcast. Really pleased he said yes and was quite enthusiastic. Goes without saying that if you are an independent indie movie maker you have to get the word out there in any way that you can.

David was a super first guest on the show and we had a great chat about movie making. he has been in the business fore many years having worked as an actor. is his second movie and is about a student of film getting caught up in some mercenary activity when he goes to video some guys just coming back from Iraq. David was looking for a gritty style for the film and from what he was telling me about how it was filmed, I don’t doubt that is the way it turned out.

David was the writer, producer, visionary, director, head tea boy and will be promoting too. he has plans to ge the film shown all across the UK and expects to be getting in contact with film students along the way too. So there will be a mixture of online and offline promotion of the movie. He got non actors in the movie as well as using actors.

Mission X behind the scenes with David

I enjoyed my chat with David and I learned  a lot from it too. We mentioned Robert Rodriguez who had success with a small or no budget and was discovered in as much as he got Hollywood money after that to make more movies, and the director Roger Common that influenced Tarrantino amongst others. David is a believer in getting out movies with no budget so that it makes people be creative and innovative. In any case we all have to start somewhere.

David has been using to be able to get the movie clips out to as many online video sharing sites as possible. Saves a lot of time to get the movies distributed all with one upload. I have used it myself and I am impressed.

He is expecting to get the film out through Cineworld and get it shown in more places across the whole of the UK.

Karen Sperling’s Book

As I am expecting to interview Karen soon here is a press release from Karen about her book.

Painting isn’t just for artists anymore.

Photographers nowadays are interested in turning their digital photos into paintings in Corel Painter and Adobe Photoshop.

And now Painting for Photographers, published by Artistry Books, shows both the art lessons and software steps for transforming photos into works of art.

Written and illustrated by Karen Sperling, one of the world’s foremost Painter authorities, having penned the first several Painter manuals and three previous Painter books, Painting for Photographers is the first art book for photographers.

It starts with a look at the art concepts that photographers need to know to paint their photos and describes the materials needed to create art, in this case, the software program tools and features, in addition to Wacom tablets.

Next, Painting for Photographers provides step-by-step instructions and four-color illustrations for creating paintings in Corel Painter and Adobe Photoshop from popular photo subjects, including portraits, landscapes and pets, covering various styles of art, including oils, watercolors and pastels.

Additionally, Painting for Photographers shows how to paint with traditional acrylics and oils on top of the digital artwork after it’s printed to canvas.

Painting for Photographers appeals to everyone from professional photographers who would like to sell paintings to their clients to hobbyists who are interested in painting photos of their kids and grandkids to graphic designers, illustrators, animators, web art creators and fine artists who would like to use photos as the basis for their artwork.

A book trailer video about Painting for Photographers is on view at Youtube:

For more information about Painting for Photographers, and to order, visit the Artistry web site / or contact Karen Sperling at  or 818-981-2803.

Writers20Q Podcast 02 – Yi Shun Lai

Click to listen to the podcast

This is the first of the Writers 20 Questions Podcasts with a set of questions more suited to asking writers. It follows on from the first podcast posted in here though which was the one where I am talking with Mike Smith, as is a friend of his.

Yi Shun Lai has worked as a writer / editor for 15 years and now is working for herself as in freelance and having the time to spend on a novel of her own. Seems that writers have to do the work and save money so that they can then have the opportunity to write for themselves.

I learned a few things during our chat and she was lovely to chat with. I do like friendly people, life is to short to have to deal with grumpy devils.

Yi Shun has worked on a book called sounds like fun. Started off as a web project but has moved on to print. Isn’t always good to have the paper in your hands to read.

At about out door activities and recreation. I don’t think it is possible to kayak in Central Park but check out the site to find out what Yi Shun says you can do there.

We talked about writers critique groups and getting past writers block. Of course there was some discussion about the craft of writing but more about editors and agents.

Welcome to Video 20 Questions

pmw-ex1Welcome to Video 20 Questions. This is a follow on site from Mac 20 Questions. On this site I will be talking to people with camcorders, video cameras like the
and even the digital SLR cameras that can take video. If it is about video it is here.

Some of the interviewees will have professional broadcast quality cameras and will be using the top Pro applications to edit the resulting video. On the other end I will be talking to the person that wants to make some funny videos of their friend getting kicked in the nuts for YouTube.

hf100The idea is to have the full range possible and you never know we could all improve our video knowledge and skills. We can talk about codecs to use to get the best quality, or to get the best compression, and which is the best way to get a good compromise between size of file and quality.

I have 20 questions that I will ask and over time they will evolve to get the best information from the featured guests. I may have to use different sets of questions depending on the level of skill and knowledge of the guest.

If you want to be featured on the podcast contact me using the form below. Of course question 20 is “Tell me about your web site ” and that is your chance to tell the world about your website or product, with links to it in the show notes for the episode.

So what is Answer 20 Questions all about

My name is David Allen and I go by the name of Wizardgold online usually, sometimes perhaps Spondicious. I am a blogger and podcaster. I interview people about just about anything. I have a very successful Podcast based Blog called Mac 20 Questions. That is what started all of this. I may have to franchise this out.

This site will be the catch all 20 Questions site. All of the podcasts along with the show notes will be inserted on here.

I also expect that I will use this site to add one offs 20 Question interviews. Such as Hamster Lovers 20 Q or 20 Questions about the town where you live or just about anythng really.