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Writer Director Quentin Tarantino

I saw the interview with Quentin Tarantino last night on the Jonathan Ross show, OK it wasn’t in depth and more to do with Wossy making funnies but Tarantino was impressive in manner and the way he spoke about film making. The man obviously has a vision and wants to tell the story in his own was. I though the comment about why he uses music from old movies and previously recorded songs, was telling in the fact that he doesn’t want to give the control of any part of the movie, including the sound track to one other person. This means apart from being a control freak, that he really rates the sound in a movie to be very important. The clip of the new movie from him starring Brad Pitt was big in the sound department as well as having some wicked looking stunts.

I have an interview to edit of a guy in the UK that has the sound recording equipment and has worked on some movies as well as making his own in 2 weeks as part of a challenge to make a movie in that time frame. You will find it interesting when I get it published soon.

Writers20Q Podcast 4 Abbie Clarke

abbieI am so pleased that I chatted with Abbie Clarke about writing. She is just getting started as a writer and tells me that when she gets home from work will write for a couple of hours for the novel she is working on.

I persuaded her to get a blog set up to start building her brand and get known as a writer. .

I found it refreshing talking to a young person that has creativity in mind and a desire to produce something for public consumption.  I think that a writer has to develop a thick skin though because there will be lots of rejection notices from publishing house before it finally get taken and a book gets published. But if you stick in there and keep working at it then it will work out eventually.

In the interview I talk about the audiobook route that people like Matthew Wayne Selznick, Scott Sigler and JC Hutchins have taken. Seems to work well for them, as on the back of their podcasted books given for free they have developed a following and have got sales of printed materials and book deals. I am tempted to go that route myself, though I am not sure what sort of story would suit my Brummie accent.

Enjoy the podcast with the interview of Abbie Clarke.