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Raindance Man Elliot Grove talks

We get talking to the best people here on Video 20 Questions. Elliot Grove who recently got an honorary doctorate from the Open University for the work he has done with Raindance the Film Festival and the courses that Raindance runs to teach film making, has been talking to me about what Raindance does. How excellent is that?

I have visited the Raindance site myself and the site and have found it informative and entertaining. I find myself wishing I lived in London so that I could take some of the courses in film making. Not that keen on London or any big cities really so that tells you how interesting the courses were looking to me.

Some course titles available. Script Writing, producing, directing and audio courses,  very inexpensive but packed with information.

Elliot talks a bit about the Macs they use in the office for the but mostly we talk about film making. I learned a thing or two, for sure.

“Record breaking crowds, sold out screenings, live music, loud raucous parties and great films. This is what an independent film festival should be. Raindance has become what Sundance used to be fifteen years ago.”

Why not contact me and arrange an interview so you can be featured on the Podcast. Lets talk video, film, movies and anything moving pictures. I will even talk to actors.

Welcome to Car 20 Questions


Car 20 Questions is a podcast in which I talk with Car owners about the cars that they drive, possibly cars that owners don’t drive because they are still working on them!

In the past I have had cars that are classics, Morris Minors, VW Beetles, Austin Cambridge, Austin Westminster. I always wanted a a Jaguar XJS, could be they will be a classic one day. These days I just drive a ‘get from A to B type car’ but sometimes get the urge for something more interesting.

I have already recorded a conversation with an owner of a TR4A and that will be Car20Q podcast number one. Coming out soon when I have had the chance to edit the raw interview and turn it in a proper podcast.

Let me know if you have a car or cars that you would like to talk about in a podcast.

Writers20Q Podcast 5 Matthew Wayne Selznick

Matthew is the author of Brave Men Run and Hazy Days and Cloudy Nights. Sci Fi fantasy type fiction but with a grounding in the real world. I listened to the podcast of the book Brave Men Run which I downloaded off iTunes and enjoyed the story. I got addicted to it. You know what it is like when you can’t put down a good book – same here but with it being read to me by the author.

I had a great chat with Matthew and we discussed the writing as well as the audio podcast end of things. Matthew highly recommends the giving away of the book as a free podcast in order to build an audience and a brand.

he has been able to get a publishing deal through this type of promoting because the publishing company will see that part of their work is done if an author already has a following that will probably buy his or her books.

I recommend that you support Matthew by having a look at Cloudy Days and Hazy Nights web site. You can become a member and get additional material to what we will find in the free podcast copy of the story. The free podcast will also be about a month behind the members only version. So if you are patient ??

Video20Q Podcast 2 Mike Peter Reed


I  got the chance to interview so that he could tell me about the that he took part in. The idea was to make a film in the space of two weeks. In the next round there will probably more films made because they rules give more time to get things ready for the filming.

The  three feature films were made during the of the Two Week Film Collective in May (and you can watch The Dabbler and The Original Soundtrack online for free by clicking their links):

Some Mac web sites that Mike recommends

I was also interested in  what Mike had to say about the recording of sound and the field recorder he has. He uses a Sound Devices 702T and I would be keen to get something like that for myself for doing more outside broadcast type of sound recording. Would be great to get my hands on a shotgun mic and the dead cat wind filter, all to fit on the end of  a boom pole. I did get looking at a few different field mixers and it would be really difficult to decide which would be best to buy. There are field mixers and then there are field recorders. The recorder seems to do the mixing too. I think I need to learn more about how all these things work. Could spend quite a lot of money on this sort of equipment with lavalier mics, shotgun, mics, carbon fibre boom poles, various cables. the best I can manage now is a Zoom H2 or to record direct into my Macbook. I did make sure that I bought a camera that has a mic input.

interview coming next.