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Video20Q Podcast 5 – David Blyth

In this podcast I am talking to a  film maker from New Zealand. I really enjoyed my chat with David and I learned a few things along the way. He is has made horror films such as Death Warmed Up and worked with some big names from the Film industry as you will find out in the interview.

Presently he is taking trips around the world to visit film festivals to promote his movies. recently he was in Brazil His current project is a documentary which is family inspired and a follow up to one he did a while back. We hear about his influences from the film industry and talk about how he sees the business evolving. In this digital internet twitter age

He talks about ‘Transfigured Nights’ he has had aired on NZ TV which was filmed via the internet via web cams and men wearing masks. Interesting and a bit kinky.
David has a passion for film making and currently has a writing / film project in progress.

We chat about screen writing and story boarding and some of the nitty gritty parts of making a movie. I think you will enjoy hearing what David and I talk about in the interview.

A still from ‘Death warmed up’

News Section

  • Come to “Filmmaker’s Networking Free Mixer” Thursday, October 8 from 7:30 pm to 11:00 pm. Join us after the Meeting – Rain Dance
  • Follow Wolfgang @eumagine Connecting filmmakers, screenwriters & broadcasters
  • @NoRestrictions: HD VIDEO: ONE HOUR FANTASY GIRL (2009) Preview
  • David Baker the Indie movie maker says that MissionX is now available for Pre order

Transfigured Nights is now available for international distribution on

Video20Q Podcast 4 DoubleEdgeFilms

What a coup to be able to interview the film makers Jamin and Kiowa Winans of Double Edge Films. They were great to talk to and impressed me greatly with their approach to the movie industry. The Movie INK was well received at the Santa Barbara Film Festival and now is being show around the country in the USA.

It’s been six months since premiering Ink at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, and though we’ve been having a lot of successes, Ink has taken a path I never could have predicted. A lot of filmmakers have asked us about our strategy with the film and why we’ve made some of the decisions we have with the release of Ink. Here is a description of our experience and an explanation of why we’re doing what we’re doing.

To read more click on the picture to the left.

I have seen the trailer for the film and I am so looking forward to seeing the movie, it looks so exciting. Not only are they from Colorado but they filmed INK there and used actors from the area too. Kiowa tells me that Colorado has so many different types of scenery just perfect for filming a movie, no problem in finding locations and even helps to keep the film in budget when you know the area and the people of the area.


Jamin has had a camera in his hands since he was 10 years old, making feature length films as a teenager learning how to cut and splice video tape, he must be so pleased to be using Final Cut Pro now.

So you can see that he has quite a background in making movies. INK most certainly is not his first movie and he has other movies in the pipeline for the future. The exact details as a bit hush hush but I bet it will be scifi in its outlook, he seems likes that genre

Kiowa  has a huge involvement in the making of the film INk and has been responsible for the Producers job and worked the sound for the film. They have a small sound studio in the house where they sometimes whip out the senheiser mic and record what they need and also to combine with foley sounds to further enhance the movie.

Here is the trailer for the movie INK for you to enjoy.

The music for  the outro of the podcast is by Louis Vig a track called Can You Feel It

Video20Q Podcast 3 Robert – Chance1234

Chancer and his crew

The audio quality was poor for the whole of the interview, it sometimes goes like that with Skype. The next day I was interviewing a guy in Belgium for and it was as clear as a bell. Weird stuff. Despite that the interview with Robert the chancer when well and I learned a few things along the way. Not least of the answer to “What is the Best Boy on a film set?” There are a number of strange job titles in the film industry and that one had me wondering.

Chance1234 on Twitter tells me about entering the two week film challenge as did Mike Peter Reed from a previous interview and it will be interesting to see what both of these indie film makers come up with in the next round of the Two Week Challenge. The movie has to be at least 60 minutes long to qualify and there is a lot of work to be done to fill sixty minutes of movie time.

Robert told me that rather than go to film school he paid for his movie to be made and learned along the way. He reckons that he has operated as most of jobs required for making a film and would say that it is great way to learn the film industry. He was working with a production company that was involved with a King Arthur film and doing the armoury work for the movie. Sounds like fun.

From where we talked about crewing and mentioned worked with a core crew, i thought photo might be appropirate this is myself with (im the one with the union jack shirt) most of my core crew. These guys have worked and working on all three of my projects below
An Oktober Carol , film for the two week challenge
Mortus Illumina – The one coming out of post shortly
Silva Superior – The One in pre production
From where we talked about crewing and mentioned worked with a core crew, i thought photo might be appropirate this is myself with (im the one with the union jack shirt) most of my core crew. These guys have worked and working on all three of my projects below
– The one coming out of post shortly
– The One in pre production

Contact me  if you would like to talk movies or video making on Video 20 Questions

Video 20 Questions News

Just made this video to give an update on what is coming. I have one interview ready to edit and turn into a podcast and an interview lined up for tomorrow. I will be talking with the people behind the movie INK.
At only 31, Denver filmmaker Jamin Winans has nearly twenty years of experience telling tales through his camera. His latest creation, “Ink,” is playing at the Starz FilmCenter in Denver this week and runs until the 26th.

After opening to critical acclaim at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival in January, the independent film, “Ink,” has come back to Colorado, where it was filmed and where its creators – writer/director Jamin Winans and producer Kiowa K. Winans – reside. “Ink,” which is a dark, sci-fi peek at an invisible battle between good and evil occurring all around us, features a host of local actors and is the product of Winanses’ Denver-based Double Edge Films.

As I mention in the video Patrick Swayze has died and I think he will be missed by many fans. He was in Dirty Dancing, Ghost and the movie that I particularly enjoyed of his was Point Break.

Mac20Q Podcast 1 Frank Corfield

I have known Frank since we were at art college together. He went to Stoke to study Fine Art and I went to Leeds to study Furniture Design and then Fine Art.  We have travelled to Germany together to work in the summer vacations in the Becks Bier Brewery in Bremen. We both had German girlfriends at the same time. Loads of funny stories to tell since 1980 to the point where the families have grown up and he is living in Wales and I am in Spain.

I have always been impressed with Franks’ dedication to his painting and his art. I went off in the direction of using art for a sign business while Frank kept at his painting. When making the visit to his house a few times over the years his house would always be full of paintings. When he came with his family to Ireland to visit me he would spend much of the time walking with a box of paints under his arm. I have some of those paintings still.

Frank has been featured on Welsh television, and has had numerous exhibitions of his work. Seeing as his family is all into art he has had a family exhibition when his wife and two young daughters exhibited paintings too. I love the paintings by Esme also. The family  sold some of their work alongside Franks’ sales.

This interview was recorded here in Spain just after a drawing session in my living room. They were taking it in turns to be the model, my son Jack included, who is also at art college. It is all a family thing. I put the sound clips from the interview on top of of some video I shot on a trip to to make some drawings of the local landscape.

Writers20Q Podcast Karen Sperling

What was so great about talking with Karen was that she is into so many things, like myself she can’t stop herself being interested in a variety of interests. She has published a book called   which is available now as an eBook and will be going into print very shortly. It is not her first book either, as karen has written a number of manuals for the Application Painter or PainterX. Karen also is an artist and amazingly like the same styles of art as myself too. Both of us  really like the German expresionists, the surrealist and we both have an appreciation for the talent of Picasso.

You really must have a look at her . She is conveying a dream world as art and with them being in black and white it reminds me of the work by Giger the artist that created the creature in the movie Alien. Karen is having an exhibition this month of her art work and if you live near enough you are invited to go and have a look.

Karen also writes screen plays for movies and has a script for a romantic comedy, where does she find the time to do all these things?

Highly Toxic

Gallery Godo
6749 San Fernando Rd.#C  Glendale, CA 91201
Opening Night: September 25, 2009
7 pm to midnight - Please join us!

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Creative writing podcasts

I found these podcasts on iTunes and they are really useful to listen to. I  am always listening to podcasts while walking the dog and listening to some with interviews of writers is brilliant.

In this series Alan Ayckbourn talks about the economy of play writing. Jane Rogers talks about her work as a novelist. Poet and presenter Ian MacMillan has a light hearted look at the use of repetition in his poems.

There are eighteen episodes to listen to and they cover a variety of topics.

All in all a set of podcasts well worth listening to. .

Writers20Q Podcast 6 Chris Graue

Chris Graue has a and has a film production web site called .  Chris likes to write collaboratively and has made some TV and film scripts.

He tells me that he though it would be a silly thing to do, to put up a novel on Twitter but says that it has improved his writing due to the constraints of getting it into 140 characters. The other thing is that it is hard to find the start of the novel, and harder the longer it gets, because Twitter puts up the last tweet at the top of the pile and you have to read from the oldest page to the newest and also from top to bottom.

Comedy is an area that Chris like working with and wants to work towards making TV and film scripts that get produced for public consumption, perhaps with him acting and directing the final work too.

Chris must be a bit shy because this is the picture he gave me of himself. I wonder why he is wearing crown, or is that just a funny punk hairstyle?

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