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Photo 20Q Podcast – David J Schloss

As part of my Mac 20 Questions podcast I interviewed David Schloss from MacCreate. There was a lot of chat about photography and David told me what he has in his camera bag. David also talked about his favourite photographers and he has taught photography courses with the best of them.
One of the photographers I am impressed by is Dave Hill, he comes out with some totally awesome images that look kind of hyper real.
What do you think the latest SLR cameras that take video too. I like the idea but think I had better see how they work first and see some footage from one too.

Video20Q Podcast 8 David Branin & Karen Worden

In podcast eight from Video20Q I am talking to the vibrant hosts of Film Courage, which you will find at . We had a great conversation about film and movie making and I surely get the impression that these are people to watch out for. Most definitely going places in the movie industry.

Writer/Director David Branin grew up near Hartford, Connecticut.   It wasn’t until his college career was almost over that the dream of making a major motion-picture burst into his head. David and three of his closest friends wrote an original screenplay together and moved to Los Angeles in 2000 to pursue their own Hollywood ending.

He is the Director/Writer/Producer of and Co-Host of Film Courage.
His work has been seen by millions online.  His short films, Shoot-Out and Honey, I’m Home have garnered the most acclaim, having combined to screen in over 40 international film festivals while winning their share of awards.

Actress/Spokesperson Karen Worden co-hosts L.A. Talk Radio’s “Film Courage”.  At age 18, Karen drove herself and her belongings to Los Angeles from the San Francisco Bay Area to pursue her acting career.  As many an L.A. transplant will do, Karen worked several odd jobs to pay the rent.  Karen’s had many interesting work experiences which have further flavored her character.

Karen’s style is earthy with a slight touch of fire , easygoing, intuitive and direct. In hosting the new Internet radio talk show, “Film Courage,” .  Karen’s in-depth questioning discovers how individuals overcome the naysayers, along with quieting the harshest of critics – oneself!  She questions industry professionals on their fear of success versus fear of failure, overcoming self-sabotage, and developing one’s greatest strengths.

Karen’s credits include Honey I’m Home, Road Therapy, Weekend Get Away, Religious Freaks Gone Wild, Mind Over Matter Man, Smoking – The Movie and the latest Night Before the Wedding.  Karen also wrote and starred in a one-woman play showcased at the Space Theatre entitled The Other Woman, as well as being featured in several commercials and print ads.  One of her favorite shoots was working with Richard Simmons on his Sweatin’ to the Oldies series.

Indie Film News

This is a new bit in the podcast and in this podcast I mention where you will find INK by Double Edge Films showing. I tell of a course available at the Raindance Film festival site in the UK.

There are new iMacs out that look really good for editing movies with Final Cut. The top end version with the 27″ screen looks great. I want one!

Video20Q Podcast 7 Krystal Gault & Peter Wobster

Krystal Gault


The guest today is Krystal Gault from Ireland and Peter Wobser from Germany who live in the North West of England.

They organise CINEMATOPIA which is Preston’s only regular MOVIE NIGHT hosted by the Mad Ferret and Kitsch Monkey Productions Krystal is the Kitsch Monkey.

They Screen a weird and wonderful, themed programme of short film, music video, animation and digital media and topped off with a cult feature film, this is surely the most relaxing way to enjoy a beer or two – and it’s FREE! Be scintillated! Be dazzled! Be amazed!
That’s is what you get for having your movie nights in a pub, the films are the free bit and the beer you probably have to pay for.

Peter is a lecturer in film and is into all the technical side of the film making and talks to us about cameras and sound equipment. He is a Mac user too so this will be put into Mac20Q also.

Seems that is it a great idea to be making films and showing films too. Keep the interest up for film in general and it has to be good for meeting other people interested in film and movies.

Video20Q Podcast 6 LivingProofFilm



Always good to talk to the next generation of filmmaker, musician, writer, artist and see some good things on the horizon. Very pleased to get talking a a guy with bucket loads of enthusiasm for making statement in film and video. Dale O’Keefee is just out of University and is keen to get using his talents with .

He got himself a camera with the student loan and he reckons it has given him more fun than the alternative for the student funds i.e. parties and drinking. Sorry students, I am just kidding, honest. He prefers the Canon cameras and would like to move up to a HD camera when funds permit.

Dale likes to work with a loose script and just get out there and film things. he says it seems to work for him. Due to being a only just released into the wild ex student and therefore skint. Ah the joys of student loans, and the having to pay the money back. Dale uses Celtx the software for screenwriting that is free and very capable too. I have tried it out myself, why pay for Final Draft when Celtx does it all.

Dale talks to me about how he sees his fledgling film production business going and we talk the usual mix hardware, software and creativity with a dash of how he will try to make a name for himself and some money on the back of that.

He uses family members to act in his movies and has to keep the costs of the filming to a bare minimum. We all have to start somewhere and as many film makers have told me the important thing is to have a good story and the content will be found by the public that are there to be entertained and amused by us creative types. You can catch some of Dales work on and definitely have a look at the ones where he has his dad acting for him.

In the ramble part of the podcast I talk about the Power to the Pixel conference that was taking place in London today and had some very interesting speakers. I watched three of the talks and the talk by BRIAN NEWMAN, Consultant and Former President, Tribeca Film Institute was –

The Internet is a super-distribution machine that allows copies of digital media to flow in an almost frictionless way. As the wealth and survival of traditional media businesses are built on selling precious copies, the free flow of free copies is undermining the established order. If reproductions of media are free, how can we keep on financing films and how can we find value in the media we create and sell?

He had some good examples of how some people have made money by giving away content for free. The idea of Connecting with your Audience – and then giving them a Reason to Buy, I thought was an excellent way to think about how to move forward in the age of digital content.


Greenscreen with iMovie

Enough of the personal news and on to the Mac, even though I wasn’t able to use mine as much this weekend. I just put together a video showing how to use the green screen feature, chroma key tutorial iMovie. chroma key in imovie, iMovie Green Screen. The first time I did it I couldn’t believe it was so easy! This time I recorded what I did with ScreenFlow version 2 which is still working great even though it is beta and not due out until any day now. Using iMovie to to the chromakey is just a case of dragging the video with the green screen in it into the timeline on top of the background you want to replace the green with. If the screen is lit properly and without shadow caused by creases, it won’t even need any adjustments. I had to make a couple of adjustments but after that it was perfect. Great for low budget film making

I do plan to get a longer pole for the green material and to put the iron over it too. I will stretch it over some extra poles perhaps to get it just right. You can put a moving background behind or a still image if you wish.

I am still toying with the idea of getting Final Cut Express, which would be better than iMovie but I am finding that iMovie is quite capable now that it has gone to version 09.

Triumph TR4A Owner Car20Q Podcast 1

Bill who is a good friend of my neighbour here in Spain, so when he arrived in his Triumph TR4 I just had to ask if he would be interviewed for the first podcast for the first Car20Q Podcast. I am hoping he will send me a photo of him and the car sometime soon. he is a member of the TR register which has a web site and helps members look after their cars. Enjoy the podcast and if you have a car that you would like to talk about then contact me with the contact form below.