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Video20Q Podcast 13 @Kingisafink


‘Libidoland’ is the title of their latest movie short and the trailer for it looks like fun. Jessica and Julie told me that they have a weird sense of humour and like to combine that with social comment in their movies. They ask,  why should movies follow the Hollywood trait of having to have a tidy ending or even a tidy story. Life is messy and there is no reason why movies can’t reflect some of that and still give a level of entertainment.

I would say that you would get a higher level of entertainment if the story makes you think a bit too. Get those brain cells working for a change, while it is good to have a suspension of disbelief while watching a movie it doesn’t mean that the thinking processes have to be dormant too.

One of these two is a teacher and she challenges here student s to watch movies that are not the usual Hollywood blockbuster to get some critical thinking happening and an open mindedness that will lead to seeing more interesting films.

They told me that they are serious about the movie making and look to generate and build upon ideas with a view to being able to sell them on. The shorts are the show reel that lets the movie business know what they are capable of with the writing and the film making. The tasks required to bring it all to fruition are shared between them and they work very much as a team with helpers coming in to ho;d the boom for the mic or take the acting roles. One of them does do a cameo role in the ‘Libidoland’

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Their website:
Email: kingisafink AT gmail DOT com

Here is the ‘Libidoland’ trailer for you … have a look at their ‘Snow Bunny’ trailer on YouTube also


Photography with the iPhone

I love my iPhone but the results I get from the camera in it are not that good. I only have the 3G version and I think they may have increased the resolution with the 3GS model. Apple added video capability with the 3GS anyway. Even if the best camera is the one you have with you I don’t think I will be up loading many pictures to any of the microstock sites that come from the iPhone.
I suppose there is still possibility of getting a good shot when you have all the necessary things in place like good light and an interesting or exciting subject. It just depends on what you want to do with it afterwards.

There are loads of photography applications for the iPhone, some that are for reference when you are using other photography equipment and some that are to help you get the best from the camera on the iPhone. Then there are the applications that are to do things like post your photos to the internet and geo tag them etc. On such appp could be the iPhone application “Sekai Camera,” a social, Augmented Reality service for browsing and sharing user-generated text, photo, voice, and other location-linked information.

Tell me what iPhone applications you have and what you do with them. Leave a message in the comments section. You just need be on the and scroll down to enter your comment

Video20Q Podcast 12 Philontilt

Phil Holbrook goes by the name of and also has a web site called CreativeJinx. He works in the TV business editing footage and during his free time he makes films.

Phil runs a film festival entitled and will be working hard on that up until February.

One of Phil’s’ films is ‘Honest Work’

The story of two gas station clerks and how they deal with some semi-ordinary customers. This is one job you’ll never forget! Honest Work.

This film was shot in Brainerd, MN. The entire cast and crew all reside there as well.

The HD version of this film, the movie poster, and the 5 song soundtrack, are all available for FREE download on our website. Go to the Honest Work page.

more info on this post to come It has got too late now to finish. For now enjoy Phil’s work on YouTube and listen to the interview in the podcast.

Hunting Boar

After talking to film makers and with my son being a cameraman, I thought it was time I did something creative with my Video camera. It is only a Canon Vixia HF100 but I didn’t let that stop me. I went int0 the forest next to the house and I filmed myself ‘hunting boar’. There are wild boar in the forest and I have seen them but they are quite elusive. This video is short but I enjoyed making it and learned a bit about using Final Cut Express.

Visual Hub still there

I bought , so I was disappointed to see that Techspansion decided to stop working on it. But it is still available, which is great because it is a really good video tool. Today I used it to crunch a video and had great success with it. Starting with a file that was nearly 900mb it crunched it to 34.5mb I brought the size down from 1920 by 1080 to 1280 by 720 which is a good size for sending to YouTube. I did try to the same task with MPEG StreamClip, but didn’t have the same sort of success. I may give it another try with MPEG SC and give the setting a bit of a tweeking. I may also try to optimise the output from FinalCut Express to see it I can do it in one go.

If you have to convert video files then get Visual Hub..

Visual Hub

Getting your movie on iTunes

Here is a super well researched article telling you how to do it.

So…how do you get your film on iTunes? What’s the secret password or magic number?

That question has come up a lot lately on Twitter among indie filmmakers enduring the plight of self distributions. I decided to do some quick research on the matter and figure out for myself how one might go about getting their film on iTunes.

I know the filmmakers of  did it, but then again their film has a huge  following and has been around for a few years. I wondered if the little known indie filmmaker has the same access to iTunes that a more well known film has.

@NewmediaDude Video20Q Podcast 11

This interview was conducted for Mac 20 Questions but the guy uses a Sony EX1 to make his video content, in which he interviews people at various shows and trade events, so he is without doubt a candidate for this podcast. He talks about the Directors Guild and Hollywood not really getting New Media and how to make money out of online content.

Marcelo is the NewMediaDude an he talks to me about his new media business and about how he creates new media and gets paid for it. As you can see he is shy because he only supplied me with a very small photo of himself, despite being a handsome man. I thought at first that I should pronounce his name in the Italian way but he informed me that the correct way is the Argentinian or possibly French. Aren’t we being very international here on Mac20Q.

Honestly though I had a great talk with Marcelo and I know you will learn things from what he had to say as well as enjoy the interview. He has a pro camera with the Sony EX1, I know is good because my son who is a professional cameraman has one the same and the guys at Double Edge Films told me that either they would like one of they have one, can’t remember which right now.

Marcelo Lewin, CEO / Founder
As the CEO and founder of s and , Marcelo Lewin is in charge of the vision, the day to day operations of the company and building strategic partnerships and alliances. Previously, Marcelo founded and was the CEO of Pixel Heads Network, which was acquired by ProMAX Systems in 2008. Prior to that he founded My Internet Desktop, which was acquired by Internet Appliance Network in 2000. Having worked with a variety of companies, from Walt Disney Imagineering to NBC to Toyota, he is always on the forefront of interactive and new media projects.

I have looked at his site and it is certainly impressive and I have signed up to see on of his Webinars later this month.

Marcelo was telling that sometimes it is just him working alone like a one man band with his camera, sound gear and the cymbals attached to his knees, a harmonica around his neck and a large drum on his back. That has got to be funny to look at. Seriously though he asks the questions and holds the camera and I can only imagine how difficult that can be trying to control some impressive technology at the same time. Marcelo is a great guy and I really enjoyed talking to him.

Here is a movie from DV Expo