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Video20Q Podcast 15 Zak Forsman

Zak Forsman originally from Pittsburgh but now in Los Angeles, the director of the movie ‘I Fucking Hate You’ talks about making movies. That movie despite the title is in fact a love story and I enjoyed watching it the actors were really good and natural for the part they were playing.

Zak Forsman is an American independent filmmaker whose emotionally-charged work is known for highly authentic performances and beautiful compositions. His work has been praised by Ain’t It Cool News as “Brilliant” and “Absolutely Gorgeous.”

His stories depict compelling human threads in a poetic and minimalist style. Zak has directed two shorts films, “I Fucking Hate You” and “Model/Photographer” which have won several international audience, jury and festival awards. He is currently developing two new features for production in 2010 and 2011 and serves as editor of the New Breed blog at The Workbook Project.

His wish is simply to provide a safe environment for the actors to explore the hopes, longing and loneliness of their characters in an effort to capture their humanity truthfully, and without judgement. Considering himself less a director and more of an interpreter, Zak nurtures a family-like atmosphere on set through guided improvisation and radical collaboration to elevate each artist’s creative contribution to the project.

The hope is to realize an understanding of the film that could not have been discovered alone. Further, for the stories to resonate in very real and unexpected ways with an audience starved for meaning in their motion pictures.


Heart of Now by Zak Forsman

Sabi Pictures is his production company which he founded with his friend Kevin. He likes a high level of collaboration in his movies. Zak explains that he like to let the actors improvise  as the make the movie.

We also discuss what got him into movies and how he got to discover film makers such as Tarkovsky after being into war type movies inspired by movies like Platoon.

Zak is always itching to get the camera working on set filming something. Planing to write two screen plays in 2010. He will be working with people involved with Sabi Pictures.

He uses the SAG ultra low budget (Screen Actors Guild) agreement to determine the money spent on his movies.

Zak told me about the way he likes to use the casting process, letting the actor play off each other and see how the work together and how they can take direction .

Video20Q News

In my ramble at the start I talk about going to Girona and shooting video in a squat inhabited by some hippy types. They invited me in to see the graffiti they had in there place.

This morning I got my Shure SM58 microphone which I connected to the Canon Vixia HF100 via a converter cable going from XLR to 3.5mm jack. Works a treat and I am pleased that I will be able to get better audio with my shooting video. It will do until I can get a wireless lavalier mic. Although I do have a clip mic I can use with my Zoom H2 audio recorder.

I comment on a couple of cameras that I would like to try out. A JVC HM100 and the Sony NX5 which is only just becoming available now.

Featured Video Product – Episode Encoder Pro

As you know I love using to do my Screencasts and I thought I would have a look at what else Telestream do and this seems like it will be a great piece of software for some video professionals.

There is a trial version so I can only suggest that you check it out for yourself. Tell me what you think about it. I am in the process of testing it too, so lets compare notes.

Ultimate desktop video encoding for media professionals

Episode Encoder Pro is a powerful cross-platform desktop video encoding application that includes all the features and functionality of Episode Encoder plus support for advanced professional formats: MXF, GXF, H.264 High Profile, DVCPRO HD (with Final Cut Pro), mobile multi-bit rate and more with unlimited batch processing. Also includes complimentary instructional video, ”Complete Training for Episode Encoder and Episode Encoder Pro”.

Unrivaled Professional Format Flexibility

  • Supports virtually every SD & HD video & audio file format, in and out
  • Encode to new media plus high-end professional formats, such as GXF, H.264 High Profile, DVCPRO HD, MPEG-2/4 Transport Stream, mobile multi-bit rate and more
  • Unlimited batch processing

Optimized by Media Experts for Media Experts

  • Includes a wide range of encoding templates or create your own customized settings
  • Powerful preview window lets you analyze your settings before the encoding begins
  • Choose from hundreds of video and audio filters to enhance your media files
  • Drop finished projects into Watch folders for automated encoding

Scalable desktop to server solution

  • Upgrade to server-based Episode Engine Pro with ultra-fast job processing for high-volume, time-critical workflows

Includes Training DVD: Complete Training for Episode Encoder and Episode Encoder Pro by Nate Caplin

Final Cut Integration for Mac OS X Users

Includes direct integration with Compressor 3. Jobs can be submitted directly from the Final Cut Pro timeline. Expands Final Cut/Compressor access to virtually every video & audio file format available. Provides extensive list of formats. Maximizes user control of the encoding process to optimize output quality. Use as a stand-alone video encoder for all single-file and batch encoding needs.

Photo20Q Podcast Adam Weiss

Canon EOS 7D Digital SLRAdam is a photographer from Boston shooting with a Canon 7D and uses it for video also. This podcast was recorded for Mac 20 Questions podcast mainly but we do spend quite a bit of time talking about photograpy, video and photo equipment.

Today’s interview is with Adam Weiss who uses a Mac Pro that is a quad processor antique and also a MacBook. Not only that he has hackintoshed a Dell mini9, just for fun and using on trips where he can’t carry much. He says it is useful but very slow in use. Good as a portable storage device and quiet to use as a recording computer and works with the microphones he has.

Adam Weiss is a successful educational podcaster and podcast consultant, as well as a sought-after digital media strategist. An expert interviewer and communicator, he aims to show that digital communication is more about story, presentation, and technique than fancy gear and tech toys.

He is the creator of the award-winning Current Science & Technology Podcast for the Museum of Science in Boston, which he hosted for more than two years. He now hosts his critically-acclaimed Boston Behind the Scenes Podcast, and has profiled everyone from street vendors to senators and astronauts in his career.

Adam also provides consultation on social networking, living with technology, web design and best practices, and general digital media strategy. He has started working in the digital video realm recently, and has been a photographer for years.

Adam does video reviews in which he shows what you can do with iPhone applications. He films using a Canon 7D SLR camera that also does video. He tells me that the main restriction would be the length of the clip you can record and that it doesn’t do autofocus while in video mode.

Adam is a podcaster too working as a podcast producer and also as the host on a podcast. One of the podcasts is a nature – science podcast. He even helps other people out with their podcasts as a podcast consultant.

Film of the Week

I stumbled on this film on the Fans of Film site watched it and was impressed enough to think I should have a Film of the Week here on Video20Q and that this should be the first. I like the premise behind the film and it is well shot too. I reckon you will like it too. Always good to see something from British movie directors.

A poignant tale about a young girl, Seonag, who travels back in time to visit her recently deceased Grandfather.

On Video20Q we like to do filmmaker interviews, cinematographer interviews, and talk about movie production. Let me know if you would like to be featured on the Video20Q Podcast

Video20Q Podcast 14 Tyler Weaver

Tyler Weaver Movie maker, was introduced to movies by his Grandad. He would go out and rent movies that he thought the young Tyler should see. Tyler has a music background and has gravitated more to the visual aspect of the film making art.

Tyler has been working for a non profit organisation and has produced some movies for them. There is ‘Il Mio Canto Libero’ in  which there is some totally enchanting music that just swept me away. Means something like ‘Its my song of freedom’ then there is Gather ‘Round the Mic’ which is broken up into parts and available on Vimeo.

For more than 10 hours on a sultry Cleveland night, in a bar roughly the size of a small two-bedroom apartment and on a “stage” cordoned off by tables and place marked with an Oriental rug, musicians from all over the world played and sang their hearts out.

Tyler also likes to produce movies using vintage footage and this can be seen in and also in ‘Il Mio Canto Libero’

The lastest movie that Tyler saw in the Cinema was ‘Avatar’ – Same for me too. We discuss the 3D quality of the film and agree that Cameron didn’t overdo the effect and used it to give more depth rather than have loads of stuff flying out at you.

Have a listen to the podcast and you will get the full details on our chat about movie making. Of course Tyler is a FinalCut Pro an Mac user too. Good man.

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FinalCutPro SuperMeet in SF

I was listening to the Mac Voices Podcast and Chuck Joiner was talking to the organisers of the San Francisco Final Cut Pro Super meet. I can’t get to it myself seeing as I live in Spain but you might like to go. Here are some details.

Where? – Mission Bay Conference Center at UCSF
1675 Owens Street, San Francisco, CA 94143-3008
When? – Friday, February 5, 2010 (Doors open 3:30pm with SuperMeet Digital Showcase)
How Much? – $10.99 per person (Earlybird pricing)
$15.00 after January 4, 2010.
$20.00 at the door
Cost includes 2 raffle tickets per person.
**Tickets on SALE now**
Any raffle prizes? – Of course!
Who should attend? – Everyone who wants to learn more about Final Cut Studio, HDSLR and digital filmmaking and meet others who may know more than you do.

Camcorder extras

I would love to have the same camera as my son, a Sony EX1 but there was no way that my funds would run to that sort of money. For the most part what I have, the Canon Vixia HF100 does what I need anyway. The lens is good enough although I have just bought a cheap wide angle lens to put on the front of it and while it didn’t make a huge difference it did help some. I felt I needed it for a documentary style video I will be producing starting this month. I will not have a lot of space to step back and get in all of what I want to shoot in a lot of places.

The other addition is for the audio. While I was in Liverpool before Christmas there was a friend there with a similar camera to mine and he had a converter cable to go from the 3.5mm mic jack on the camera to an XLR cable with a Shure SM58 microphone on the end of that. It worked pretty good and so I have got the same. The guy from Shure was suggesting a cable that they sell costing about 60  but I found one much less than that. Maybe it will work right and maybe it won’t. At least worth a try anyway.

I had tried to use a wired lavalier mic but while it works connected to my Zoom H2 recorder it did not work in the Canon Vixia camera. To have the EX1 would be great seeing as it has XLR inputs already. I can record the audio separate with the H2 and I might still use that method for some shooting. It is just that it takes time to marry the audio back up with the video afterwards. I think I had better start saving to get a better camera.

I have just set up a . I will only be sending infrequently because usually if I have something to say I will put it in a blog or post onto Twitter. But after seeing a video by IzzyVideo about running a site like this he was saying that he wished he had set up something like that much earlier than he did. Here is the place to get the . Also do check out his Video site that shows how to use FinalCut Express. which is a series of very good video tutorials.