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Video20Q film of the Week. ‘Invasion Of The NOT QUITE Dead’

IndywoodFILMS presents: ‘Invasion Of The NOT QUITE Dead’ teaser promo…

In August 2009, a special teaser promo was created to raise awareness for a horror feature film called ‘INVASION OF THE NOT QUITE DEAD’ which has the support of such names as: Tom Savini, Kevin Pollak, Ken Russell, David Hess, Lloyd Kaufman, HG Lewis, Lee Boardman, Justin Kerrigan & talk show host Jonathan Ross…

The teaser was shot on S16mm film on location at a small farm in Kent and stars horror veteran Leslie Simpson (Dog Soldiers, The Descent, Doomsday), Efisia Fele and Frank Jakeman.

Graffiti Podcast 2 – Costa Brava Art

Going around looking for graffiti that might have some artistic or designerly merit. I found this one locally and some parts of it I quite like. A cubist sort of design of the face which is the part that the artist concentrated on. It still needs to be finished but who knows if that will happen. Graffiti artists are not the most reliable in the world.

Having to run when they see a car with blue lights on top kind of makes things more difficult. The police will prosecute even if the painting is any good and enhances the locality. Can’t expect them to make a decision based on artistic taste. It is all black and white to them, either guilty or not.

In the next podcast I will be looking again at the graffiti in Girona. Far better quality than what I have in this video and the intro and outro picture I have used in this video will be in that video.

Mac20Q Tip 17 – Using Blogo to post to the blog

I have started using Blogo for posting to my blog because of a bug in WordPress at the moment that is annoying the hell out of me. When I hit the publish button in WordPress it doesn’t save and only if I am lucky I get a draft version of the post. When I go back into the draft version then it works. I was using Blogo to post to anyway so it was well worth looking again at using to make blog postings.

You know what? I like it and finding to be a great way to work with my blogs. I can do keywording and enter the categories, although I did get a little confused at first it is pretty easy. Have a look at the video to see how it works.

In this video I show also how to use Blogo to deal with un-moderated comments as well as using the bookmarklet that will allow you to place YouTube video in your post. In the next video I will show how to place a Slide Show from Flickr. Wicked eh?

Another thing to come in these quick tips will be publishing a podcast in the blog and making sure that the category is correct so that it goes in the right feed, you can see some of that in this video too.

Look out also for a video that will make a comparison with some other blogging software that I have also tested.

Video20Q Podcast 17 Jon Reiss

Jon talks to me about his trip to Asia. He is going to Bankok, Sinagapore and Kuala Lumpar to film Graffiti artists about what the do for the follow up to ‘Bomb it’ the documentary movie about Graffiti. he has also written a book called ‘Think Outside the Box Office’ which is aimed at film makers working in this new era of getting movies out in front of audiences without the old machinery of the dying on its feet distrubution system that Hollywood has in place.
Using social media to build an audience and have a plan to use all the means possible now to get a buzz going around a movie release.

Jon made a movie called Cleopatra’s Second Husband’

A diabolically clever psychological suspense movie. An assured and daring dramatic feature debut for writer-director Reiss. Kevin Thomas LA Times
Jon Reiss debut feature is a harrowing yet delicious and often wickedly funny study . . . one of the most unusual power struggles in cinema history. Filmmaker Magazine
Fascinating, strange, twisted and f**ed up . . . I’ve never seen anything like it. Juan Morales Detour Magazine
An insidiously clever movie, a variation on those creepy 1960s British classics, ‘The Servant’ and ‘The Collector’. John Hartl The SeattleTimes
First-time director Jon Reiss evinces indisputable control over his material, which most directly recalls the Pinter-Losey classic “The Servant” in its look at an insidious power shift between unsavory men in a household. Todd McCarthy Daily Variety

g and it will take you to a page with more information as well as descriptions of all the bonus gifts we provide when you buy the book from our website. Free movie tickets, discounts on distribution services and until December 15th 2 raffles – one for an OpenIndie membership, the other for 3 hours of consultation from Jon Reiss. Plus the book is discounted at $21.95!

Other News
Veoh the video sharing site goes bankrupt and out of business.
The first episode of the Graffiti Podcast is available at

Mars Edit

Mac20QLogo144.jpgI have been using Blogo for posting to and this morning I tried to post from it to the blog. Blogo handles the Categories well but doesn’t allow the tags. I still have to try it for putting in a podcast too. But it does look like it will handle that.

The other possibility is MarsEdit from Red Sweater Software, and this one does look like I might be able to add the tags too.

The reason for looking at software to do this rather than go into the WordPress installation is because at the moment when I want to publish, WordPress always fails the first time. It usually gets saved as a draft and I can go back in to edit it up to the auto save on the draft. But it is really annoying.

As you can see from the previous post ‘Struggling with RSS‘ that went in from Blogo I can put in picture OK That was done with a drag and drop. With this one I have to click on a media button. After clicking the Media button another window comes up and there is drag and drop. Blogo does a better job of the placing of the image. I like to have some padding around the picture, as it makes the text read better.

I do like the way that you type into one window and there is a preview window that shows what the post will look like too. Adding links is pretty good too with MarsEdit.

It is hard to choose between the two of them. Blogo does connect up to nicely though, and I do use that a lot.

I think I will have to give both of these more testing.

Struggling with RSS

I am of the opinion at the moment that there is a blog post in the feed that is messing things up.
It all started with moving everything over to this web site from Mac20Q and Video20Q and the rest. What seems like a good idea to save me work and also be a good idea for consolidating the Web experience on all my web sites, has turned into a marathon of sorting problems with the RSS.

What makes me think that it is contained within one of the posts from Mac20Q is that fact that the feed was working when I moved some posts over to a temporary category and the problem was not present. Also all of the other category feeds seem to be working, so it has to be to do with a post just in that category.

I will get to the bottom of this at some point in time.

By the way, What do you think of the new logo in the header? I had no internet for some time yesterday so I set my self the task of creating a new logo.

At my Spanish class yesterday we we trying on costumes for Carnaval which is taking place this weekend. A bit of clowning around