I have started using Blogo for posting to my blog because of a bug in WordPress at the moment that is annoying the hell out of me. When I hit the publish button in WordPress it doesn’t save and only if I am lucky I get a draft version of the post. When I go back into the draft version then it works. I was using Blogo to post to Ping.fm anyway so it was well worth looking again at using to make blog postings.

You know what? I like it and finding to be a great way to work with my blogs. I can do keywording and enter the categories, although I did get a little confused at first it is pretty easy. Have a look at the video to see how it works.

In this video I show also how to use Blogo to deal with un-moderated comments as well as using the bookmarklet that will allow you to place YouTube video in your post. In the next video I will show how to place a Slide Show from Flickr. Wicked eh?

Another thing to come in these quick tips will be publishing a podcast in the blog and making sure that the category is correct so that it goes in the right feed, you can see some of that in this video too.

Look out also for a video that will make a comparison with some other blogging software that I have also tested.

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