I took the iMac into the Apple Store in Barcelona nearly 2 weeks ago now and I was told that they would call me when they knew what the problem was, to let me decide what to do with it. That was mainly because they wanted to rip me off with the cost of a hard drive. €140 for a 500GB drive is a bit steep when I just bought a 2TB for under €100.

Like a bit of a prune I waited for them to ring me and in the end I thought I had better stir it up a bit and call them. It took me four attempts to get through and the woman on the other end tells me that the problem is the logic board. I knew that the drive was OK. But then she tells me that they still have not got the parts in to fix it. I always feel I get unlucky with these sort of things.

The cost of the fixing will be over 500 euro and I have no choice but to pay it. I need my machine back. Working now with my MacBook and my MacMini is not good enough for me. I need more screen space to work with.

When I was at the Genius Bar when I left the computer in to be fixed, I was talking to a guy that spoke English pretty well and I don’t think the problem is due to things being lost in translation. I suspect that they forgot about me because the shop is new and they are inundated with work to do. You know how it goes 50 people working there but each of them thinking someone else was taking care of it. Or more likely not even thinking at all.

I am a bit miffed that I will now have to wait probably another week before I get my computer back, I was told that the repair would be 7 – 10 days because it was a busy time in the new store, instead of the usual 5 – 7 days. So you can see that really I am having to wait 3 time longer than I should have to be looked after.

I suppose it is good that I still have the very first Mac I bought to use a 1.25 Ghz Mac Mini with only 1GB of memory. Then there is my MacBook Pro 13in, which would not be so bad if I had a large monitor I could plug it into.

So did you ever have a bad experience getting a Mac fixed?

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