Writers 20Q Podcast 13 John Oehler

John Oehler Thriller writer

John Oehler - Adventure _ Thriller Novelist, Papyrus, Tepui, Aphrodesia. Fast-paced adventure_thrillers wrapped in history, art, and science..png

My wife was sitting on the bus coming back home from Girona and in the next seat was a guy talking to a friend about his writing and his stories. I was fortunate that she spoke to the guy and asked him if he would be interested in appearing on a podcast for writers. Well the long and short of it is that and I worked out a time to record a conversation about writing.

Social networking and the writer

We discussed the use of social networking for writers and how to build an audience or a fan base by talking to people on line. Drip feeding bit of story to the public and getting them hooked on your stories. Seeing as the Independent film making community are doing great with the use of Facebook and Twitter.

Used Ladies underwear

Smelly knickers

John and I talked about all sorts of thing to do with writing and among them was the story that was on NCIS recently on TV which had used ladies underwear as the subject matter. I was a bit miffed because I had written a story / sketch based on the very same subject. I’d heard about vending machines with used underwear in from a guy that had visited Japan. I was amused by what he had told us about and I started into a story involving knickers. We were talking about cultural differences, east and west. Anyway my story is more comedy sketch than murder mystery. This came up in conversation and also tied in with what John had to say about perfumes.


Aphrodesia – The latest story that John is working on is about the top student in the world’s best perfume school creating a phenomenal new scent – an aphrodisiac. But a counterfeiter’s knock-off starts killing people, and efforts to find the culprit involve a mystery that goes back to the Queen of Sheba.

We talked about how the idea came to him and about things smelly, which brought us back to ladies knickers again. Had to have a bit of a laugh about that. I think it is a great idea and I am looking forward to reading the story.

Character, scene based or Plot

How do you start your stories? Do you start with a character and do you build a back story behind that character, perhaps even letting the character tell you where the story is going? You never know what your players in your creation will do and sometimes the story goes off in a direction that is dictated you never would have expected, when they get a life of their own.

Writers workflow

John tells me that he works with his writing in the morning and will do more in the afternoon. While he is writing John will also edit as he goes and because of that he doesn’t get too many words out daily. Some people like to get into a flow of words and writers creativity in the zone. Then on the morning after doing the editing. It really depends on what works for you and helps you get the story out in front of your readers and fans.