Mac20Q Podcast 71 Paul McGovern – Educator Extraordinaire


Great guy from Enniskillin in Northern Ireland. He is Lecturer In Media Applications & Computer Science, Specialising in Video Game Development. I used to go there to Enniskillin, quite often either for shopping or to go to the Theatre. I did even once go kayaking on the river, with a bunch of kids. A good day out.

In the ramble I mention my new Magic Mouse which I am really pleased with, Google Wave and The Film Ink which got featured on , the film got put on torrent this week and was downloaded thousands of times. I would like to see them getting paid for it though. Excellent looking movie. I have a DVD on its way to me now.

– lecturer in Northern Ireland and in impressing his students with being a total tech head. He tells me about apps like Blender, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere. He also does things on the audio side with Audacity and other apps you can find out about in the interview. He is fond also of an Application which Allison of the Nosillacast often bangs on about.

is designed to replace your traditional paper planbook with a robust digital scheduler. Planbook is designed and written by a full-time teacher and includes all the features you need to save time, stay organized, keep others informed and help you finish your teaching day a little bit earlier.

is a versatile, powerful, yet very simple to use tool for recording lectures including PowerPoint and/or Keynote slides for creating enhanced podcasts. ProfCast provides a low cost solution for recording and distributing lectures, special events, and presentations as podcasts. ProfCast offers an integrated workflow that makes creating, recording, and publishing podcasts easy. It’s as simple as Launch, Load, and Lecture!

Paul tells me of a thing called , which is  a Course Management System (CMS), also known as a Learning Management System (LMS) or a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). It is a Free web application that educators can use to create effective online learning sites. I must check it out my wife is a teacher, maybe she could find it useful.

Mac20Q Tip 9 More Basics with ScreenFlow

Another video to show how to do things with ScreenFlow, the screen capture application. I have been using this application for over a year now and I was recently taking part with the Version 2 beta program. As I was recording this video there was another update to the application and telestream do their best to keep on top of it to make a great tool for making and editing video screencasts.

As I am making these screencasts I am learning more about the power that is in this application. There will be more Screencasts to come to show you what can be done.





Mac20Q Podcast 70 ScreenFlow Interview

Telestream ScreenFlow - Overview

In this podcast I am talking to two people from Telestream, the company that make ScreenFlow. ScreenFlow is a super product that I use often to make screencasts. Barbara deHart and Christine Porter tell me all about ScreenFlow and also mention other products from Telestream.

I was able to give them direct a feature I would like to see in the ScreenFlow, they are keen to improve ScreenFlow and you never know my suggestion about being able to specify the placement of a clip within the screen might make it into ScreenFlow. It pretty good that they have snapping lines that let you snap a clip to the centres and to the edges but sometimes you might want a clip be at an exact position and for that you need some boxes where you can enter some numbers in the same way you can enter a number to specify the zoom level for example.

I also use VideoCue from Telestream and other people have requested some of the features in that to be merged into ScreenFlow, I agree with that for sure.

I know there are other screen capture applications out there and I have paid for a couple of them but in the end I had to get ScreenFlow because of what it can do with the editing. It really is handy to be able to do all you need to do in the one application, from capturing the whole of the screen to uploading it to YouTube.

See the Screencast I made about using . I show some of the basics like adding extra media and using transitions in between clips. I will be producing more screencasts as soon as my cold/flu symptoms abate a little.

@JokeandBiagio talk to Mac20Q – Podcast 69




These guy have been using Final Cut for a lot of years now and also use Final Draft AV while giving a recommendation to Celtx. When they are organising a project, one of their reality TV Shows like Scream Queens or Beauty and the geek they will use Bento. Joke tells me that she rescued Biago from PC sufferance 13 years ago and he has not looked back since. They are also making a documentary about a friend, Steve Mazan who is a comedian who has cancer and it is called ‘Dying to be on Letterman’.

In the interview we talk quite a bit about the making of TV shows because that is what they do and the interview is destined for too.

They seem to do mostly reality TV shows but also do scripted work. As you will tell from their interview they are totally committed to what they do. As you have to be in a business that takes no prisoners. If someone can get in there before you with your idea but better then you should watch your back.

Joke (her real name) and Biagio (Sicilian roots) als talk to me about the technical side of the work and about how they organise themselves using Macs, well they are using Macs to edit with FInal Cut Pro so it make sense to use Macs for everything.

They can be found on and FaceBook. Like many independent producers they are building a following online to get their name and brand out there, and doing it quite successfully it seems. And their brand new Joke and Biagio Facebook page, which has 1 fan: Biagio. Would love to change that!

They have  advice to folks that want to break in to showbiz: Become a Hands on Producer. Well Joke and Biagio are not the only ones that recommend you just get in there and learn the process by doing it. here they say that making a short TV promo is a great idea for selling the project to the Television networks. maybe not making a full pilot episode unless you want to have the experience of doing it.

Interview with a Best Selling author – David Hewson

Since the first Nic Costa title, A Season for the Dead, appeared in 2003 the series has grown a book a year, and spread to some twenty different languages around the world including Japanese, Thai, French, Spanish and Italian. It has won multiple plaudits including, most recently the American Library Association award for Best Mystery of 2008 for the sixth book, The Garden of Evil and was on the shortlist for the Theakston prize for Crime Novel of the Year.

David talks to me about using his MacBook Air which he will carry with him when he is traveling. He likes to use the excellent Scrivener software and the his other favourite is MacJournal. He is not a fan of the iPhone and has an Android phone on which he uses the task manager Remember the Milk.

He can’t decide whether to keep using Mobile Me, but likes Dropbox and Evernote. The fact that you can use Dropbox to have your files available to you while you are out and about.

He treats writing as a job or profession and works 5 days a week writing. I found out about him because I have on my shelf the book , which is of the NicCosta series. I have not read the earlier books but I don’t think it will matter in terms of needing to know what went on before. One of his early book has been made into a film

David talks about how he went to Italy, learned the language and writes about italians in Italy rather than writing about an English man in Rome, His books are translated into Italian as well as about 20 other languages and he says that the italians love his books too. He likes to choose an area and go there and walk the streets, visit the cafes and talk to people to get the feel for the place where he will be setting the story. His book The Garden of Evil won Mystery of the year.

Since the first Nic Costa title, , appeared in 2003 the series has grown a book a year, and spread to some twenty different languages around the world including Japanese, Thai, French, Spanish and Italian. It has won multiple plaudits including, most recently the American Library Association award for Best Mystery of 2008 for the sixth book, and was on the shortlist for the Theakston prize for Crime Novel of the Year.

MAc20Q Tip 9 Basics with ScreenFlow


the best ScreenCapture Application

I use ScreenFlow and I am an affiliate for the application. I paid for the application initially but I was pleased to get on the Beta program to get version 2 upgrade without having to pay for the upgrade. I have tried other screen capture apps such as iShowU and SnapzPro, both of which I also paid for. It was the fault of Don McAllister that I lashed out more cash to get ScreenFlow when I already had to screen capture applications. When I met him at Podcamp Barcelona he gave me the recommendation. I tried it and decided that buying it was a no brainer for what I wanted to do. So you can trust me when I say that if you have not tried it yet then I would say give it a try. Once you have made a couple of Screencasts with it you will want to have it past the trial period too.

Here is screencast in which I show you the basics of ScreenFlow. How to put in video actions and callouts and set them up to work and look right. I will do some more screencasts featuring ScreenFlow soon. Why not hit the Leave a comment button below and say what you think yourself. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Mac20Q Podcast 64 David Branin and Karen Worden

David Branin

In Mac 20 Questions podcast 64 I am talking to the vibrant hosts of Film Courage, which you will find at . We had a great conversation about film and movie making and I surely get the impression that these are people to watch out for. Most definitely going places in the movie industry.

Obviously they are FinalCutPro users and big fans of the Mac. Their story of the sound guy having to listen to the strippers in the movie making certain noises was very funny. One of them is an actual porn star.

Writer/Director David Branin grew up near Hartford, Connecticut.   It wasn’t until his college career was almost over that the dream of making a major motion-picture burst into his head. David and three of his closest friends wrote an original screenplay together and moved to Los Angeles in 2000 to pursue their own Hollywood ending.

He is the Director/Writer/Producer of  and Co-Host of Film Courage.
His work has been seen by millions online.  His short films, Shoot-Out and Honey, I’m Home have garnered the most acclaim, having combined to screen in over 40 international film festivals while winning their share of awards.
Actress/Spokesperson Karen Worden co-hosts L.A. Talk Radio’s “Film Courage”.  At age 18, Karen drove herself and her belongings to Los Angeles from the San Francisco Bay Area to pursue her acting career.  As many an L.A. transplant will do, Karen worked several odd jobs to pay the rent.  Karen’s had many interesting work experiences which have further flavored her character.
Karen WordenKaren’s style is earthy with a slight touch of fire , easygoing, intuitive and direct. In hosting the new Internet radio talk show, “Film Courage,” .  Karen’s in-depth questioning discovers how individuals overcome the naysayers, along with quieting the harshest of critics – oneself!  She questions industry professionals on their fear of success versus fear of failure, overcoming self-sabotage, and developing one’s greatest strengths.

Karen’s credits include Honey I’m Home, Road Therapy, Weekend Get Away, Religious Freaks Gone Wild, Mind Over Matter Man, Smoking – The Movie and the latest Night Before the Wedding.  Karen also wrote and starred in a one-woman play showcased at the Space Theatre entitled The Other Woman, as well as being featured in several commercials and print ads.  One of her favorite shoots was working with Richard Simmons on his Sweatin’ to the Oldies series.

Using Tubemogul to upload & share video

I show you how to get started with TubeMogul. A really useful service that gets your video on the interweb thingy in one go and sends it to other video sharing sites. Saves loads of time and bandwidth and I was so impressed I recorded a screencast showing how to do it.

Mac20Q Tip 7 – using VideoCue the teleprompter

This is a handy tool to use as a video teleprompter. You know the thing that newsreaders use to read off when they are on the telly and it makes them look like they know what they are talking about. I need to use necause I talk too fast otherwise. I often have to re record a section because I have gone all motor mouth.
Here is the video. If you want to see at a higher resolution you can go to the YouTube site and watch in high resolution.
Videocue does more than this too. Greenscreen and easy lower thirds in your movie.

Mac20Q Podcast 63 Peter Wobster & Krystal Gault


Krystal and Peter are film makers in the North West of England and they also run Cinematopia a small film festival. Here is what they say about Cinematopia.

They organise CINEMATOPIA which is Preston’s only regular MOVIE NIGHT hosted by the Mad Ferret and Kitsch Monkey Productions Krystal is the Kitsch Monkey.

They Screen a weird and wonderful, themed programme of short film, music video, animation and digital media and topped off with a cult feature film, this is surely the most relaxing way to enjoy a beer or two – and it’s FREE! Be scintillated! Be dazzled! Be amazed!
Krystal Gault
That’s is what you get for having your movie nights in a pub, the films are the free bit and the beer you probably have to pay for.

Seems that is it a great idea to be making films and showing films too. Keep the interest up for film in general and it has to be good for meeting other people interested in film and movies.

Peter is the tech guy of the team and uses Final Cut Pro to edit their movies. He teaches film and sound design to bring in extra cash, for making their movies. It is getting difficult for all film makers to get financing for making movies. I even saw a report that stated that Hollywood will be making a third less movies

Normalise sound in AmadeusPro

Still undecided about this method or is it best to use Levelator to do this job. Levelator sometimes works perfectly and sometimes not. But is handy though to be able to do it directly in Amadeus. Another possiblility is to just grab the lower sound and amplify it by a few decibels. If it is only a few bits and you can select them easy then why not.

Mac20Q podcast 62 MacDavid

I met online through probably Twitter and he is as keen as I am to talk about Macs. We talked about his life blogging and how he does it. Basically he turns the camera on himself and comments on life around him. One of his things is the ViddyTweet. David also has a .

I enjoyed watching his Viddytweet and David is amusing with it too. David is a keen Mac user and is a keen videographer and video editor. He has lustings for a Mac Pro (Don’t we all !) The MacPro being the machine to get if you are going to do professional video editing.

During the interview we didn’t get the best sound as his Blue snowball microphone was back at home, there was some extraneous noise from electrical items in his room and towards the end of the interview David got fidgety, I think he was doing a spring clean of his desk by the sound of it. I got some of the bumps and bangs out of the recording anyway.

Really enjoyed talking to David as he is a really decent mac geezer.

Have you got your discount yet at Godaddy, with the hosting and the domain names. 10% off if you use the code POD146

Weekend looking after kids – and GreenScreen iMovie

There was a national holiday here in Spain and my sister in law left her kids with us for the weekend and the youngest is into everything, every moment he is awake. Non stop el teremoto, the earthquake. Nice boys though. But I am pleased my kids are all grown up and doing their own thing.

Enough if the personal news and on to the Mac, even though I wasn’t able to use mine as much this weekend. I just put together a video showing how to use the green screen feature in iMovie. The first time I did it I couldn’t believe it was so easy! This time I recorded what I did with ScreenFlow version 2 which is still working great even though it is beta and not due out until any day now.  Using iMovie to to the chromakey is just a case of dragging the video with the green screen in it into the timeline on top of the background you want to replace the green with. If the screen is lit properly and without shadow caused by creases, it won’t even need any adjustments. I had to make a couple of adjustments but after that it was perfect.

I do plan to get a longer pole for the green material and to put the iron over it too. I will stretch it over some extra poles perhaps to get it just right. You can put a moving background behind or a still image if you wish.

I am still toying with the idea of getting Final Cut Express, which would be better than iMovie but I am finding that iMovie is quite capable now that it has gone to version 09.

Heliumfoot Giveaway

Answer the following question to win a copy of Mercury mover

When you hold down the shift key and hit an arrow key how many pixels does the window move?

Answer the following question to win HighBrow the browser chooser

Which key combination do you use to tell HighBrow to ask you which browser you should use for that link?

Find the answer to the Mercury mover question in the recent video showing you how to use it,  or download  HighBrow and Mercury Mover from and you will see in the application the answer.

Fill in the form below.

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Mac20Q Podcast 61 Steve Sheridan

A burger is fine food ???

I was looking to get to talk with Steve for quite a while. I had heard he would be an interesting fella to talk to and it was true. We had a great chat about about how he uses his Mac. It was also known to me that Steve is well into the video end of things, so I asked him about that. he undertook a project which took him nearly forever to digitise a pile of videos from the old days. He liked doing it so much he even did some for his sister.

Steve provides the back up and support for Alison, both moral and technical for the Nosillacast. Moderating the room when Allison does the live recording of her podcast. I think that Steve deserves some of the lime light too. He claimed to be shy but was an excellent guest and in the end we had to stop or the podcast would just be too long to put out.

In the ramble I talk a bit about the screencasting I have been doing this week. I enjoy doing it but this week I have had extra impetus with having the new version of ScreenFlow to test out. I got in on the Version 2 beta testing run and it has to be coming out soon because I have not had any problems with it while making the screencasts.

I also comment in the podcast about Macbreak Weekly, following on from the condemnation of Leo Laporte by Allison made me re think how I felt about MBW. OK they could be annoying from time to time with the singing now and then on the show but lately I had to wonder about why they keep the show length when there is so little news sometime. They end up talking more about the competing products from competing businesses, making it less of a Mac Podcast and more of a general geek show.

Ah well it is their show and they can do what they like with it, as I do what I like with my show. Maybe my listeners will tell me what I could do with changing in the show here at Mac20Q, and I don’t expect to get the call now to go and talk on the MacBreak Weekly now. Ah well never mind…

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Jumpcut tool – indispensable on the Mac

Let me show you something about the tool I love using on the Mac called Jumpcut. I use it all the time and Keith Alperin the developer of Mercury Mover loves it to. Have you sent in your competition entries yet to WIN a copy of Mercury Mover and copy HighBrow. if not why not> 2 great tools you can get for free, nothing or zilch.

Computer attacks highlighted on the BBC

It was funny to see them talking about phishing attacks on the BBC news the other day. Geek news is now mainline news too. Funnier still was that they had a guy with a MacBook in front of him talking about the problem Google were having by being targeted in phishing attacks. Hope that great unwashed that is the general public didn’t think that having a Mac was part of the problem.

By Jonathan Fildes
Technology reporter, BBC News

More than 30,000 account details have been posted online
Google’s web-based e-mail system, Gmail, has been targeted as part of an “industry-wide phishing scheme”.
The firm said that it had immediately safeguarded the affected accounts.
BBC News has seen two lists that detail more than 30,000 names and passwords from e-mail providers, including Yahoo and AOL, which were posted online.
The lists also include details of thousands of Microsoft Hotmail users. Google said fewer than 500 of its accounts had been affected by the scam.

Win Mercury Mover the Mac App

Had a great chat with the developer of Mercury Mover and I love using the software and you can use it too. I have a copy of it to give away and a copy of  HighBrow also from heliumfoot software.

YouTube High Quality If you want to see the higher quality version the click on the  YouTube High Quality HQ button on the Youtube site

Microsoft's grinning robots or the Brotherhood of the Mac. Which is worse?

Funny Article….

Microsoft’s grinning robots or the Brotherhood of the Mac. Which is worse?

I admit it: I’m a bigot. A hopeless bigot at that: I know my particular prejudice is absurd, but I just can’t control it. It’s . I don’t like Apple products. And the better-designed and more ubiquitous they become, the more I dislike them. I blame the customers. Awful people. Awful. Stop showing me your iPhone. Stop stroking your Macbook. Stop telling me to get one.