Screenwriter and Film maker Clive Davies-Frayne


Clive has an interesting approach to writing, particularly with his choice of tools to do the job. He told me he use Excel to start with to outline the characters, moving on to using scrivener and then on to Final Draft, which is the industry standard for presenting the movie when makng the film. Final Draft gives the timings for the movie apparently.

The , where people can see clips from Clives’ movies and there is also a , The blog is published with a new post every Sunday morning – European time, which I then discuss with readers on .

Here’s a little bit of blurb about about Filmutopia :

Clive Davies-Frayne is a screenwriter and producer, whose company Filmutopia Ltd develops and produces feature films for cinema. So far, Clive has written and directed half a dozen short films, including one which won a UK Royal Television Society award.. and also two feature films. The first “Punx,” never completed due to funding issues… the second “No Place” was made in HD with a $750,000 budget was completed in 2005, but has spent the last four years mired in distribution issues…

Filmutopia was founded after “No Place” was completed, when Clive decided to walk away from his previous production company and a nine year business partnership, in order to change dramatically the way his movies were made, in particular the business strategies adopted. Clive admits “Everything I ever learned about how to make movies, I learned by first getting it completely wrong”

Filmutopia’s latest movie project, “Smoke” is a comedy and is currently in the development phase… the projected budget, €6M.

“After making movies the indie way for years and seeing little in return for my efforts, I decided to look at different way to make, finance, market and distribute movies. My passions are movies and the movie business… I don’t see the two as contradictions. All I want to do is entertain people and make a profit in the process.”

Writers20Q Podcast Karen Sperling

What was so great about talking with Karen was that she is into so many things, like myself she can’t stop herself being interested in a variety of interests. She has published a book called   which is available now as an eBook and will be going into print very shortly. It is not her first book either, as karen has written a number of manuals for the Application Painter or PainterX. Karen also is an artist and amazingly like the same styles of art as myself too. Both of us  really like the German expresionists, the surrealist and we both have an appreciation for the talent of Picasso.

You really must have a look at her . She is conveying a dream world as art and with them being in black and white it reminds me of the work by Giger the artist that created the creature in the movie Alien. Karen is having an exhibition this month of her art work and if you live near enough you are invited to go and have a look.

Karen also writes screen plays for movies and has a script for a romantic comedy, where does she find the time to do all these things?

Highly Toxic

Gallery Godo
6749 San Fernando Rd.#C  Glendale, CA 91201
Opening Night: September 25, 2009
7 pm to midnight - Please join us!

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Writers20Q Podcast 6 Chris Graue

Chris Graue has a and has a film production web site called .  Chris likes to write collaboratively and has made some TV and film scripts.

He tells me that he though it would be a silly thing to do, to put up a novel on Twitter but says that it has improved his writing due to the constraints of getting it into 140 characters. The other thing is that it is hard to find the start of the novel, and harder the longer it gets, because Twitter puts up the last tweet at the top of the pile and you have to read from the oldest page to the newest and also from top to bottom.

Comedy is an area that Chris like working with and wants to work towards making TV and film scripts that get produced for public consumption, perhaps with him acting and directing the final work too.

Chris must be a bit shy because this is the picture he gave me of himself. I wonder why he is wearing crown, or is that just a funny punk hairstyle?

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Chris also has a MySpace page called

Writers20Q Podcast 5 Matthew Wayne Selznick

Matthew is the author of Brave Men Run and Hazy Days and Cloudy Nights. Sci Fi fantasy type fiction but with a grounding in the real world. I listened to the podcast of the book Brave Men Run which I downloaded off iTunes and enjoyed the story. I got addicted to it. You know what it is like when you can’t put down a good book – same here but with it being read to me by the author.

I had a great chat with Matthew and we discussed the writing as well as the audio podcast end of things. Matthew highly recommends the giving away of the book as a free podcast in order to build an audience and a brand.

he has been able to get a publishing deal through this type of promoting because the publishing company will see that part of their work is done if an author already has a following that will probably buy his or her books.

I recommend that you support Matthew by having a look at Cloudy Days and Hazy Nights web site. You can become a member and get additional material to what we will find in the free podcast copy of the story. The free podcast will also be about a month behind the members only version. So if you are patient ??

Writers20Q Podcast 4 Abbie Clarke

abbieI am so pleased that I chatted with Abbie Clarke about writing. She is just getting started as a writer and tells me that when she gets home from work will write for a couple of hours for the novel she is working on.

I persuaded her to get a blog set up to start building her brand and get known as a writer. .

I found it refreshing talking to a young person that has creativity in mind and a desire to produce something for public consumption.  I think that a writer has to develop a thick skin though because there will be lots of rejection notices from publishing house before it finally get taken and a book gets published. But if you stick in there and keep working at it then it will work out eventually.

In the interview I talk about the audiobook route that people like Matthew Wayne Selznick, Scott Sigler and JC Hutchins have taken. Seems to work well for them, as on the back of their podcasted books given for free they have developed a following and have got sales of printed materials and book deals. I am tempted to go that route myself, though I am not sure what sort of story would suit my Brummie accent.

Enjoy the podcast with the interview of Abbie Clarke.

Winners of the Scrivener Software

I put all the names that gave me the correct answer which was Ghost Notes Mode – or the other possible answer was Show Invisibles.

Here is the video of the draw.

Writers20Q Podcast 3 Scrivener

The developer of Scrivener

I got talking to Keith Blount the developer of , the excellent writers software for the Mac.

He tells me that he is a wanna be writer and a coder but not necessarily in that order. Used to be a teacher in primary school and gave up the high life to be a code monkey.

Talking about Scrivener

The idea behind Scrivener is that you write the long novel in chunks and you can use Scrivener to organise the whole thing. there are loads of ways of looking at the work. You can just concentrate on the small bit you are working on. You can see all of the small bits in an outline mode or you can see them on a corkboard view. Lots more information from Keith about Scrivener in the podcast.

He changed to Mac and was looking for a decent laptop and was blown away by the iBook and the retail store experience helped him to make the decision to buy. I have a number of questions for Keith in the interview about how he uses his Mac and you can listen to the podcast to get more.

Win a copy of Scrivener

The question to answer is Is there something spooky in the Text Menu

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Coming soon to Writers20Q

Keith Blount

I have one interview completed with the developer of the writers software Scrivener, Keith Blount. I heard about this software originally from Andy Inhatko who is a tech writer for the Chicago Sun Times and he writes blogs, articles for magazines and web sites. He was pleased to be using Scrivener because he could focus on the writing and then export it out for whichever publication, knowing that it would in the right format for that destination.

So I bought Scrivener after trying it out on my Mac for a couple of weeks. I really like using it. You can go full screen and block out all the distractions. There a number of super features in the software all designed to help you organise your writing, outlining tools, a corkboard area to keep the writing and the research.

One neat trick is that after you have bought it you can have it on more than one machine you own. I have the iMac and the MacBook, I can’t use both at the same time  so it makes sense to be able to have on both of my machines and not have to buy 2 licences. It is what I call sensible licencing.

Abbie Clarke

I have interviewed Abbie about her writing and it is a breath of fresh air to talk to a young enthusiastic writer who is just getting started with her creative writing. I just have to edit the interview and get it ready to turn into a podcast. and has started to publish her writing on it. Check it out.

Matthew Wayne Selznick

Matthew is the writer of an audio book entitled Brave Men Run. I listened to it during the last week. I found it to be enjoyable and I contacted Matthew to see if he would come on this show. Totally delighted to announce that I will be interviewing him next Tuesday. I will be asking questions about going the audio book route and how it might be leading to sales of eBook versions and print versions. I will also ask about what sort of help he needed to be able to get good production values on the podcasted audio book. I will be asking about he latest work which is called Hazy Days and Cloudy Nights and I want to find out what he is planning next.

Writers20Q Podcast 02 – Yi Shun Lai

Click to listen to the podcast

This is the first of the Writers 20 Questions Podcasts with a set of questions more suited to asking writers. It follows on from the first podcast posted in here though which was the one where I am talking with Mike Smith, as is a friend of his.

Yi Shun Lai has worked as a writer / editor for 15 years and now is working for herself as in freelance and having the time to spend on a novel of her own. Seems that writers have to do the work and save money so that they can then have the opportunity to write for themselves.

I learned a few things during our chat and she was lovely to chat with. I do like friendly people, life is to short to have to deal with grumpy devils.

Yi Shun has worked on a book called sounds like fun. Started off as a web project but has moved on to print. Isn’t always good to have the paper in your hands to read.

At about out door activities and recreation. I don’t think it is possible to kayak in Central Park but check out the site to find out what Yi Shun says you can do there.

We talked about writers critique groups and getting past writers block. Of course there was some discussion about the craft of writing but more about editors and agents.

The Questions

1. Introduce yourself  and tell us where you are from?
2. Professional part time or just for fun?
3. Pen and paper or with a computer
4. Do you use specialised software for writers
5. How long have you been a writer?
6. What have you had published so far?
7. Do you have an agent for your work, what was it like getting one?
8. What about an editor, do you get your friends to read your work first?
9. What sort of writing do you do?
10. What would be your daily routine for writing, and have you ever suffered from writers block?
11. Do you think you will be able to make a living from being a writer?
12. Have you attended classes for creative writing?
13. Are you a part of a writers group, is it a valuable experience for you?
14. When you are writing do you listen to music, or do you prefer a locked away in a quiet room experience?
15. Would you consider using a voice recorder to record you telling the story and then writing it and building on it later?
16. What do you think of self publishing with places like Lulu where you can get a book printed quite cheaply?
17. There are some writers that do audio novels – for example JC Hutchins and his online audio novel Seventh Son. Another taking this route is Scott Zigler. Would that interest you at all?
18. What part of writing do you most struggle with?
19. Do you enter writing competitions?
20. Tell us about your latest work and where the listeners can get it? Do you have a web site that you use to promote yourself and your writing?

What questions have I missed? How could I improve the list. Use the form below to send me your suggestions.

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Writers20Q Podcast 1 SplatEric

Click on the picture to Listen

Mike has a MacBookPro as his main computer and has a Mac Mini connected to the TV. Mike is a writer and had taken the brave step of giving up a job in order to make his way in the world into being a writer. Has been using the mac for about 3 years before the writing he was a coder.
Connected to the computer he goes for wired mighty mouse the nipple scroll button is mentioned regards getting it cleaned. He rubbed the nipple on paper where I have blown into the gap around the edge of the button the get the gunk out, and has a brother HL5240 printer.

I guessed at Mike using and was 100% right. Well he is a writer and it seems that it was coded by a writer that could get what he needed from the word processor route. Mike says it is a cracking bit of software. likes the chaptering and versioning – templates for various things – make it easy to collate it and output the final work, and the price was good too. For script writing you might look at a free app and free is always good.

Mike has an extensive collection of iPods and it may have had a slight effect on the buying of an Apple computer. Mike is a Firefox person and once in a while will use Safari, he likes the plug ins with Firefox, like the debug tools and sage plugin

is mentioned by Mike because it connects to so many social networks, lately getting more integration added to it. Mike has recently changed to Tweetie for his twittering.

Mike as had a play with apps but is not a big user because of doing movies in . Found that the faces feature in iPhoto just takes time from him and his writing.

One of his writing projects is a web drama and has other things in the pipeline. We talk about how level the playing field is for aspiring writers to be able to get work out in front of an audience online. There is content coming out from the top down, as in the BBC’s and other institutions and also from the grass roots level of people like the young woman in the North east of England who has put out videos on YouTube showing people how to put on make up. Good content will always find an audience.

Mike acknowledges the steepness of the learning curve with and says he learns something new each time he has some editing to do.

Mike like features in and come in there as a favourite application especially when operating with iTunes. Fav for the iPhone is iExpenseit as a way to control what he spends, seeing as he needs to build an income with the writing.

The film where Tom Cruise is moving stuff around on a huge screen is something that would be in a wish list of computing equipment.
Sceptics Guide to the Universe podcast. gets a mentions and I tell him about podcasted novel called 7th Son.

Go now to watch the and have a look at .
Screenwipe a TV program about writers

ScreenFlow an application that I love using to make screencasts. Edits video as well