Mac20Q Podcast 1 Frank Corfield

I have known Frank since we were at art college together. He went to Stoke to study Fine Art and I went to Leeds to study Furniture Design and then Fine Art.  We have travelled to Germany together to work in the summer vacations in the Becks Bier Brewery in Bremen. We both had German girlfriends at the same time. Loads of funny stories to tell since 1980 to the point where the families have grown up and he is living in Wales and I am in Spain.

I have always been impressed with Franks’ dedication to his painting and his art. I went off in the direction of using art for a sign business while Frank kept at his painting. When making the visit to his house a few times over the years his house would always be full of paintings. When he came with his family to Ireland to visit me he would spend much of the time walking with a box of paints under his arm. I have some of those paintings still.

Frank has been featured on Welsh television, and has had numerous exhibitions of his work. Seeing as his family is all into art he has had a family exhibition when his wife and two young daughters exhibited paintings too. I love the paintings by Esme also. The family  sold some of their work alongside Franks’ sales.

This interview was recorded here in Spain just after a drawing session in my living room. They were taking it in turns to be the model, my son Jack included, who is also at art college. It is all a family thing. I put the sound clips from the interview on top of of some video I shot on a trip to to make some drawings of the local landscape.

Karen Sperling’s Book

As I am expecting to interview Karen soon here is a press release from Karen about her book.

Painting isn’t just for artists anymore.

Photographers nowadays are interested in turning their digital photos into paintings in Corel Painter and Adobe Photoshop.

And now Painting for Photographers, published by Artistry Books, shows both the art lessons and software steps for transforming photos into works of art.

Written and illustrated by Karen Sperling, one of the world’s foremost Painter authorities, having penned the first several Painter manuals and three previous Painter books, Painting for Photographers is the first art book for photographers.

It starts with a look at the art concepts that photographers need to know to paint their photos and describes the materials needed to create art, in this case, the software program tools and features, in addition to Wacom tablets.

Next, Painting for Photographers provides step-by-step instructions and four-color illustrations for creating paintings in Corel Painter and Adobe Photoshop from popular photo subjects, including portraits, landscapes and pets, covering various styles of art, including oils, watercolors and pastels.

Additionally, Painting for Photographers shows how to paint with traditional acrylics and oils on top of the digital artwork after it’s printed to canvas.

Painting for Photographers appeals to everyone from professional photographers who would like to sell paintings to their clients to hobbyists who are interested in painting photos of their kids and grandkids to graphic designers, illustrators, animators, web art creators and fine artists who would like to use photos as the basis for their artwork.

A book trailer video about Painting for Photographers is on view at Youtube:

For more information about Painting for Photographers, and to order, visit the Artistry web site / or contact Karen Sperling at  or 818-981-2803.

Talking about making images

Photo20Q a blog and podcast where we will find out about how photographers do their stuff. We will talk about the taking and making of the pictures. The editing and art side of working with images, and the software we use to do it.

Famous and well known or enthusiastic amateur, who cares, let’s have a mix and talk to the real people making images for whatever purposes. We will make it inclusive and not exclude photographers. There is always something to learn when we get down to the nitty gritty.

20 questions will be asked and they will be the entry point to find out about that person and what drives him or her to point the lens at whatever subject matter.

Hello and welcome to Artist20Q

Welcome to Artist 20 Questions

The idea of this site is to talk to artists and find out what they are doing. There is going to be a podcast published in which I will interview artists and get some background and try to get a notion of what they are doing artistically.

Hopefully I can ask some sensible and probing questions to get to the artistic nub of it. Show off some of the work and find out about the hopes for the future as artists.

We will talk about the business of being an artist and getting the eyballs in front of the work as well as the critical acclaim when it is due.

The plan will be that it will be published as a podcast once a month with other items being slotted into the blog in between episodes. We can have comment on gallery visits, and I will be pleased to get reviews by guest bloggers, writers. The scope of the site is  Art, design, sculpture, photography, illustration and videography, so mainly the visual arts, but not confined to that. No reason why we can’t talk to writers for example.

Thanks for taking the time to read the blog and why not suggest people that would be candidates for being interviewed on the Podcast.