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Bill who is a good friend of my neighbour here in Spain, so when he arrived in his Triumph TR4 I just had to ask if he would be interviewed for the first podcast for the first Car20Q Podcast. I am hoping he will send me a photo of him and the car sometime soon. he is a member of the TR register which has a web site and helps members look after their cars. Enjoy the podcast and if you have a car that you would like to talk about then contact me with the contact form below.


Car 20 Questions is a podcast in which I talk with Car owners about the cars that they drive, possibly cars that owners don’t drive because they are still working on them!

In the past I have had cars that are classics, Morris Minors, VW Beetles, Austin Cambridge, Austin Westminster. I always wanted a a Jaguar XJS, could be they will be a classic one day. These days I just drive a ‘get from A to B type car’ but sometimes get the urge for something more interesting.

I have already recorded a conversation with an owner of a TR4A and that will be Car20Q podcast number one. Coming out soon when I have had the chance to edit the raw interview and turn it in a proper podcast.

Let me know if you have a car or cars that you would like to talk about in a podcast.