VideoCue costs $89 but is amazing value for all the things that it does. I use it to be a teleprompter when I record my news shows. I like to be able to easily put in the lower thirds which make the video looks more professional.

I have used the green screen but only as a test piece so far. Just want to see if it would work. It does too! In my test I found that you need to get the green screen taut so there are no folds and have it properly lit. I will post up a sample of that when I have done one that is a finished article worth showing.
Videocue is a unique rich media presentation toolkit that allows you to write and record your speeches of you reading your words aloud, add movies, images and titles and then easily publish your finished presentation to websites or weblogs.

How does it work?
1. Enter the text of your speech
2. Drag your camera icon to the storyboard
3. Press Record button

Easy-to-use interface
a. Real-time Preview
b. Media List
c. Scrolling Teleprompter
d. Line Reader

Of course, adding titles, photos, and other media to your presentation is just as easy. You drag them to your storyboard and they’ll appear when you speak the line of text they are next to. That’s it. Use our professional titles or your own photos and movies to make a presentation stand out.

Once you’re done, you can save the finished QuickTime movie to your computer or upload to a remote FTP site. lets you publish a link to the movie and the text of your presentation to most popular blogging and vlogging services.

Windows Media supports both a push and pull model, viewers can either connect directly to your machine using the “pull” method or when you need to scale up you can “push” your broadcast to a Windows Media Server. Viewers will connect either through Windows Media Player or directly inside a webpage.


Ultra-smooth teleprompter
Videocue contains an ultra smooth scrolling teleprompter, normally featured in professional hardware solutions costing many thousands of dollars.

Blog and Vlog Support
Videocue integrates with most popular blog systems (LiveJournal, MovableType, Blogger, TypePad). You can upload the text of your presentation and the finished movie to your Videoblog quickly and easily.

Core Image transitions
New for Mac OS X Tiger is the GPU accelerated library. Videocue can now use beautiful transitions like Ripple and Page Curl. The best part is that you can add Image Units from 3rd party developers to expand your transition library.

makes creating your own Podcast simple. Pick the microphone you want to use, select the special Podcasting export preset, write your thoughts down and press Record. It’s really that easy to join the production of the next generation of radio.

Amazing 3D Graphics
Slick transitions and effects are just a couple of mouse clicks away. Videocue supports great looking mattes for your media, giving them a professional look instantly. You can then expand this list with your own mattes.

GPU Accelerated
Videocue will automatically accelerate recording to disk if you have a supporting GPU. This offloads work from your computer’s processor and moves it to your graphics card.

.Mac Publish
can upload your finished movie directly to your Mobile Me account. No extra configuration required.

Media Support
Videocue is based upon QuickTime, so you can drag and drop your existing files to integrate them into your presentations. No conversion is necessary – they are ready to use instantly.

AppleScript Support
Integrate Videocue with other applications through the power of AppleScript. Controlling your presentation through scripting is easy.

High Performance
Videocue is extensively optimized to take advantage of the PowerPC G4, G5 and Intel Core Duo processors. It will automatically utilize extra processors.

Here is a video I did using VideoCue. Bear in mind I have compressed it quite a bit to use with YouTube

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