One of the most asked questions is “What should I get?” The answer always depends on what you want to do. A MacBook is a super general purpose machine for the new user and is still powerful enough to use for photo editing, though you may want to get a MacBook Pro with the bigger screen if you are going to do lots of photo work and still want portability.

On the other hand if portability is not so important then you could go for the MacBook and have larger screen conected to it so you have the best of both worlds or go off in the direction of the iMac. You can still connect another screen to an iMac also.

If you are doing video editing then go for the MacBook Pro if you need portability. If you are a professional video editor and will be using Final Cut Pro a lot then the Mac Pro is the way to go.

Obviously there are many directions you could be going in and therefore a miriad of possibilies for what will best suit you. Of course your budget will also be a factor.

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