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I was amazed when it arrived a day early but totally delighted. This is going to be a really short post because I have some serious iPad playing to do.
In the spirit of under promise & over deliver Apple sends out the new iPad device with a camera. They can’t be accused of not listening to their customers any more. So all the people that thought we would have to wait until the second version of the iPad got it wrong. The camera is is a 3.3 mega pixel beast & is working really well with the Skype video chat.

Let you know more when I have had a chance to play with it a little more.


If you want to know what this was all about select the text above &  read between the lines, literally……..

Got to have some fun sometimes.

I have just watched the video of Yur Arcurs out on a shoot. Interesting video and if you are going to learn about doing the microstock thing then you have to learn from the best and Yuri is without doubt the best in the business. He will shoot 2000 photos himself in an 8 hour photo shoot and his assistant will shoot another 1000. He will have a huge base of photos to choose from from that session.

I saw that the camera he has is large and probably very expensive with big expensive lenses on also. I noticed also that he was not using a tripod much, when he was it was a monopod. I wonder if that is normal for a days’ shooting and if maybe he does photo shoots that he will use a tripod more.

Here is the video – Enjoy