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Today there were queues for the iPad for the lucky few that either managed to get one via the courier and the pre-order process from Apple, or went to the local Apple Store to buy direct from the shop.. The lucky gits were then confined in some quiet place for the rest of the day so they could enjoy the iPad without any molestation from lesser beings. No I am not jealous at all. Honest !!

Really pleased for the people that got the iPad today, the likes of Gazmaz who was getting itchy and antzy while waiting for the courier to arrive with the iPad. I am sure Gary will be telling his story on the podcasts that he takes part in.


I have been struggling with internet all day today. First off I had no internet due the power being off yesterday from 5pm until about 10:30pm. The antenna on top of the hill didn’t get working again after the power came back so we had to wait until it was fixed and that was about 11am. I also tried to get the MiFi working – I got the MiFi a couple of weeks ago but I was waiting for the SIM to arrive from MasMovil. So I had the SIM and it took ages to get the Wifi end of things working but still no luck seeing as I had no 3G at the house for the SIM.

I still have to go out to a place where there is some 3G to test the MiFi properly. If I wasn’t so busy cleaning the house and doing that sort of things to be ready for a visitor that was due to arrive later in the day I would have been able to see if the Huawei miFi thingy would do what it is supposed to do. This is the MiFi that I was hacking into and jailbreaking a couple of weeks ago.

I did manage to get a bit of learning in with AppleScript and programming in general, won’t get much of that done for the rest of the weekend. Funny but I am sort of enjoying the programming even though it is super frustrating at times. Apart from the nitty gritty end of that I am thinking about possible applications to make. I am thinking about something in the education market for students and teachers. I would love to see technology being used to help people be the best they can be in a learning situation. I used to be a teacher and sometimes miss being one.

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works in the Canadian Military has a 20 in iMac which came with the keyboard without the numberpad – uses neo Office and likes it – not had any problems with it at all. He had MS Office on a previous laptop and it bugged the system down too much so it had to be got rid of.
Uses a spreadsheet to catalogue his DVDs and I suggested he might look at Delicious Library
Ross has an ipod nano that he uses when exercising – there is a sensor that goes in the running shoe that somehow gives feed back about your work out. How cool is that?
Has used iMovie and tried to make a DVD with some movies downloaded from YouTube with not much success, but that could be due to the format that YouTube put out the videos in. Next on the list is to buy a guitar so that he can make use of the lessons that are in Garageband.
No iPhone yet due to the high costs of a Data plan with Rogers Communications in Canada, but would like one. Instead has the iPod touch.
Has a and was using Word Space also, His wife has an art based site
FTP – I mention that I use Cyberduck
Would like to see a touch screen mac because it would just be a cool thing to have.

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I had some time to use and I wanted to do an interview for the Podcast and so I asked on Twitter if there was any Mac user ready to get started with an interview straight away. Up pops Joshua Rodriguez who is a student from Canada. We had a super chat about how he uses his Mac and maybe I was able to give him a tip or two as we were talking also.

One of the things I was wondering was, what do students in schools do regards taking computers into schools. Joshua wants a MacBook. They do cost quite a bit of money and you know what kids are like with other people’s property. Maybe with a computer you could expect a higher level of care, but it only takes a couple of mad minutes doing something silly and everyone says “It wasn’t me.” Maybe by bringing this up here I am showing my age and bringing out the dad of three lads part of me or the ex teacher part of my life.

Does anyone have any experience of how portable computers get looked after by school children? Let me know fill in the contact form below.

Seeing as he is a poor student, mind you – all students are that way, I remember it well, I suggested that he might use Mozy for his back ups. Like my son has no money to buy an extra hard drive to be able to use Time Machine or SuperDuper to make a back up, so what can be done is have all of the important files being backed up automatically with Mozy to the Cloud. 2 GB of free space is not to be sneezed at, for sure.

I have been using Mozy for about a month now and I am impressed. It just does the backing up I have set it to do and I forget about it. There is an icon on the bar at the top of the screen and if I click it I can see when the last back up happened and how many files and how much data was backed up to Mozy. It really is ttransparent in use.

The show sponsor for this episode as usual is . Here is a page with more information. I use it a lot and it is impressive. of was the person that told me about it when I met up with him in Barcelona last September.

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