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Mac20Q Podcast 77 @PhilonTilt

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This interview started over at Video20Q blog and podcast and seeing as Phil is a Mac user it is only right that I publish here on Mac20 Q also. I have cut out some of the interview that was more specific to film making and if you would like to get the full skinny on [...]

Video20Q Podcast 12 Philontilt

Phil Holbrook goes by the name of Philontilt on Twitter and also has a web site called CreativeJinx. He works in the TV business editing footage and during his free time he makes films.

Phil runs a film festival entitled EgoFest Films and will be working hard on that up until February.

One of Phil’s’ films is [...]

Mac20Q Tip 15 Matching Audio and De essing

I used this technique when I was making the Hunting Boar movie, because using the mic on the camera is a bad idea because the sound is always rubbish. Far better to use an external mic and the put the sound in after. I used the sound off the camera to help me line up [...]

Spondicious video

Since I got the Cintiq I have used it a fair bit but mostly in the first week. I love it for drawing with but it has been useful as an extra screen too. Would be great to have another 24 inch screen as extra space though, or even the extra of the larger Cintiq.

After [...]

Photography bits and pieces

Last night I was out to lunch with the family and my wife’s uncle had a new toy to play with – a Nikon D80 and it had a very nice lens on it 18mm to 135mm. I was quite impressed with this more expensive than my own Canon 450D camera. I wanted to keep [...]