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This group of drummers were so good. I really enjoyed watching them so their stuff. I am off to the music shop to get a drumkit.

I am of the opinion at the moment that there is a blog post in the feed that is messing things up.
It all started with moving everything over to this web site from Mac20Q and Video20Q and the rest. What seems like a good idea to save me work and also be a good idea for consolidating the Web experience on all my web sites, has turned into a marathon of sorting problems with the RSS.

What makes me think that it is contained within one of the posts from Mac20Q is that fact that the feed was working when I moved some posts over to a temporary category and the problem was not present. Also all of the other category feeds seem to be working, so it has to be to do with a post just in that category.

I will get to the bottom of this at some point in time.

By the way, What do you think of the new logo in the header? I had no internet for some time yesterday so I set my self the task of creating a new logo.

At my Spanish class yesterday we we trying on costumes for Carnaval which is taking place this weekend. A bit of clowning around