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Interesting film trailer by Gavin B. James

Ever since Douglas’ Mother mysteriously vanished when he was 8 years old, his life has been controlled by panic, fear and desire. Now, two decades later, Douglas returns home to his small industrial town to take care of his dying father. In a bar one night he finds a mysterious wallet and in attempts to return it, enters a world of lust, deceit and murder; a world that holds the secret to his family’s tortured past.

The sepia look of the trailer is interesting and I was impressed with the sound design in the trailer. High drama and a Film Noir look about it. Violent and bloody – captivating….

Thanks to @Kinkisafink for the suggestion for this weeks’ Film of the week.

I stumbled on this film on the Fans of Film site watched it and was impressed enough to think I should have a Film of the Week here on Video20Q and that this should be the first. I like the premise behind the film and it is well shot too. I reckon you will like it too. Always good to see something from British movie directors.

A poignant tale about a young girl, Seonag, who travels back in time to visit her recently deceased Grandfather.

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