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Cintiq 12WX First Impressions

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I bought the Cintiq 12WX and I have to say using it is great but it took me some time to get it set up to work right.

When connected to my new iMac I have to set the position in relation to the main screen and the position of the Mac title bar just right. [...]

Spondicious Podcast 03

In Spondcious Podcast 03 I talk about Using various programs to make digital art. ArtRage, PainterX and Photoshop gets a mention.

I talk about the Cintiq 12WX which I expect to have in my hands tomorrow, it only has to get here from Barcelona and the supplier has been quick to deliver in the past.

My son’s [...]

Giving it away – Huh?

I have on a couple of the sites where I sell my photos and illustrations, free images. Is this a good thing to do or is it crazy?.

Supermarkets have what are called loss leaders. They have something they might sell for cost price or even less than cost price, they put a big sign outside [...]