Writers20Q Podcast 14 Stacey Keith



Stacey is the famous author of the book ‘Drive Your Woman Wild in Bed’ tells me how she skived off from school so she could write her first novel. I was flabbergasted to hear that she was only 19 when you wrote her self help sex book and described some of the difficulties in getting the book published. It is totally amazing that she was able to do that and not get ripped off by the published and agents, it seems it wasn’t easy though.

Stacey is of the old school in as much as she writes long hand with pen and paper. I find that totally weird seeing as it is so easy to use a computer and the writing has to go on a computer at some point anyway. It must be really difficult to do any editing when it is all on paper. But the important thing is that you get the ideas and the story out of the head and made real. I suppose my problem is that I am such a tech head geek. When asked about where she saw her writing going in the next five years Stacey was enthusiastic about the possibility if having control of the publishing, perhaps through self-publishing. Especially seeing as the publishing houses now expect authors to get out and promote their own work to a large extent also.

Stacey Keith has been on more than twenty talk shows, including “Montel Williams,” “Geraldo Rivera,” “Real Personal with Bob Berkowitz,” “Sally Jesse Raphael,” and “Joan Rivers.” In addition to hundreds of radio interviews, Stacey has lectured throughout the United States and the University of Toronto. I really enjoyed talking to her about her writing and I would love to see her move to a second stage of her writing career now that her children are getting grown up. In her blog she has plenty to say and also performs a agony aunt role with answering peoples’ questions about various topics.

During the interview I mention that I have recently self published and information eBook, and I did it though Lulu.com. I was stunned how easy it was to set it up. I exported the eBook out of Scrivener into the correct ePub format. I got an ISBN from Lulu.com and it will be going live on the iBookStore and I think the Amazon Kindle store too. Delighted that it was possible and the next thing for me to do is to promote the book, I think that is certainly the bigger job.