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End of Times by Jack Allen

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Jack is a talented artist and has produced a video of his comic story. I have to be biased because he is my son, but he draws better than I ever did, even when I was an art teacher. Enjoy the video.

Mac20Q Podcast Paul Kingham

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Paul also known as iSherbet which is a hark back to childish memories of the sherbet fountain sweet you could get in days of old.

Maybe it is still possible to buy a sherbet fountain and I can treat myself when I am in Dublin next week. [...]

Bubblin in Dublin

Just got back home from a visit to Dublin. Much of the time seemed to be used up traveling from part of Dublin to another. Did a bit of chillin’ and took in a movie, I saw ‘Taken’ with Liam Neeson in it. Thoroughly enjoyable and I may even see it again in [...]