Mac20Q Podcast 86 ArtisticBrit

Andrew Jones is a British guy living in New Jersey in the US and has a out there. As you can tell from his YouTube name ArtisticBrit, he is an arty sort of person that is into creating art with his Mac more than anything else. He uses Adobe Illustrator and various other application like this and loves using the Mac.

Our chat was very informal and we had a laugh along the way. He is also into video creation and uses a Canon video camera to capture his images. I met up with Andrew first of all on YouTube which is a surprise seeing as seems to be the place these days. Mind you seeing as we are both into vide then it should not be a surprise.

Andrew is a photographer too and loves nothing better than getting out and about taking pictures of amongst other things , Fire Hydrants. Have a listen to the podcast because he talks about what he has in his camera bag and also about the workflow he uses to take something from initial idea to a finished art work.

Screen Sharing on the Mac

I never really considered it until today when I was listening to MacVoices, a podcast by Chuck Joiner (who incidentally is soon to be featured on the Mac 20 Questions Podcast) A guest of his was talking about screen sharing and telling of the many benefits. I thought I must give that a try.

I can see that if my Mom gets a Mac, and she has said that she is looking into it. I would be able to help her out with using screen sharing even when she is in England and I am here in Spain. Also I have some applications on my iMac that I might want to control from the Macbook either because I am too lazy to get off the sofa or if I am away somewhere else.
I will have to set the iMac to wake up when I contact it for the screenshare. Those applications would be the ones that I have bought for the iMac but are only licensed to work on one machine. I don’t like those licenses. If I have bought software I should be able to use on which ever of my computers, it can even be set so that they can’t be used on two computers at the same time. I have not yet worked out how to be in two places at the same time, so no worries there.

I suppose though that using screen sharing will be like being in two places at the same time allowing me to use an iMac paid application from my MacBook. Then when the iPad comes I could use an application on there to do the same. Now that makes the iPad even more useful.

Mac20Q Podcast 72 – Iconfessimageek


Today I am talking to a guy that nearly confessed to being a makeup guy, you know lipstick and blusher and all that, . Unfortunately his wife is not a Mac person yet but he is working on her, I tell him to get out the thumbscrews. His son aged five though is a computer user with a laptop of his own.

David does have an iMac 20 inch model and is a recent switcher. He got drawn into the Mac world with iPods and moved into it with a white Macbook, he has moved on to a later model MacBook though. He is a firm believer in AppleCare. I have not had AppleCare on any of my Macs but he has got his moneys’ worth out of it.

We talk about Boxee and Plex, I don’t use those because I can’t get the best out of it because I live in Spain. I just wish I could use the BBC iPlayer, I may have to get something that will hide my IP address.

I talk about getting a satellite box from Elgato which will allow me to save things to watch later. He has a Sanyo Xacti video camcorder and loves using iMovie to make professional looking DVDs for the family.

He has his own podcast and is on episode 14 at the moment. He said the latest was going to be about Christmas presents for the Geek in your life.

David confesses to being an inbox zero type and also to having been outside the Milton Keynes Apple Store at 4am in the morning to get an iPhone. He uses Tweetie two and uses Brizzly which is a web based twitter client. There was a Twitter client in the latest MacHeist, Twitterific

Screen shot 2009-11-17 at 13.14.24

Hooray I finally got my hands on Final Cut Express, Only took 2 weeks to get here from Birmingham to Spain. There is a chance that it was in the post office here for a few days because I didn’t get the note to say it was in the post office to collect. Often the post person is completely useless putting the post in the wrong box. Some of the house owners don’t check their post for months because they don’t live here – they live in Holland or Germany. Then when they do check and find a letter or whatever that is not theirs, they just dump it rather than put in the right box

Grrrr !!

Ah well I have it now just because I called to correos and asked if they had anything for me, or it would have probably sat there for a few more days or weeks. I still am happy to have saved 70 euro by buying off the Apple Store site in the UK rather than getting from the Apple Store Spain.

As soon as I had installed FinalCut Express I had to download a 180 mb  to update it to the latest. I will talk more about how it is going in a blog post and podcast.

Mac20Q Podcast 63 Peter Wobster & Krystal Gault


Krystal and Peter are film makers in the North West of England and they also run Cinematopia a small film festival. Here is what they say about Cinematopia.

They organise CINEMATOPIA which is Preston’s only regular MOVIE NIGHT hosted by the Mad Ferret and Kitsch Monkey Productions Krystal is the Kitsch Monkey.

They Screen a weird and wonderful, themed programme of short film, music video, animation and digital media and topped off with a cult feature film, this is surely the most relaxing way to enjoy a beer or two – and it’s FREE! Be scintillated! Be dazzled! Be amazed!
Krystal Gault
That’s is what you get for having your movie nights in a pub, the films are the free bit and the beer you probably have to pay for.

Seems that is it a great idea to be making films and showing films too. Keep the interest up for film in general and it has to be good for meeting other people interested in film and movies.

Peter is the tech guy of the team and uses Final Cut Pro to edit their movies. He teaches film and sound design to bring in extra cash, for making their movies. It is getting difficult for all film makers to get financing for making movies. I even saw a report that stated that Hollywood will be making a third less movies

Video20Q Podcast 6 LivingProofFilm



Always good to talk to the next generation of filmmaker, musician, writer, artist and see some good things on the horizon. Very pleased to get talking a a guy with bucket loads of enthusiasm for making statement in film and video. Dale O’Keefee is just out of University and is keen to get using his talents with .

He got himself a camera with the student loan and he reckons it has given him more fun than the alternative for the student funds i.e. parties and drinking. Sorry students, I am just kidding, honest. He prefers the Canon cameras and would like to move up to a HD camera when funds permit.

Dale likes to work with a loose script and just get out there and film things. he says it seems to work for him. Due to being a only just released into the wild ex student and therefore skint. Ah the joys of student loans, and the having to pay the money back. Dale uses Celtx the software for screenwriting that is free and very capable too. I have tried it out myself, why pay for Final Draft when Celtx does it all.

Dale talks to me about how he sees his fledgling film production business going and we talk the usual mix hardware, software and creativity with a dash of how he will try to make a name for himself and some money on the back of that.

He uses family members to act in his movies and has to keep the costs of the filming to a bare minimum. We all have to start somewhere and as many film makers have told me the important thing is to have a good story and the content will be found by the public that are there to be entertained and amused by us creative types. You can catch some of Dales work on and definitely have a look at the ones where he has his dad acting for him.

In the ramble part of the podcast I talk about the Power to the Pixel conference that was taking place in London today and had some very interesting speakers. I watched three of the talks and the talk by BRIAN NEWMAN, Consultant and Former President, Tribeca Film Institute was –

The Internet is a super-distribution machine that allows copies of digital media to flow in an almost frictionless way. As the wealth and survival of traditional media businesses are built on selling precious copies, the free flow of free copies is undermining the established order. If reproductions of media are free, how can we keep on financing films and how can we find value in the media we create and sell?

He had some good examples of how some people have made money by giving away content for free. The idea of Connecting with your Audience – and then giving them a Reason to Buy, I thought was an excellent way to think about how to move forward in the age of digital content.


Mac20Q Podcast 21 Damian Nicholson

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Got talking to Damian who is a developer and uses his MacBook Pro for work. 24 inch monitor connected either when at work or when at home. Seems to be working for much of the time and has not had chance to get to play with the MacBook and have fun with iLife.

He is from South Shields on Tyneside near to Newcastle in the UK. I have been to that area recently and it is a great place to live. My brother has been  living there for quite a few years and shows no signs of leaving either.

Damian told me about EventBox and it looks quite interesting but I am able to get to more social networks through Ping.FM which I don’t have to pay for.

Have a look at the ScreenFlow page because that is the software I use to make screencasts. Excellent software for capturing and editing video. I think it is the best screen capture software I have tried. I have used iShowU and another one can’t remember the name of but ScreenFlow is the best by a long way.

I have been trying to work out how to join some .mov files together using Automator. Manually I select what is in the 2nd file and past at the end of file one. the do the same with subsequent files. Got to be a way to automate the process.

I did get an AppleScript from DavidBCohen which sort of did the job but made too many tracks. With four files I got 8 tracks and that led to more work and inefficiency. In the mean time I found a few resources for learning AppleScript and Automator. .

Mac20Q Podcast Rob Hanson

Rob is otherwise known as @Switchmac and he has a web site dedicated to new users of the Mac system. Some great information for switchers. Rob seems to have found it easy enough to switch but must have thought that the fears of some new users needed to be allayed.

Click the Wizard to hear the Podcast

Rob uses PDF Pen if he gets PDF document that needs to do work on and send back to other people. We talk about Crayon Physics, an iPhone game.

We talk about Garageband as a tool for making podcasts and mention Ubercaster, which people like Stu Helm swear by. I did look at Ubercaster once but decided I was happy using Garage band and AmadeusPro for making my podcasts.

Favourite software is for making web sites and is not terrible expensive. As far as buying things off iTunes is concerned well we got talking about .

an iPhone photography site and on the iPhone – Your external brain. Did you know you can scan things into Evernote and have it do the OCR on it to make it searchable. Rob tells me about how he uses Spaces with certain spaces for certain tasks.

Growl gets a mention

Podcasts and podcast RSS reader

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  • Stealth Mac Podcast

Rob's desktop set up

Mac20Q Podcast 17 Don McAllister

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Really pleased to get Don on the show. So many interviewees are recommending him and his Screencasts online and also I met him in the flesh as it were last September at Podcamp Barcelona. Don did a session at the Podcamp and I certainly found it interesting as he talked about the monetisation of his Podcast and how he was able to give up the day job. Now he has a job in which he works harder, probably but when you are doing something you want to do it is often not like work at all.

Don produces Screencasts showing how to use many of the Mac Applications and does a great job of it too. Steps by step guides to using an application in real world situations.

Don gets out and about as part of his Screencastsonline with MacMania tours, he is going to China later this year. He also gets to Macworld events in places like San Francisco. Obviously he is doing well with the service that he provides so that he can afford his Apple hardware and gadget addiction. As a member you get a brand new tutorial every week and extra member only shows. If you want to try it out then you can have a look at the free shows he makes available to the non members. Its a try before you buy thing, which is always good. . While you are on the Screencasts online site have a look at the free screencasts too. I was just watching one about how to geo tag your photos for iLife09. Excellent stuff !

Don has nearly 200 screencasts available and the good thing is that when you pay your six month membership you get access to all of the back issues too. That makes the deal to be great value.

Here is a list of the equipment that Don uses

Computer Equipment
ScreenCapture, Editing and Encoding – Apple MacPro (2 x 2.8 Ghz Quad-Core Intel Xeon with 10GB RAM)
Sonnet Tempo SATA E4P Card
Shuttle Pro 2

Internal – 4 x 500GB (2 x RAID 1 Partitions)
External – 2 x Fusion D500P with Multiplier Support (each with 5 x 750GB in RAID 0 config)
Various Firewire external drives

Audio Equipment
Heil PR-30 Microphone
dbx-266XL – Limiter/Compressor

Mackie Onyx 1220 Mixer
Edirol UA-1ex USB Interface

Capture and Assembly Edit – Vara ScreenFlow
Final Edit – Final Cut Studio
Titling and Effects – Motion 3
Encoding – Compressor

As you can see Don has some good kit there. Maybe I will be able to get a MacPro one of the days with a pile of memory and hard disk thrown inside. You can find out about his work flow for making the screencasts on the blog he runs

Don is on a few other podcasts as a guest, including Mac Break Weekly with Leo Laporte and Andy Inatko. Mac Round table

Don also mentioned Mercury Mover, iBank. Logitech MX Revolution Mouse, Drobo, Jungle Disk, Plex, Boxee, The Automated home Podcast and Delicious Monster Podcast

Elaine Giles Mac20Q Podcast 10

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I’m talking to Elaine Giles, an IT consultant based in Manchester, UK.In her professional life Elaine runs training courses in applications for end users, develops web sites, works as a system administrator and generally undertakes a myriad of other computer related tasks.

Elaine is also Co-Chair of the and User Group Manager of the there are regular meetings so if you’re in the vicinity feel free to say Hi.

Elaine  switched to a Mac in April 2006 after what proved to be a life changing visit to an Adobe event previewing Lightroom.

Elaine likes to use a scanner to create a paperless office. She scans everything and organises it with Devonthink Office Pro which has OCR capabilities. She even uses the computer for the TV program watching, something I would like to set up  and for this the hardware is from El Gato

BROWSERS! Thats right Elaine has an addiction. I was listening to the podcast and she claimed to have 17 web browsers, so I think there are some that have been left off this list.
- Safari
- Opera
- Firefox
- OmniWeb
- Shiira
- Camino
- iCab
- Sunrise
- Netscape Navigator
- Fluid

Microphones are really important because Elaine is a podcaster too, mostly she uses  the and has a to use with the MacBookPro.

Back Up software

Backing up is important for all of us and here are two of Elaines’ recommendations and 

Software Pick

I have been trying this one out also on a recommendation from Andy Inhatko last week on the Mac Break Weekly Podcast. It is a very good toolkit for writers.

iPhone Apps

for being organised, for collecting information and being more orgainsed, and for telling everyone how organised you are.


*of course* because she is the co host of the podcast.

with Bert Monroy

John Ashton Mac20Q Podcast 7

Click Photo to play the Podcast

This Podcast is with John Ashton from Bronte country in Yorkshire. John used to be a teacher and re trained to get involved in web design and graphics. He is working on a Web  site which is about the history of Bradford City Football club, called .

John has his own website called and he blogs on it about various interest and you should go and have a look. It contains all sorts, something for everyone. Radpidweaver,
Projects,television, Radio, Music, News, Food, swimming, travel, Art, local politics, Bradford, letters, Animals, Bookmarking, history, Macs, Blogging, sport, Politics, geese, education, creativity, social Networking, crime, language, twitter, WordPress, Writing, sleep, Blues, cats – all categories from the blog so that must give us an idea of the eclectic nature of the blog,

Suffice to say that Macs play a big role in all of this. John satisfies his creative urges using an iMac. He also has a recent post on his blog wishing the Mac a happy 25th Birthday.

Here is a taster from that post:

In 1994 I moved house, had a bit of spare money, and bought my first new Mac, a , for around £1200. I loved it. Looking back it now seems quite limited with its floppy disk slot and lack of PC compatibility. Apple’s beautiful design specs had not yet arrived. Amazingly though, it did allow one to watch TV and by then I was beginning to dip my toe in the exciting world of the internet. I was also buying all the Mac publications I could lay my hands on: The Mac magazine, and, of course, . My ‘toy shop’ of choice was (and still is) of Bradford (they too have an interesting Mac story – starting out in a parent’s bedroom and becoming a successful local company).

Amongst other things we talk about and how you can use it to have wireless all around the world.

John - Self portrait

John - Self portrait

Enjoy the podcast….