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Got talking to Damian who is a developer and uses his MacBook Pro for work. 24 inch monitor connected either when at work or when at home. Seems to be working for much of the time and has not had chance to get to play with the MacBook and have fun with iLife.

He is from South Shields on Tyneside near to Newcastle in the UK. I have been to that area recently and it is a great place to live. My brother has been  living there for quite a few years and shows no signs of leaving either.

Damian told me about EventBox and it looks quite interesting but I am able to get to more social networks through Ping.FM which I don’t have to pay for.

Have a look at the ScreenFlow page because that is the software I use to make screencasts. Excellent software for capturing and editing video. I think it is the best screen capture software I have tried. I have used iShowU and another one can’t remember the name of but ScreenFlow is the best by a long way.

I have been trying to work out how to join some .mov files together using Automator. Manually I select what is in the 2nd file and past at the end of file one. the do the same with subsequent files. Got to be a way to automate the process.

I did get an AppleScript from DavidBCohen which sort of did the job but made too many tracks. With four files I got 8 tracks and that led to more work and inefficiency. In the mean time I found a few resources for learning AppleScript and Automator. .

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Had a good chat with Eric in the interview, the serious problem he has like many of us Mac users is “Toy Addiction” That’s obviously going to be a problem when Apple keep bringing new and sexy goodies.

He has a large iMac and is waiting on delivery of the new MacBook Pro 17in. Eric was telling me about which is an online way of looking after your finances. More use to US users though due to the limited list of banking sites connected to it. I think I prefer to keep my money info with the bank directly.

Eric is a photographer with a Nikon and is interested in doing some HDR High Dynamic Range photos and we mentioned the applications and one called . Photomatix is my preferred HDR software. I asked if he had, had the urge to get a book of photos printed using the Apple service but was unsure about the quality of the printing, so if any of you have knowledge of that please leave a comment belao.

He has available if he has to run a Windows program but rarely uses it since changing job. Eric recomends adblock and the translator plug ins for Firefox. He says that is worth looking at for us social networking types. I countered with my choice, which is and lately using with

Soul music is a passion for Eric and he contributes to a blog called . An excellent resource if you are into soul music.