Podcast 56 Mac 20 Questions – Knightwise

I am talking to another Belgian this time, who goes by the name of . He is a Mac fan boy, or not – as he said to me he has been accused of being one but he is probably more of a google slut that a Mac Fan Boy.

Whichever you think he is I am sure you will enjoy the interview because he is funny too.

Well yesterday I was at Podcamp Barcelona and I presented a session talking about how to get your podcast out in front of people, no point making them and not getting listened too.

Good to meet up with Chris and Ana who organised the Podcamp and they did a good job of it. This year it worked better by being set on one day rather than over 3 days as last year.

People were getting on the stage on time and the room was full. They had translation from English to Spanish seeing as some of the presenters were English, and that was a good thing for the audience.

I think the translator was able to understand my brummie accent and my use of colloquial language. I didn’t mean to make it difficult – honest !

My presentation was about how to promote your podcast  using social networking. During the presentation I asked how many of the audience were podcasters and out of a room full of people only 5 people put up their hands.

Mac20Q Podcast 54 Karen Sperling

karensperlingWhat was so great about talking with Karen was that she is into so many things, like myself she can’t stop herself being interested in a variety of interests. She has published a book called   which is available now as an eBook and will be going into print very shortly. It is not her first book either, as karen has written a number of manuals for the Application Painter or PainterX. Karen also is an artist and amazingly like the same styles of art as myself too. Both of us  really like the German expresionists, the surrealist and we both have an appreciation for the talent of Picasso.

You really must have a look at her . She is conveying a dream world as art and with them being in black and white it reminds me of the work by Giger the artist that created the creature in the movie Alien. Karen is having an exhibition this month of her art work and if you live near enough you are invited to go and have a look.

Karen also writes screen plays for movies and has a script for a romantic comedy, where does she find the time to do all these things?

Highly Toxic

Gallery Godo
6749 San Fernando Rd.#C  Glendale, CA 91201
Opening Night: September 25, 2009
7 pm to midnight - Please join us! http://gallerygodo.net/

Contact me and lets talk about Macs, art, photography, cars, football, motorbikes, film, video

Writers20Q Podcast 6 Chris Graue

Chris Graue has a and has a film production web site called .  Chris likes to write collaboratively and has made some TV and film scripts.

He tells me that he though it would be a silly thing to do, to put up a novel on Twitter but says that it has improved his writing due to the constraints of getting it into 140 characters. The other thing is that it is hard to find the start of the novel, and harder the longer it gets, because Twitter puts up the last tweet at the top of the pile and you have to read from the oldest page to the newest and also from top to bottom.

Comedy is an area that Chris like working with and wants to work towards making TV and film scripts that get produced for public consumption, perhaps with him acting and directing the final work too.

Chris must be a bit shy because this is the picture he gave me of himself. I wonder why he is wearing crown, or is that just a funny punk hairstyle?

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Chris also has a MySpace page called

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Mac20Q Podcast 49 James Topping

James Topping
I am loving doing this podcasting because I get to talk to a whole pile of excellent people. In this podcast I was talking with James Topping who lives in Liverpool but has the sense to be an Everton fan. I like blue what can I say??

He tells me what he does with his Macs and about how they get commandeered by his children. Not sure I believe that though, the evidence on his Mac Book Pros suggests he is a TellyTubbies fan.

James is keen to upgrade his computers one by one and has a notion that upgrading in time for Snow Leopard will be a good idea seeing as Snowy will be leaving behind the Power PC users. It had to happen at some point in time. Apple is a forward looking company and will not let itself be hampered by the legacy stuff, in the same way as Microsoft is held back by that sort of backwards compatibility issues.

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