Mac20Q podcast 62 MacDavid

I met online through probably Twitter and he is as keen as I am to talk about Macs. We talked about his life blogging and how he does it. Basically he turns the camera on himself and comments on life around him. One of his things is the ViddyTweet. David also has a .

I enjoyed watching his Viddytweet and David is amusing with it too. David is a keen Mac user and is a keen videographer and video editor. He has lustings for a Mac Pro (Don’t we all !) The MacPro being the machine to get if you are going to do professional video editing.

During the interview we didn’t get the best sound as his Blue snowball microphone was back at home, there was some extraneous noise from electrical items in his room and towards the end of the interview David got fidgety, I think he was doing a spring clean of his desk by the sound of it. I got some of the bumps and bangs out of the recording anyway.

Really enjoyed talking to David as he is a really decent mac geezer.

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Mac20Q Podcast 61 Steve Sheridan

A burger is fine food ???

I was looking to get to talk with Steve for quite a while. I had heard he would be an interesting fella to talk to and it was true. We had a great chat about about how he uses his Mac. It was also known to me that Steve is well into the video end of things, so I asked him about that. he undertook a project which took him nearly forever to digitise a pile of videos from the old days. He liked doing it so much he even did some for his sister.

Steve provides the back up and support for Alison, both moral and technical for the Nosillacast. Moderating the room when Allison does the live recording of her podcast. I think that Steve deserves some of the lime light too. He claimed to be shy but was an excellent guest and in the end we had to stop or the podcast would just be too long to put out.

In the ramble I talk a bit about the screencasting I have been doing this week. I enjoy doing it but this week I have had extra impetus with having the new version of ScreenFlow to test out. I got in on the Version 2 beta testing run and it has to be coming out soon because I have not had any problems with it while making the screencasts.

I also comment in the podcast about Macbreak Weekly, following on from the condemnation of Leo Laporte by Allison made me re think how I felt about MBW. OK they could be annoying from time to time with the singing now and then on the show but lately I had to wonder about why they keep the show length when there is so little news sometime. They end up talking more about the competing products from competing businesses, making it less of a Mac Podcast and more of a general geek show.

Ah well it is their show and they can do what they like with it, as I do what I like with my show. Maybe my listeners will tell me what I could do with changing in the show here at Mac20Q, and I don’t expect to get the call now to go and talk on the MacBreak Weekly now. Ah well never mind…

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Video20Q Podcast 3 Robert – Chance1234

Chancer and his crew

The audio quality was poor for the whole of the interview, it sometimes goes like that with Skype. The next day I was interviewing a guy in Belgium for and it was as clear as a bell. Weird stuff. Despite that the interview with Robert the chancer when well and I learned a few things along the way. Not least of the answer to “What is the Best Boy on a film set?” There are a number of strange job titles in the film industry and that one had me wondering.

Chance1234 on Twitter tells me about entering the two week film challenge as did Mike Peter Reed from a previous interview and it will be interesting to see what both of these indie film makers come up with in the next round of the Two Week Challenge. The movie has to be at least 60 minutes long to qualify and there is a lot of work to be done to fill sixty minutes of movie time.

Robert told me that rather than go to film school he paid for his movie to be made and learned along the way. He reckons that he has operated as most of jobs required for making a film and would say that it is great way to learn the film industry. He was working with a production company that was involved with a King Arthur film and doing the armoury work for the movie. Sounds like fun.

From where we talked about crewing and mentioned worked with a core crew, i thought photo might be appropirate this is myself with (im the one with the union jack shirt) most of my core crew. These guys have worked and working on all three of my projects below
An Oktober Carol , film for the two week challenge
Mortus Illumina – The one coming out of post shortly
Silva Superior – The One in pre production
From where we talked about crewing and mentioned worked with a core crew, i thought photo might be appropirate this is myself with (im the one with the union jack shirt) most of my core crew. These guys have worked and working on all three of my projects below
– The one coming out of post shortly
– The One in pre production

Contact me  if you would like to talk movies or video making on Video 20 Questions

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Mac20Q Podcast 54 Karen Sperling

karensperlingWhat was so great about talking with Karen was that she is into so many things, like myself she can’t stop herself being interested in a variety of interests. She has published a book called   which is available now as an eBook and will be going into print very shortly. It is not her first book either, as karen has written a number of manuals for the Application Painter or PainterX. Karen also is an artist and amazingly like the same styles of art as myself too. Both of us  really like the German expresionists, the surrealist and we both have an appreciation for the talent of Picasso.

You really must have a look at her . She is conveying a dream world as art and with them being in black and white it reminds me of the work by Giger the artist that created the creature in the movie Alien. Karen is having an exhibition this month of her art work and if you live near enough you are invited to go and have a look.

Karen also writes screen plays for movies and has a script for a romantic comedy, where does she find the time to do all these things?

Highly Toxic

Gallery Godo
6749 San Fernando Rd.#C  Glendale, CA 91201
Opening Night: September 25, 2009
7 pm to midnight - Please join us!

Contact me and lets talk about Macs, art, photography, cars, football, motorbikes, film, video

Mac20Q Podcast 49 James Topping

James Topping
I am loving doing this podcasting because I get to talk to a whole pile of excellent people. In this podcast I was talking with James Topping who lives in Liverpool but has the sense to be an Everton fan. I like blue what can I say??

He tells me what he does with his Macs and about how they get commandeered by his children. Not sure I believe that though, the evidence on his Mac Book Pros suggests he is a TellyTubbies fan.

James is keen to upgrade his computers one by one and has a notion that upgrading in time for Snow Leopard will be a good idea seeing as Snowy will be leaving behind the Power PC users. It had to happen at some point in time. Apple is a forward looking company and will not let itself be hampered by the legacy stuff, in the same way as Microsoft is held back by that sort of backwards compatibility issues.

In my ramble I talk about why I am pleased to have Godaddy onboard as a sponsor. I use the service and have done for a long time so it is the first name on my lips when I am asked about web hosting and domain names. With the installation service of applications like WordPress, Joomla, Wikis, Forums, and things like photo sites it makes it very easy.

The only thing I don’t like is the way they like to up sell you on all of the steps you go through to get to paying for your purchases. Not a problem if you know what you want, although the default option is always no to the upgrades, so you can’t get tricked into buying more. if you want to get hosting and you want my help then let me know and I can guide you through it step by step on Skype or IM.

Mac20Q Roundtable Lark 02

Click on the image to hear the podcast

In this one we had newcomers to the meeting in , Alice Saunders, Simon along with the stalwarts of , , GazMaz, , , , , , Jane73, Mike Thomas and .  I should have kept a list of who was in there because I know I have forgotten someone at the moment.

There were others who told me afterwards that they meant to be in there but missed it. Oh Well next time. The room was full this time anyway.

I mention the which is available for you to watch now. Please support @SplatEric in his writing endeavours by checking that out. I watched it and enjoyed the first episode.

I should say that this was a nightmare to edit with some extraneous noises in the background with some of the guests running what sounded like a washing machine and others tapping things while listening to the others. I will have to look at organising it better from the audio end of things. Still not so bad after the editing and worth listening to.

Mac20Q Podcast 35 Matt Bleasby

Click the Picture to Listen to the podcast

is a web site development and designer. He is starting to head in the direction of using php in his web development work. He will design  a site in Photoshop and then chop it up to put in the web application.
and you can find him on too. As you can see from the picture he likes a half pint.

Matt is currently looking at creating a FindMattBleasby website that links to his company as well.

He is a fairly recent switcher and has XP on the MacBook as an option but has not used it since putting it on. I think he will possibly be dumping that off when he wants to get the space back taken up by Boot Camp at the moment.

We talk about Apple TV because Matt told me he would like one. I personally think that the Apple TV should have a TV tuner included in it to properly have a right to be called Apple TV.

I talk a bit about my previous life as a designer and sign writer in Ireland, how I used to get annoyed by the comments of other designers taking the mickey because I used CorelDraw on a PC to do my desgn work.

Matt like the idea of having video recording with the iPhone camera. You can record video now but you have to jailbreak the iPhone. Don’t fancy jail breaking mine. Talking about the iPhone I found out the other day that Movistar / telefonica are not the sole provider of the iPhone here in Spain now.


Matt doesn’t listen to many but I mention Are we Alone by the SETI institute and The Maccast and I think Mac Break Weekly.

Amongst sites recommended Deviantart. You can buy art work from there. matt tells us how he avoids getting spam on his email address.

Mac20Q Podcast 33 Miniology – Robyn Saunders

Click the Mini to Listen to the Podcast

We have a picture of a Mini here because Robyn Saunders is a Mini fan and runs a site called Miniology.

We do talk about Mac computers but just like on the the whole thing is about the people as much as the objects. On Mac 20 Questions we are into what you can create with your Mac Computer. Robyn creates video and audio podcasts for the Mini sites. Interviews of the people that drive the cars and putting it out as a Internet TV  or Radio show.

See the fun they had  on Treasure Island, SF Ca. Sept. 5-7 for the

Mac20Q Podcast 32 BJ Wanlund

Click the picture to hear the podcast

BJ Wanlund talks to me in the about what he does on a Mac. He is a bit of a gamer and lost me totally talking about some of the games he is into. I have only had a quick play with World of Goo which came with the MAcHeist thing and I would not have otherwise. Still have to fire up CroMag Rally and the mini games too.

He has a black MacBook and uses it for his school work, so that’s for business and pleasure. He did have some experience with an Apple 2 many years ago, too many years ago to mention. Since then he used Windows like many of us did before coming back into the fold. Mainly due to having hardware problems with a Gateway computer.

BJ is keen on watching TV on the computer using ElGato products, this makes it one of hos favourite applications. He also uses MS orifice for some things on his Mac, in particular to do some snazzy alignments of text for a front page of a document.

BJ wonders why Apple can’t make a decent version of iTunes for Windows users, he also uses Parallels in coherence mode so he can drag and drop things from Windows to OSX.

BJ has a play with Garageband formn time to time but has not much time to keep up with his photos he takes with the iPhone. he tells me he plans to upgrade to iLife09. For backing up he loves Time Machine. I recommended using and also and .

I did an upgrade of my MacBook and BJ told me that he also has done upgrades of his computer and didn’t have any screws left over either.

I got a few tips on how to use World of Goo and make structures to get the goo into the pipe. We talk about a whole load of other things including Twitter clients so listen to the show now.

In my ramblings I talk briefly about microphones after having a wee chat with in GoToMeeting so that he could test out his new Blue Snowflake, another gift for his MacBook Pro this week. He say he never manages to go for a month without buying something for the mac. We all have to have a vice to support.
I mention the microphone and also the Samson mics and the Behringer mics

I watched a tutorial video in which Joseph Nilo shows how to do some stuff in . Makes it look very easy to do some 3D animations with a camera following a path and being able to zoom in or out as well as have objects moving around too. spinning floating and whatever.
Looks very easy to put colours, textures , video on to objects to get some really fancy things going on. You can even put in 3D objects you have created in other 3D applications  into an animation.I will have to put a day or two aside to get in there and create something.

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