The Weather Station – Film of the Week

The Weather Station

Here is the trailer for a gritty, dark psychological thriller based in a weather station in the back end of no where up in the mountains. Guns, shooting, sex, and death, this movie is not a chick flick.

Psychological thriller from Russia. A mysterious 18-year-old and two meteorologists are visited by a seductive beauty and her rich husband. When two detectives are sent up to investigate their disappearance, the secrets of their past merge with those of the weather station and they get sucked into a vortex of mistrust, betrayal and murder.

Video20Q Podcast 1 David Baker

I found David on twitter where he is known as . Seemed like a good plan to ask if he would like to be featured on the new Video 20 Questions Podcast. Really pleased he said yes and was quite enthusiastic. Goes without saying that if you are an independent indie movie maker you have to get the word out there in any way that you can.

David was a super first guest on the show and we had a great chat about movie making. he has been in the business fore many years having worked as an actor. is his second movie and is about a student of film getting caught up in some mercenary activity when he goes to video some guys just coming back from Iraq. David was looking for a gritty style for the film and from what he was telling me about how it was filmed, I don’t doubt that is the way it turned out.

David was the writer, producer, visionary, director, head tea boy and will be promoting too. he has plans to ge the film shown all across the UK and expects to be getting in contact with film students along the way too. So there will be a mixture of online and offline promotion of the movie. He got non actors in the movie as well as using actors.

Mission X behind the scenes with David

I enjoyed my chat with David and I learned  a lot from it too. We mentioned Robert Rodriguez who had success with a small or no budget and was discovered in as much as he got Hollywood money after that to make more movies, and the director Roger Common that influenced Tarrantino amongst others. David is a believer in getting out movies with no budget so that it makes people be creative and innovative. In any case we all have to start somewhere.

David has been using to be able to get the movie clips out to as many online video sharing sites as possible. Saves a lot of time to get the movies distributed all with one upload. I have used it myself and I am impressed.

He is expecting to get the film out through Cineworld and get it shown in more places across the whole of the UK.