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Mac20Q Podcast 54 Karen Sperling

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What was so great about talking with Karen was that she is into so many things, like myself she can’t stop herself being interested in a variety of interests. She has published a book called  Painting for Photographers which is available now as an eBook and will be going into print very shortly. It is [...]

Mac20Q Podcast 48 LearnMacsOnline

I got talking to Annette Quirke, we had a great chat about Mac and her LearnMacsOnline  website. She does some graphic work in Adobe Illustrator so we were able to talk a little about vector drawing and beziers. Annette comes from Ireland so we had a bit of a connection there, seeing as I spent 12 [...]

Spondicious PodCast 06 – Video

In this podcast I look at the idea of selling illustrations online through micro stock photography sites. One of the things that you really have to look out for is closed path and open paths.

With open paths in an image submitted to sell it will without a doubt be rejected in all of the microstock [...]

Closing open paths in Illustrator

Now this is a really important task. closing the open paths in Illustrator, because if you leave any open paths in your art work you will have it being rejected. The problem is first of all finding the open paths and then closing them quickly and easily. I first found this to be time consuming [...]

Life is a bowl of cherries

Learn how to illustrate cherries using the Mesh feature in Illustrator. Have a look at VectorTuts. Useful site with other tutorials on illustration techniques in vector based programs.

I am always looking to learn more about the programs that I use. Be it Artrage, Photoshop, Illustrator or Inkscape. Fortunately there are lots of sites out there [...]

Wanted to create a CorelDraw file

I tried a few different ways to convert a file I have as various EPS, AI, and PDF formats so that I could import it into CorelDraw in order to save as a CDR file, after getting a request for that type of file from a customer in Dreamstime.

No luck whatsoever. I tried moving it [...]