Getting your movie on iTunes

Here is a super well researched article telling you how to do it.

So…how do you get your film on iTunes? What’s the secret password or magic number?

That question has come up a lot lately on Twitter among indie filmmakers enduring the plight of self distributions. I decided to do some quick research on the matter and figure out for myself how one might go about getting their film on iTunes.

I know the filmmakers of  did it, but then again their film has a huge  following and has been around for a few years. I wondered if the little known indie filmmaker has the same access to iTunes that a more well known film has.

Writers20Q Podcast 5 Matthew Wayne Selznick

Matthew is the author of Brave Men Run and Hazy Days and Cloudy Nights. Sci Fi fantasy type fiction but with a grounding in the real world. I listened to the podcast of the book Brave Men Run which I downloaded off iTunes and enjoyed the story. I got addicted to it. You know what it is like when you can’t put down a good book – same here but with it being read to me by the author.

I had a great chat with Matthew and we discussed the writing as well as the audio podcast end of things. Matthew highly recommends the giving away of the book as a free podcast in order to build an audience and a brand.

he has been able to get a publishing deal through this type of promoting because the publishing company will see that part of their work is done if an author already has a following that will probably buy his or her books.

I recommend that you support Matthew by having a look at Cloudy Days and Hazy Nights web site. You can become a member and get additional material to what we will find in the free podcast copy of the story. The free podcast will also be about a month behind the members only version. So if you are patient ??

Mac20Q Podcast 46 Cameron Banga

I was really pleased to get an interview with Cameron Banga of , which is a team of college student that have begun a project to make an iPhone Application. Seems like a brilliant idea when if you get an app that takes the world by storm off iTunes, you could make a pile of cash.

Here is a that are working together to make the application and a here is the  ‘‘ page

Part of the idea behind the project is to help other people learn how to do it by seeing what steps they have to go through to get to the finish line of having an application to sell. Here’s a list of some of our .

Of course as per usual we chatted about all things Mac and you will have to listen to the podcast to find out what was talked about. Naturally the conversatioin would gravitate towards the making of iPhone applications a little. I am really looking foward to finding out what they come up with. One of the things we mentioned is the podcast series put out by Stanford the university, it is a set of videos of the actual lessons showing how to make an iPhone Application. Some if not all of the instructors being Apple software engineers. Not bad eh. Here is the  iTunes link so you can get it and make your own iPhone application.

In the ramble I explain some of my grumpiness which was displayed in a few tweets one morning. I got out of the wrong side of the bed and was a cranky geek. GazMaz reckoned that it was appropriate I was listening to while walking my dog that day.

Mac20Q Podcast 44 Chris Foley

Click the picture to listen to the Podcast

Chris has a company called and that’s his name of twitter too. he creates web pages so has to use Windows just for testing the web pages in the versions of IE
When editing sound uses Logic and we discuss Garageband.
Chris likes to use Pages as much as possible, has Office to be able to get into xl spreadsheets and has been known to play sudoku on the iPhone
Like me Chris is really impressed with the GPS on the iPhone, thinks it is great to see yourself as that little blue dot walking down the street.
He has bootcamp set up and also VM fusion – always amazes clients to see Mac and Windows on the same machine.

The browser gets a mention for its super blogging tools built in and it is all in the sidebar – Facebook included which is normally a time sucking vortex. Easy to see  when things have been updated without having to go to the Facebook site. A Tweetie user on the Mac and on the iPhone and Seesmic gets a mention too.
Chris is a guitar player and has a covers band uses Garageband a lot to share ideas and is into Photography has a Nikon D90 digital SLR camera. personally I think that Aperture doesn’t need the faces and places extras from iPhoto, not really in keeping with the professional photographer needs, although he uses iTunes professionally
Finds Garageband to be great to use really easy  to make music with.
Time Machine is the best thing since sliced bread says Chris, he also use Carbon copy Cloner and
He has 14 drives do back things up with – Wow what a lot of drives. every 60 days will wipe the Time machine drive and starts again. Will not recommend Time Capsule because other things happening on the network like streaming from an Apple TV or a NetFlix thing will lead to corrupt back ups.
is a favourite application and would like to have this built in to Apple’s iCal
NetNewsWire  is the bees knees of an RSS reader likes the way it is synchronised so only has to look at a post once and have all the news aggregated in one place.
Apple J in iTunes gives you the show options and you can have more information in front of  you. Like if you want to mark tracks for whatever reason – comment and notes too
Chris rents movies from iTunes now and then.
iPhone favourite app is and Scrabble, Chris also uses Mobile Me user and likes having all stuff synces through the cloud, he uses the public folder rather than have to use FTP


This week in Photography TWIP – listens and goes out shooting too at same time
Mac Os Ken

On writes an ezine every month about tech things to do with the Mac
Recommended web sites

Reads Mac Life from the magazine good for tips
Like myself Chris loves and uses it to create web sites for clients

Mac20Q Podcast 42 The Mac Mommy

Click the Picture to listen to the Podcast

Melissa is totally in mommy mode and in the process of producing another baby too. Still has time for the using and loving of the Mac. During the interview she tells me a story about a mouse eating one of her peripherals. Melissa uses a MacBookPro and passes her old machines on to her husband, hang on that’s not right ! Oh it’s OK she is the geek of the family. She can be found at and

A favourite gadget is called a Huckleberry that she keeps in a Tupperware container (Such a Mommy thing to do). She showed it to Alison Sheridan @Podfeet of the Nosillacast when they met up. This gadget is a periscope so that she can video things on the other side of the computer, she is not limited to filming herself sitting in front of her MacBookPro.

is a fan of iWork and likes using Numbers, recently using it for collating all the figures for the tax man. Used to be a designer when she left school and used the pro applications for that, but now that she teaches the ‘Snow Birds’ how to use computers. Due to teaching people with bog standard computers, as in not tricked with the likes of QuickSilver for example, she keeps to the applications that you can find on all Macs mostly.

I recommend Bean and Melissa has used it too. We both can’t stand Microsoft Word and the inconsistencies of the formats within it. When will people realise that you DO NOT need to get Word just because other people are using it. Bean makes doc files and so does Pages in iWork. I just bought Scrivener the other day too. Pretty pleased with it. Melissa says that if the person receiving a document from you and they don’t need to edit it then just send them a PDF. That makes sense.

does not have an iPhone yet but would like one, despite being unwilling to change to AT & T. I didn’t want to change to Telefonica but had to, mind you it has been OK so far, so I will stop complaining.

In Safari the tabs at the top are good for as it is good for using with the senior citizens that are snow birding it in Arizona, and learning about computers while there. Used to love FireFox though. For Twitter Melissa likes Nambu. I was using Nambu but found that it needs more development, wasn’t behaving itself somtimes. I think she will be trying Tweetie soon although likes Twirl a lot.

Melissa made up to the family for eloping with her husband by having a big wedding for the one year anniversary. She made the wedding music with iTunes, did all the printing end of things with iWork and iLife. Sounds like it was a mammoth task but totally enjoyable. Probably did the photos in iPhoto also. Could have used PhotoBooth to take the pictures of all the guests one by one.

The back up strategy is an ABC method Archive, BackUp and Clone. You have to listen to how that works, it is a lesson to all those out there that don’t back up. What!?? you don’t back up?? Listen to Melissa for her great strategy. Get SuperDuper or Carbon Copy Cloner and get

In the process of saving cash Melissa has turned to Boxee to not have to pay for cable TV. I don’t think we can get Boxee here in Spain. U.S. only.

. I recommend that you though so that you don’t miss any episodes.

Justin Byrne Mac20Q Podcast 5

Click on picture for Podcast

Had a great chat with Justin and especially because I could talk to him about Ireland where I had a super 12 years as a resident in Virginia, Co. Cavan. No one ever knows where Cavan is and even some of the Irish people I have spoken to must have been asleep during the geography class at school. Two of my sons still live in Ireland going to college in Dublin.

Justin is a co presenter for a Mac podcast called which has an Irish slant, obviously. I subscribed to it yesterday in iTunes and I still have to listen to the first episode I have downloaded. I know that is going to be good though as Justin came across very clear, calm and collected in the interview.

In the picture you can see Justin with his Mac Craic co-presenter David, Allison from the excellent and the guy that fixes Honda cars.

Justin tells us how he bought a Mac off Ebay and OSX Tiger was the system he started with. Same as for me when I got the Mac Mini. Justin has to use a Windows machine at work but has used his Mac experience to try and improve his Windows experience. He is a bit of tech head and does a bit of  tech support where he works.

being totally up to date Justin gives us some news about legal decisions in France that could possibly affect iPhone users in Europe. Locking the iPhone down to single companies in a country is a pain in the rear. I would have stayed with Vodafone if I could have rather than move to Movistar, Telefonica.

We complain a bit about iTunes and the lock down that stops us getting movies and TV shows here in Europe. Justin would like to get his hands on a Drobo and we talk about back up strategies.

The show sponsor is . I use ScreenFlow to capture what I am doing on my Mac to produce screencasts, (like Don McAllister but obvious not quite as Professional) With ScreenFlow I can zoom in easily on a part of the screen to show some detail with a video event or I can use a mouse event to highlight what I am clicking on. The great part of the application is that I can edit the video captured within  ScreenFlow itself. I highly recommend it. The $99 price tag is well worth it for the facilities it has and the quality of video you can make with it.

Justin uses digital cameras, to record video and still images and puts these into iPhoto and iMovie to manipulate. Recently he has been helping his wife to make a slide show into a movie.

Justin has been know to use Crossover for Mac to be able to do some virtualisation, but prefers to keep his Mac free of Windows programs.

Justin has a horror story to tell us of how it cost about $100 to by data recovery software to get back files that were mistakenly deleted.

Another show sponsor is Mozy. A nice way to back up your files to the cloud. I downloaded the application yesterday and set it up to back up some of my files and it has been working well so far.

It has done 3 back ups including the first one. The 2nd and 3rd back ups it only moved some of the files, as in only backed up new or changed files. Sweet. Try it out for free with the up to 2GB option.

Justin gives us the low down on what it is like to buy a computer in Ireland and how there is a need to put an Apple Shop in Dublin. If Apple were to make a 15in MacBook Air he would be highly tempted to take the leap and get one.

Podcasts recomended by Justin , ,

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