Video20Q Podcast 20 – Travis Legge – Raymond Did It


Really pleased to have another film maker guest on the show. Travis is just about to start shooting a horror – slash movie. Just before the interview I saw him tweet that he was covered in blood. Transpired he was doing tests for the film special effects.

He is friends with Julie and Jessica of Kingisafink and Phil Holbrook, I think it is great to see such a vibrant group of film makers taking advantage of social media. helping out with each others projects as well as moral support.

Like Danny Lacey Travis has been using the crowd funding Indiegogo to raise money for this movie he is about to shoot
which btw is called Danny Did It and if you want to help out with the film you still can – by going to his film company website and he is taking Paypal donations.

Many films wouldn’t get off the ground without this type of support so if you are in to horror send Travis a dollar or two.


Raymond Did It is a slasher film in the tradition of Halloween and Prom Night. When twelve-year-old Bryce Rourke is accidentally killed in a playground scuffle, his friends decide to blame Bryce’s developmentally delayed older brother for the accident. Raymond is taken to a state hospital while the true killer walks free.
Six years later, Raymond escapes from the hospital to seek bloody revenge for his brother’s death.

This is how it worked out with Indiegogo for the crowd funding.

$10 or more = Fan Contribution: A special thanks noted on the film’s website and Director’s blog.

$50 or more = Fan Plus Contribution: An 11 x 17 movie poster in either the theatrical or comic book design, signed by writer/director Travis Legge in addition to the aforementioned perks.

$100 or more = Friend Contribution: A DVD copy of the film upon the film’s release, signed by writer/director Travis Legge in addition to the aforementioned perks.

$1,000 or more = Family Contribution: A copy of the DVD signed by members of the cast and crew, a producer’s credit in the film, and a VIP invitation to the official wrap party in Rockford, Illinois at the end of June (travel costs not included)

Funds generated via donation will go to cover the costs of catering, location management, prop purchases, and transportation associated with the film.

Film of the Week

This short from Jessica  made me laugh, because as we all know the old jokes are the best.

Video20Q Podcast 13 @Kingisafink


‘Libidoland’ is the title of their latest movie short and the trailer for it looks like fun. Jessica and Julie told me that they have a weird sense of humour and like to combine that with social comment in their movies. They ask,  why should movies follow the Hollywood trait of having to have a tidy ending or even a tidy story. Life is messy and there is no reason why movies can’t reflect some of that and still give a level of entertainment.

I would say that you would get a higher level of entertainment if the story makes you think a bit too. Get those brain cells working for a change, while it is good to have a suspension of disbelief while watching a movie it doesn’t mean that the thinking processes have to be dormant too.

One of these two is a teacher and she challenges here student s to watch movies that are not the usual Hollywood blockbuster to get some critical thinking happening and an open mindedness that will lead to seeing more interesting films.

They told me that they are serious about the movie making and look to generate and build upon ideas with a view to being able to sell them on. The shorts are the show reel that lets the movie business know what they are capable of with the writing and the film making. The tasks required to bring it all to fruition are shared between them and they work very much as a team with helpers coming in to ho;d the boom for the mic or take the acting roles. One of them does do a cameo role in the ‘Libidoland’

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Their website:
Email: kingisafink AT gmail DOT com

Here is the ‘Libidoland’ trailer for you … have a look at their ‘Snow Bunny’ trailer on YouTube also