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In this one we had newcomers to the meeting in , Alice Saunders, Simon along with the stalwarts of , , GazMaz, , , , , , Jane73, Mike Thomas and .  I should have kept a list of who was in there because I know I have forgotten someone at the moment.

There were others who told me afterwards that they meant to be in there but missed it. Oh Well next time. The room was full this time anyway.

I mention the which is available for you to watch now. Please support @SplatEric in his writing endeavours by checking that out. I watched it and enjoyed the first episode.

I should say that this was a nightmare to edit with some extraneous noises in the background with some of the guests running what sounded like a washing machine and others tapping things while listening to the others. I will have to look at organising it better from the audio end of things. Still not so bad after the editing and worth listening to.

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works in the Canadian Military has a 20 in iMac which came with the keyboard without the numberpad – uses neo Office and likes it – not had any problems with it at all. He had MS Office on a previous laptop and it bugged the system down too much so it had to be got rid of.
Uses a spreadsheet to catalogue his DVDs and I suggested he might look at Delicious Library
Ross has an ipod nano that he uses when exercising – there is a sensor that goes in the running shoe that somehow gives feed back about your work out. How cool is that?
Has used iMovie and tried to make a DVD with some movies downloaded from YouTube with not much success, but that could be due to the format that YouTube put out the videos in. Next on the list is to buy a guitar so that he can make use of the lessons that are in Garageband.
No iPhone yet due to the high costs of a Data plan with Rogers Communications in Canada, but would like one. Instead has the iPod touch.
Has a and was using Word Space also, His wife has an art based site
FTP – I mention that I use Cyberduck
Would like to see a touch screen mac because it would just be a cool thing to have.

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We did have a meeting last week but it was soley to test out the . This week we got together to chat about Piracy and Pirate Bay court decision in Sweden. We talk about microphones and what is a good choice for podcasting or just for use with Skype.

AppleCare is it worth it and do users of it in the UK get a bad deal sometimes, depending on which store they go to.

I’ll try and remember all the names of the people in the room. GazMaz, ElaineGiles, Paulshadwell, Legion11, Thomasmike, Patmahon, Maicki, Jane73, MichaelKing4023, Michael Smith came in a while, if I have missed anyone please tell me .

It is a bit of a long podcast but there are some parts of it are a little funny. And we slag off the music record companies and of course the movie companies because they don’t let us buy movies and TV shows here in Europe.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of interviewing Wayne, otherwise known as Legion11. You can follow him by that name on Twitter. We had a good chat based on the Mac twenty questions. A family man and it was great to hear how his young son has taken to using the Mac like a duck takes to water. Wayne  is in the process of getting the rest of the family switched over to the Mac too.

Wayne has an ongoing project at the moment to learn about AppleScript, which is interesting because I think that AppleScript is an under used resource on the Mac, so I wish Wayne luck with that. I think that is going to be a well thumbed book you have there Wayne. Truely, a Geek in Training. We mentioned and his information he has made available about using Terminal while talking about geekyness.

Again my interviewee waxed lyrical about so I have put that in as the sponsor for the show on this podcast. I think that much of the Mac community has already signed in blood to be a user of Don’s Screencastsonline but if you haven’t done that yet then please use the link in this post to check out .

Wayne is still on his first Mac, a MacBook Pro he bought April 2007 which came with OSX Tiger, he changed to OSX Leopard as soon as it became available and he is planning to get a portable Mac when funds allow. Wayne and his son like movie making with . They will spend a half a day to make a very short movie, so Wallace and Grommit watch out.

We talk about word processing software, including iWork, and Bean. and good. Wayne’s daughter is using Bean for her school work and is happy with what it does and how it works.

There is some chat about backing up, virus problems with Windows and some just general Windows bashing, just for fun you understand.