Mac20Q gifting time.

There only a couple of apps that interest me in the Mac Update bundle, in fact perhaps really only one that that is compelling for me as I have some apps already and some functionality in the others are covered by other applications I own. So why not have a gifting time for the ones I don’t want?


All you have to do is to do 2 things.

1. Choose a Mac20Q podcast that you like from the 111 I have published and tweet once its show notes url . If you are not a twitter person then put it on Facebook.

2. Fill in the contact form below – I have to enter a name and an email address on the MacUpdate site to gift an application – Then put in the name of the application that you would like.

I will do a draw from the entries to work out who will get which application. I will be keeping the applications Art Text, Default Folder X and Mac Family Tree.

The applications I will give away are:-

  • Star Wars Jedi Knight – $58
  • 1Password – $39
  • DevonThink – $49
  • Flux – $109
  • Swift Publisher – $44
  • Chronories – $29
  • Interachy – $49
  • Typinator – $25

All pretty simple to get a free application from Mac20Q. To be in the draw for the apps I will give away do the two requirements by Monday 13th December 8pm GMT

Comments or questions are welcome.

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