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I got talking to Annette Quirke, we had a great chat about Mac and her . She does some graphic work in Adobe Illustrator so we were able to talk a little about vector drawing and beziers. Annette comes from Ireland so we had a bit of a connection there, seeing as I spent 12 years in Co. Cavan Ireland.

Announcing  . Everything you need to help you learn about your new mac.
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Annette goes to a Mac users group and teaches things at the meetings, helping new users and that is what led to the production of LearnMacs Online. Very keen on photography and has recently bought a Canon SLR, wishing she could have waited a little while seeing as Canon now have an SLR that will also do video.

I had a great time talking with Annette and I am sure you will enjoy the interview too.

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Stefaan tells us about his data plan for his iPhone and it is not unlike the plan I have here in Spain. 200mb download each month.

He does video podcasts for a Dutch language web site called . If you can understand Dutch go and check it out.

Stefaan uses Final Cut Pro on his Mac Pro and he has a MacBook Pro too. We discuss a few things about iLife 09 and in particular iMovie. He makes movies for the family from footage shot by the family and uses to make his screencasts. He told me about a recent upgrade to ScreenFlow which I had not downloaded at the time of the interview. I have the upgrade now but still have not had time to get using it.

He uses a Time Capsule to make back ups and give some wifi in the house. Stefaan also has a Airport extreme to provide more wifi coverage. For the back up end of things he wants to buy a Drobo for the storage.

For a favourite application is called Billings made by Market Circle, he uses it for tracking time for the purposes of making invoices for his business. Best of all it is not an expensive application to buy. I like to use one called Accounts by Nano Software from Australia. Billings does custom reports, which is a very useful feature.

We came to the conclusion that getting software for the Mac is not a problem at all, most apps are cheaper, better and prettier on the Mac Platform

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. This is another blog and podcast of mine in which I descuss how I sell photos through the micro stock industry.

Stefaan also has an AppleTV despite there not being much content available on iTunes here in Europe. He uses it for showing photos and also for films that he has ripped himself.

Things is one of the applications he uses on his iPhone and his Macs, to organise himself. I compare it a little with using to organise myself.

Dashboard gets a mention. I use for the world clocks and Stefaan uses the conversion tools. I also have a colour utility called .