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hazel automation

Here I show you how to use the Mac application Hazel to automate a process. I have to take files I get out of WireTap Studio as .mov files and split the 2 audio tracks into separate files and then convert .mov files into AIFF files so that I can use them in AmadeusPro, which is my preferred audio editor. Does a much better job than Garageband for what I do with the interviews for Mac20Q.

I wanted to do this job in Automator and have it either as a service or as a folder action, but I was not able to get it to do what I wanted , I may have another try to see if it is possible with Automator or perhaps I can get it to work by using AppleScript. I have been learning AppleScript lately so I could have some success this time.

If you have any questions about how to do things with Hazel then please fill in the form below and ask. I will help if I can.

This Podcast was produced using ScreenFlow my preferred screen capture application You can find out more about ScreenFlow on the ScreenFlow page on this web site.

Comments or questions are welcome.

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Setting up a database with Bento and using the information stored in record that you have already in Address Book and getting access in the same place to iCal events and Apple Mail.

Using data that is stored in one place and one place only is a nirvana for databases. That way you can?t have different versions of the same data and lose your database integrity. That?s what I want to have this work so that I can collect the data in Address book and so long as I put in a keyword in the Note fired then the information will also propagate into Bento also.

Mac Software | Bento 3-1.pngSo I don?t have to have Bento open all the time but when I do open the application I will have all at my finger tips.

Why I think Bento is so useful is because it is easy to set up extra fields for information that you want to track and even though it isn?t a relational database like Filemaker is it so much better that keeping your data in a spreadsheet table.

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David Allen - Wizardgold

Today’s podcast is about the first year of Mac 20 Questions and a bit about what I plan for the show in the second year.
Well it has been one year and a couple of days with the Mac20Q blog and podcast
It has morphed into a whole series of podcasts called 20 Questions

Last year when I started the podcast I was bashing out a podcast nearly every other day in order to build up a catalogue of podcasts for listeners to find when the arrived at the site and I kept up a fairly frantic pace through most of the year, only slowing down when I was working during the summer in the camp site reception.

I have had good feed back and great following from quite a few people during the year and each podcast at the moment has about 200 downloads in the first 30 days but keeps on getting downloaded after that. The most popular people like the photographer Steve Carty from Canada has been listened to 984 times at this moment and there are quite a few like the Rob Hanson, Adam Christianson and Don MacAllister episodes which have been downloaded more than 700 times.

The podcast still has not reached the critical mass and gone viral but I believe it will given time. I keep the Apple rumour mongering to nil if I can. I only ramble for about 5 mins at the start of the podcast and I like to make the podcast about the person that is the Mac user or the film maker or the photographer.

Creativity is what interests me and even the lowliest Mac user gets doing some creative things with his or her Mac because that is what Macs are so good at. It is no surprise that some of the Mac interviews have been able to be re packaged and sent out in Photo20Q or Video 20Q or Writers 20 Q

Give a donation to the Haiti Fund

So the other monetary comment for me to make now is about donations, as in donation ware like you have with software. Other podcasters work with this model so I put up a donation button. Someone will use it one day I expect, although if cash is short and you are thinking that you would rather give to a charity than pay for what I am giving away for free anyway – then the desperate people of Haiti have a better claim to the money right now.

My aim still is to be a professional podcaster and seeing as other people have got there then I should be able to also. Persistence and loving what I do should win the day eventually. Compared to a bricks and mortar business where you could see 3 to five years before your business starts to see a profit – being a podcaster is not at all bad in the scheme of things.

Mac 20 Questions

It has been a good year for Mac 20 Questions and looking towards the second year I expect things to get even better. Video20Q is really taking off and thats exciting, Writers 20 Q has also been great with having best selling authors like David Hewson on the show and successful audio book podcasters like JC Hutchins. There are more interviews to come with novelists and writers.

Updating the web presence

It was getting a bit tedious with looking after each of the podcasts on its own website with all the Wordpress installations. WP is pretty easy but becomes a chore when you have a few sites that you have to be updating WP from time to time, and also the plugins too. So I have just found out that I can do it all from one site with category podcasting . Enter stage right

I can re direct the visitors of the current web sites by forwarding them at hosting level with Godaddy so the change should be fairly seamless. And I can publish each of the podcasts separately as categories.
There is some messing about with the RSS feeds a little – although that is made a little easier by using feed burner. I only have to change the feed going into feedburner and that is a lot less painful than trying to change the feed at iTunes.

For Mac20Q there have been some a few screencasts, with a Mac tip or two and I plan this year to do more with video. I have my green screen and the Shure SM58 mic that I can connect to the camera so I am all set to go.

Thanks to all the guests that have been on the shows, couldn’t have done it without you. Huge thanks to all the listeners likewise.

Andy has been podcasting for some time and so we had a great chat about the Mac and Podcasting. Andy is responsible for which is SlashDot Review. SDR News is a Daily Monday to Friday Technology Podcast with Tech News Highlights from Slashdot, Digg and Reddit. It is a 12 to 14 minute podcast.

Here are a couple of examples of the news from SDRNews

DVR is TV’s New BFF | Electronic Frontier Foundation
IT snake oil: Six tech cure-alls that went bunk
TV Finds That a Mortal Foe, the DVR, Is Really a Best Friend –

He also has CMS Weekly in which he talks about Joomla, Drupal, Alfresco and Wordpress for example.

He actually started podcasting with a Dell computer and a gamer mic, he has a long relationship with the Mac though and as we know the Mac is the best way to go for making podcasts. He edits audio with a few different audio applications including ProTools, he like the encoder to mp3 in that one, find out more in the podcast. The Heil PR40 takes a bow again, it is a very popular mic for the podcasters.He tells me that he still has the packaging for nearly all of the Apple Products he has ever bought.

Andy is getting more interested in making videos now, visiting tech trade show, to interview people, strangely he is using the iSight camera to record them and then send them straight out with UStream video.

He tells me about he favourite applications on the Mac, things like CamTwist, AmadeusPro, Pro Tools, Audacity even?? Andy, like me struggles a bit with Automator, we both think it is a great concept though. Just need a problem to solve with Automator.

Click the logo to listen to the podcast

Once again making use of one simple question put in turn to each of the guests to stimulate a conversation about Mac and how we use them.
For this round table meeting I went with….
Question – What piece of software would you Like to buy – Why do you want it and what is stopping you buying it so far?

I was expecting cash flow being one reason for having to wait especially with something like Final Cut due to the cost of it. But then other reasons like a couple of other apps doing the job already, you know it would be better with the new app but can’t quite bite the bullet seeing as it is more or less covered already.

What is the trigger to buy the new software
Is it the need for something new and shiny?
A problem that has to be solved
Just waiting on that recommendation from your online friends about it so that you know you just have to stump up

During the chat we talked about Bento and Filemaker applications. Even Appleworks gets a mention. Paul does the real stuff with MySQL databases. You can even keep a bit of database in a spreadsheet like Numbers. Then of course there are specific things like DVD finder or Delicious Library. Of course a To Do list is a database also.

LogMeIn the iPhone application is something that can be useful especially if you are looking after other people’s computers for a living.

FinalCutPro and the Express version are also applications that the panelists are lusting after, and I don’t blame them. I use ScreenFlow and VideoCue to do some video editing, avoiding the latest iMovie if I can. iMovie isn’t so bad though if you spend some time getting used to it.

Just a quick one to say what’s going on.