Ipad Apps – At it like rabbits

The iPad apps are multiplying, if the apps are not at it like rabbits then the developers are. Last time I looked there were over 3300 apps and the average price is $4.99. That is probably higher than the iPhone apps price average. 75% of the apps are paid for applications and if you were to put all of these apps on your iPad, you would have to shell out $12,000.

Obviously there is a bit of a gold rush going on here and the makers of the software realise that there is a premium to be had by being the first iPad apps in the App Store.

All of this is a mute point for the thousands of Apple fans world wide that have been let down by Apple. I did see one person say that Steve Jobs lied to us about the date of availability of the iPad. Seems that it took more than the 60 days. Whether it was a lie depends on the intent at the time of saying what he did.

Apple has forced many fans to go to buy an iPad from Ebay at inflated prices and have to pay the postage and probably the import duty also. I suppose it is all down to how many units they could get made in the time available. Would it have been better to have a date when they could get the iPad out to everyone worldwide? Seems that Apple have got used to the idea of the drip feed method, starting off with the announcement followed by availability  and  distribution to the first class citizens of the Apple World then moving on to the next layers down.

Well it won’t make much difference in the long run Apple will still sell tons of these devices anyway. My plan still remains the same, I could buy one for my wife because she deserves the love. Seeing as I have the iMac and MacBook and Mac Mini and iPhone, I don’t need one but I want one. I would be content to stroke the iPad belonging to my nearest and dearest. Although I would be tempted to sell a few items to gather some cash together. I could even sell my iPhone as I hardly ever make phone calls and I am finding the 3G model I have, to be slow to do things lately. On top of that I am sort of saving for a Video camera and that will get priority, spending on other things will only slow me down in aquisition of the camera hardware that I need and will earn me some money.

What about you ??

Screen Sharing on the Mac

I never really considered it until today when I was listening to MacVoices, a podcast by Chuck Joiner (who incidentally is soon to be featured on the Mac 20 Questions Podcast) A guest of his was talking about screen sharing and telling of the many benefits. I thought I must give that a try.

I can see that if my Mom gets a Mac, and she has said that she is looking into it. I would be able to help her out with using screen sharing even when she is in England and I am here in Spain. Also I have some applications on my iMac that I might want to control from the Macbook either because I am too lazy to get off the sofa or if I am away somewhere else.
I will have to set the iMac to wake up when I contact it for the screenshare. Those applications would be the ones that I have bought for the iMac but are only licensed to work on one machine. I don’t like those licenses. If I have bought software I should be able to use on which ever of my computers, it can even be set so that they can’t be used on two computers at the same time. I have not yet worked out how to be in two places at the same time, so no worries there.

I suppose though that using screen sharing will be like being in two places at the same time allowing me to use an iMac paid application from my MacBook. Then when the iPad comes I could use an application on there to do the same. Now that makes the iPad even more useful.

Mac20Q Podcast 72 – Iconfessimageek


Today I am talking to a guy that nearly confessed to being a makeup guy, you know lipstick and blusher and all that, . Unfortunately his wife is not a Mac person yet but he is working on her, I tell him to get out the thumbscrews. His son aged five though is a computer user with a laptop of his own.

David does have an iMac 20 inch model and is a recent switcher. He got drawn into the Mac world with iPods and moved into it with a white Macbook, he has moved on to a later model MacBook though. He is a firm believer in AppleCare. I have not had AppleCare on any of my Macs but he has got his moneys’ worth out of it.

We talk about Boxee and Plex, I don’t use those because I can’t get the best out of it because I live in Spain. I just wish I could use the BBC iPlayer, I may have to get something that will hide my IP address.

I talk about getting a satellite box from Elgato which will allow me to save things to watch later. He has a Sanyo Xacti video camcorder and loves using iMovie to make professional looking DVDs for the family.

He has his own podcast and is on episode 14 at the moment. He said the latest was going to be about Christmas presents for the Geek in your life.

David confesses to being an inbox zero type and also to having been outside the Milton Keynes Apple Store at 4am in the morning to get an iPhone. He uses Tweetie two and uses Brizzly which is a web based twitter client. There was a Twitter client in the latest MacHeist, Twitterific

Screen shot 2009-11-17 at 13.14.24

Hooray I finally got my hands on Final Cut Express, Only took 2 weeks to get here from Birmingham to Spain. There is a chance that it was in the post office here for a few days because I didn’t get the note to say it was in the post office to collect. Often the post person is completely useless putting the post in the wrong box. Some of the house owners don’t check their post for months because they don’t live here – they live in Holland or Germany. Then when they do check and find a letter or whatever that is not theirs, they just dump it rather than put in the right box

Grrrr !!

Ah well I have it now just because I called to correos and asked if they had anything for me, or it would have probably sat there for a few more days or weeks. I still am happy to have saved 70 euro by buying off the Apple Store site in the UK rather than getting from the Apple Store Spain.

As soon as I had installed FinalCut Express I had to download a 180 mb  to update it to the latest. I will talk more about how it is going in a blog post and podcast.

Computer attacks highlighted on the BBC

It was funny to see them talking about phishing attacks on the BBC news the other day. Geek news is now mainline news too. Funnier still was that they had a guy with a MacBook in front of him talking about the problem Google were having by being targeted in phishing attacks. Hope that great unwashed that is the general public didn’t think that having a Mac was part of the problem.

By Jonathan Fildes
Technology reporter, BBC News

More than 30,000 account details have been posted online
Google’s web-based e-mail system, Gmail, has been targeted as part of an “industry-wide phishing scheme”.
The firm said that it had immediately safeguarded the affected accounts.
BBC News has seen two lists that detail more than 30,000 names and passwords from e-mail providers, including Yahoo and AOL, which were posted online.
The lists also include details of thousands of Microsoft Hotmail users. Google said fewer than 500 of its accounts had been affected by the scam.

Love the MacBook

mainimage.jpgMy MacBook is very nearly a MacBook Pro with the changes that were made in the line up recently. All it really needs is an SD card slot and perhaps a firewire slot. The only regret I have about the computer is the lack of the backlighting for the keyboard. So often on the sofa with the MacBook and I have to resort to a usb light to let me see what I am doing.

What got me thinking about the MacBook was this morning I was using it just from the battery as the electric was turned off for the morning. I have to say that the battery life is just brilliant. With a previous HP laptop that was crappy in a number of ways, the worst of it was the poor battery life on it.

Another thing I a chuffed about with the MacBook is the trackpad with the integrated button. I never liked the extra buttons on other laptops and this one doesn’t get me thinking that I must have a mouse connected to be able to do serious work. That is mainly due to the gestures. I find that I can use AmadeusPro really easily with scrolling left and right and also the two fingers to be able to zoom in and out. I was using these features while I was editing the interview of an indie  filmmaker for the .

It was going so well that I even finished the whole podcast on the MacBook even though I could have waited to have more screenspace available on the iMac 24 inch. AmadeusPro is super for the multitrack editing. Shame more people don’t know about it. Mind you I may have put some of that to rights by doing a review of AmadeusPro which is on the latest episode of The MacReviewcast from Tim Verpoorten.


Mac20Q Podcast 50 Mike Peter Reed

Mike Peter Reed
I was really pleased to get the chance to interview so that he could tell me about the that he took part in. The idea was to make a film in the space of two weeks. In the next round there will probably more films made because they rules give more time to get things ready for the filming.

The  three feature films were made during the of the Two Week Film Collective in May (and you can watch The Dabbler and The Original Soundtrack online for free by clicking their links):

Some Mac web sites that Mike recommends

I was also interested in  what Mike had to say about the recording of sound and the field recorder he has. He uses a Sound Devices 702T and I would be keen to get something like that for myself for doing more outside broadcast type of sound recording. Would be great to get my hands on a shotgun mic and the dead cat wind filter, all to fit on the end of  a boom pole. I did get looking at a few different field mixers and it would be really difficult to decide which would be best to buy. There are field mixers and then there are field recorders. The recorder seems to do the mixing too. I think I need to learn more about how all these things work. Could spend quite a lot of money on this sort of equipment with lavalier mics, shotgun, mics, carbon fibre boom poles, various cables. the best I can manage now is a Zoom H2 or to record direct into my Macbook. I did make sure that I bought a camera that has a mic input.

Mac20Q Podcast 45 Donato Esposito

Click the picture to hear the podcast

In this interview I am talking to Donato Espositio. A Brummie of Italian extraction. He arrived at school knowing only italian because he only spoke italian at home. Now Italian is the second language and he speaks pure Brummie, to the extent of using the word Brummie as his signature and brand name. He goes by the name of on Twitter and also . On his web site he has had professors explaining the origins of the word Bostin which apparently goes back to Shakespearean times. Who would have expected that then?

Donato gave a demonstration of his app on the iPhone. Well he told me that it was using the application, it could have been live I suppose but we had better not go into that, at least he wasn’t complaining of any smells happening at the time. No – I believe him honest, really, cross my fart, I mean heart.

Donato has met the BBC presenter of the One Show Adrian Childs because he was filmed wearing one of the famous Bostin T shirts while covering the European football championship. Adrian is obviously proud of his West Midland heritage too. Naturally the conversation skirted around the football teams of the area seeing as Adrian is  a Baggies fan, for his sins.

Donato has recently switched to the Mac and came in via seeing the one on one presentations that his son was having as part of learning to use his Mac. He also has a nephew that makes music on a Mac using Garageband. I was only a matter of time before Donato succumbed, and got down and dirty with iPhoto and the rest of iLife. He has spent many an happy hour putting in the names to the faces and is very fond of the geographic features implemented with the Geo tagging of photos from his camera. Ah! Happy days.

Not a huge podcast listener but has promised to at least to . What?? He hasn’t done that already?

I recommended the back up strategy as I use myself, Time Machine for the day to day backing up, followed by a once a week SuperDuper and the belt and braces is the important files being saved to the cloud using and . 2 GB of space available on each of those services for free. It doesn’t get much better than free does it.

Please make the trip to Donato’s sites Like to find out more about the West Midlands, Birmingham and the Black Country and buy a T shirt while you are there. Why? Because they are totally Bostin and you can’t help but smile while wearing one.

Mac20Q Podcast 35 Matt Bleasby

Click the Picture to Listen to the podcast

is a web site development and designer. He is starting to head in the direction of using php in his web development work. He will design  a site in Photoshop and then chop it up to put in the web application.
and you can find him on too. As you can see from the picture he likes a half pint.

Matt is currently looking at creating a FindMattBleasby website that links to his company as well.

He is a fairly recent switcher and has XP on the MacBook as an option but has not used it since putting it on. I think he will possibly be dumping that off when he wants to get the space back taken up by Boot Camp at the moment.

We talk about Apple TV because Matt told me he would like one. I personally think that the Apple TV should have a TV tuner included in it to properly have a right to be called Apple TV.

I talk a bit about my previous life as a designer and sign writer in Ireland, how I used to get annoyed by the comments of other designers taking the mickey because I used CorelDraw on a PC to do my desgn work.

Matt like the idea of having video recording with the iPhone camera. You can record video now but you have to jailbreak the iPhone. Don’t fancy jail breaking mine. Talking about the iPhone I found out the other day that Movistar / telefonica are not the sole provider of the iPhone here in Spain now.


Matt doesn’t listen to many but I mention Are we Alone by the SETI institute and The Maccast and I think Mac Break Weekly.

Amongst sites recommended Deviantart. You can buy art work from there. matt tells us how he avoids getting spam on his email address.

Mac20Q Podcast 32 BJ Wanlund

Click the picture to hear the podcast

BJ Wanlund talks to me in the about what he does on a Mac. He is a bit of a gamer and lost me totally talking about some of the games he is into. I have only had a quick play with World of Goo which came with the MAcHeist thing and I would not have otherwise. Still have to fire up CroMag Rally and the mini games too.

He has a black MacBook and uses it for his school work, so that’s for business and pleasure. He did have some experience with an Apple 2 many years ago, too many years ago to mention. Since then he used Windows like many of us did before coming back into the fold. Mainly due to having hardware problems with a Gateway computer.

BJ is keen on watching TV on the computer using ElGato products, this makes it one of hos favourite applications. He also uses MS orifice for some things on his Mac, in particular to do some snazzy alignments of text for a front page of a document.

BJ wonders why Apple can’t make a decent version of iTunes for Windows users, he also uses Parallels in coherence mode so he can drag and drop things from Windows to OSX.

BJ has a play with Garageband formn time to time but has not much time to keep up with his photos he takes with the iPhone. he tells me he plans to upgrade to iLife09. For backing up he loves Time Machine. I recommended using and also and .

I did an upgrade of my MacBook and BJ told me that he also has done upgrades of his computer and didn’t have any screws left over either.

I got a few tips on how to use World of Goo and make structures to get the goo into the pipe. We talk about a whole load of other things including Twitter clients so listen to the show now.

In my ramblings I talk briefly about microphones after having a wee chat with in GoToMeeting so that he could test out his new Blue Snowflake, another gift for his MacBook Pro this week. He say he never manages to go for a month without buying something for the mac. We all have to have a vice to support.
I mention the microphone and also the Samson mics and the Behringer mics

I watched a tutorial video in which Joseph Nilo shows how to do some stuff in . Makes it look very easy to do some 3D animations with a camera following a path and being able to zoom in or out as well as have objects moving around too. spinning floating and whatever.
Looks very easy to put colours, textures , video on to objects to get some really fancy things going on. You can even put in 3D objects you have created in other 3D applications  into an animation.I will have to put a day or two aside to get in there and create something.

Mac20Q Podcast 30 Michael King

Click on the picture to listen to the podcast

Michael is from Houston in Texas and has a plethora of Mac computers that he uses for business and pleasure. He makes training films using Final Cut Pro and is a heavy user of Aperture. Michael has a pedigree with Macs going back to the Apple 2. Obviously this amounts to a huge amount of experience with the Mac.

He tells us a little about using classic and changing to OS X. He is not keen on using a Mouse preferring to use a trackball. He uses a
and USB Edirol mixer to connect it up. He reckons his PR40 is the best mic to use when you consider the antique clocks he has chiming in the background from time to time.

I use a Samson C03U mic similar to the
both are USB mics.
I recommended to him and he said he is off to the shop to buy it after we finish recording. I even passed on some tips about selecting part of a sound wave to delete so that you don’t get and extra clicks in the audio.
He reckons that Adobe will probably take some time to get a version out for Snow Leopard because they can drag their feet a bit some times in reaction to new operating systems. Multi Threading is going to be the big thing with Snow leopard and being about to make use of the multi core computers.
He told me there is a huge difference between having 2GB and 4 GB in the MacBook. So I will have to do something about putting in the extra in my MacBook too.
The office he works in is a mixture of Macs and Windows and has to use MS Excel because it is the only spreadsheet that will open the spreadsheets that get sent to him. For his personal office type of thing he will use iWork. He wishes that it wasn’t totally necessary to revolve around microsoft products in business.
Not quite a cool aid drinker but will always recommend a Mac to people when the ask what sort of computer to get.
Michael likes to use Firefox for the add ons you can use and will sometimes go back to Safari and now and then Camino. Depends on which is working the best right now, and for now it is Safari 4. Fluid gets a mention also, this is an app which you use to make a application specific to a web site.
is used for some video chatting  with his mates which include who was featured in the previous podcast and Rob Saunders who will be in a Podcast here soon and Michael  uses a Logitech web cam to get the video in.

Recommended sites

  • Get have a look in the support area

Michaels pictures

  • http://gallery.me.com/mking8#100058
  • http://gallery.me.com/mking8#100074


Mac20Q Podcast 20 Joshua Rodriguez

Click on the image to hear the podcast

I had some time to use and I wanted to do an interview for the Podcast and so I asked on Twitter if there was any Mac user ready to get started with an interview straight away. Up pops Joshua Rodriguez who is a student from Canada. We had a super chat about how he uses his Mac and maybe I was able to give him a tip or two as we were talking also.

One of the things I was wondering was, what do students in schools do regards taking computers into schools. Joshua wants a MacBook. They do cost quite a bit of money and you know what kids are like with other people’s property. Maybe with a computer you could expect a higher level of care, but it only takes a couple of mad minutes doing something silly and everyone says “It wasn’t me.” Maybe by bringing this up here I am showing my age and bringing out the dad of three lads part of me or the ex teacher part of my life.

Does anyone have any experience of how portable computers get looked after by school children? Let me know fill in the contact form below.

Seeing as he is a poor student, mind you – all students are that way, I remember it well, I suggested that he might use Mozy for his back ups. Like my son has no money to buy an extra hard drive to be able to use Time Machine or SuperDuper to make a back up, so what can be done is have all of the important files being backed up automatically with Mozy to the Cloud. 2 GB of free space is not to be sneezed at, for sure.

I have been using Mozy for about a month now and I am impressed. It just does the backing up I have set it to do and I forget about it. There is an icon on the bar at the top of the screen and if I click it I can see when the last back up happened and how many files and how much data was backed up to Mozy. It really is ttransparent in use.

The show sponsor for this episode as usual is . Here is a page with more information. I use it a lot and it is impressive. of was the person that told me about it when I met up with him in Barcelona last September.

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Mac20Q Podcast 15 Jordan Nicholls

Click on the image to hear the podcast

In this podcast I talk with Jordan who is studying drama and is new to the Mac. He has switched fairly recently and loves his MacBook. I make suggestion that he tries out the word processor Bean. I have been using Bean lately and I have found it very useful.
It is not necessary to use Microsoft Word for the Mac to be able to send files to Windows users. You can save  to all sorts of Word formats including one which I expect all versions of Word to be able to open without any problems, that is the Rich Text Format .rtf and I see that Bean will even save to the .docx format.

Electric super car

One of his favourite podcasts is (Kryton in Red Dwarf) who gives people he knows a lift in his car and films it. I have seen the one with getting a ride in the super Tesla electric sports car. So part of the discussion is about the merits ecologically, of the electric car. I would love to have the Toyota Prius but the cost of on rules that out. I wonder though about the pay back time. It is more expensive to buy than a normal car and I think it may take some time for the fuel savings to actually have an effect on the wallet in the long run.