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Mac20QLogo144.jpgI have been using Blogo for posting to and this morning I tried to post from it to the blog. Blogo handles the Categories well but doesn’t allow the tags. I still have to try it for putting in a podcast too. But it does look like it will handle that.

The other possibility is MarsEdit from Red Sweater Software, and this one does look like I might be able to add the tags too.

The reason for looking at software to do this rather than go into the WordPress installation is because at the moment when I want to publish, WordPress always fails the first time. It usually gets saved as a draft and I can go back in to edit it up to the auto save on the draft. But it is really annoying.

As you can see from the previous post ‘Struggling with RSS‘ that went in from Blogo I can put in picture OK That was done with a drag and drop. With this one I have to click on a media button. After clicking the Media button another window comes up and there is drag and drop. Blogo does a better job of the placing of the image. I like to have some padding around the picture, as it makes the text read better.

I do like the way that you type into one window and there is a preview window that shows what the post will look like too. Adding links is pretty good too with MarsEdit.

It is hard to choose between the two of them. Blogo does connect up to nicely though, and I do use that a lot.

I think I will have to give both of these more testing.

Jonathan Cost Mac20Q Podcast 13

Click the picture to hear the Podcast

Jonathan has the site and . You can .  Some great information there if you want to learn more about the Mac.  Jonathan is certainly a bit of a geek and loves his Macs.

I had a very interesting chat with him about a number of things with the Mac 20 questions as the starting point. We talked software and hardware. He make screencasts to show how to use things and uses his Mac to edit video.

Here are a few of the links to things that Jonathan is interested in and mentioned in the interview. , syncing software , , , ,

Want to see a ??

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Sponsor for the Podcast is the excellent software to capture your screen and record audio to make a .