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I started off the month with a podcast thanking all the listeners to the podcasts for supporting the Mac20Q show for one year, also looking at what is to come in 2010. I also talked about the move to consolidate the podcasting into one site. I have done this partly to save time with the looking after all of the separate WordPress installations and I am finding that it makes a better web site when it is all together. Mac20Q, Photo20Q, Video20Q, Writers20Q, Car20Q, Artist20Q and other sites like the Spondicious which has been about the selling of my photos and illustrations online through the microstock sites like Fotolia.

I talked to Paul Boag who is a popular guy, there have been over 400 downloads of the Mac20Q Podcast 84. Paul is a web developer that goes out extensively to talk about making web sites and I found him to be very interesting.

Then there was Video20Q podcast 17 featuring the filmmaker Jon Reiss, who made the movie ‘Bomb It.’ I watched it and was impressed. Great that it tied in with what I have been doing already with the , you can watch the first two episodes of the Graffiti Podcast on YouTube also.

Peter Boodts from Belgium was the next to be featured on Mac20Q. I find it amazing that I get to talk to so many interesting people doing some super stuff with the Mac, and Peter was no exception.

Andrew Jones, who is a British guy living in New Jersey in the U.S. doing photography, art, web design, video and all sorts of artistic endeavour was featured on the Mac20Q Podcast 86. He has set up a web site that he would like to see as a community of Mac users helping each other, which follows on from the work he does helping Mac users near where he lives. For a change I came upon Andrew via YouTube instead of Twitter, where I seem to meet with most people.

During February I also posted two screencasts showing how to use Blogo. This came about due a bug in WordPress that was annoying me and Blogo filled the bill in terms of avoiding the bug and since then I have gone on to love using it. I am using Blogo to make this post. I expect to be talking to the developer of Blogo soon and he will be donating a copy of Blogo for listeners to win. So keep an eye out for that.

I have also been putting out video from the local Carnaval, in Platja d’Aro. One video of that has been seen over 800 times and another of . The drummers were astounding, I loved getting into the thick of them to film the shots for that.

I am still working on growing the numbers of my Twitter followers and I am as of this moment up to 13,619 followers for @Wizardgold and there are over 3000 followers on @Video20Q plus another 2000 approx on @Mac20Q. Trying to keep Mac20Q for Mac related things and Video20Q for film making items. Wizardgold will be for general tweets and Rt’s of the other things to ensure max coverage. Well pleased with the growth of the Wizardgold account seeing as I only had 2000 followers in December.

All in all it was a busy month and great to be creating content for the listeners and viewers. Let me know if you would like to be featured on any of the podcasts, would love to hear from you. I will ask you 20Q about whatever subject you would like to talk about.

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Yuri Arcurs is the master when it comes to Micro Stock photography and therefore when I saww that Crestock were producing the videos in which they get Yuri to tell us wannabees how to do things in MicrostocK I was more than happy to watch the videos and learn form the best.

I posted here the previous video and it was learning how to shoot and direct a model and the latest video is the part two. How to get the right smiles from the model and  getting the model to freeze the action and eliminate the possibility of blur. Using a second shooter on expensive shoots to get more capital from the shoot. More pictures, with the second shooter getting in and taking shots when you are having some down time with the camera, checking shots or changing lenses or whatever.

Here is the video.

Sold some photos this week with , mostly subscriptions but it all helps

In this podcast I talk about how good micro stock is for earnings when you stop adding new images. When you want to or need to take some time off from uploading. Feeding the beast is the phrase coined on Lee Torrens Blog – Microstock Diaries.

I talk about HDR photography and I have included some small tips and tricks to help you along with the stock photography business.

Lastly I have put in a request for funny stories that you might have regards being a photographer or whatever. I will post funny stories in a Podcast and in return I will put a link to your website and of course you can include a plug in the audio too.

Enjoy the

Please leave me a comment on what you think of the podcast – I am looking forward to hearing your views. Or use the contact form below

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I was pleased to see a photo sold of a hydraulic hoist  lift thing with big wheels on. I was at the in laws one day and I shot a picture or two while I was hanging around of one of those hoists that builders use to get up high on the outside of a building, or could be used by those workers that fix the street lighting.

Definitely a great idea to always carry the camera as you never know when you might be able to get a photo.

With this photo I did some photshop work to clean things up both in the background and on the hoist too. There was a logo on the metal work and I removed some ugly dirt on the tyres.

I am quite impatient but with the business of Micro stock, patience is more than a virtue, it is necessary because it takes time to build the portfolio and time to get your photos or images selling. The images will be found better if you have good keywording for the images. But the more images you have then the more likely when one of your images is found that you will get a link through to your other work.

Someone looking at one of you images is likely to want to see what other work you have done and so the sales of your work will increase by a larger percentage due to having more work.

Here isa useful resourse you whether you are selling illustrations or photos for finding keywords. It is called and seems quite responsive, I saw a report that said it was working off the API. There were other tool like this available but I can´t find them online at the moment. does the job though.

When you are keywording I reccomend using one of the photo management tools like Aperture or Lightroom. Both are good and I prefer Aperture after trying both. Version two of Aperture is very good and much faster also. With either you can add keywords very quickly and remember time is money. The faster you can build you portfolio the better.