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The Mac20Q interview is with Ross Craig from Canada. I talked to Ross before but now he has an iPad to tell me about too.

iPrompt for the iPhone

Today I got my hands on the iPhone application iPrompt. I have been using VideoCue to use as my teleprompter when I do the videos and I am talking into the camera. Video Cue works pretty well but sometimes when I want to stop it and then restart I can’t go back a bit to where I want to continue talking. I have to start again from the start of the text. That is the problem I need to address.

If I am using the iSight camera in my Mac it is OK because I can have the computer right in front of me and use the up and down arrow keys to slow down the text in Video Cue and speed it up again so that It does what I want. But I prefer to use my Canon Vixia to record the video because of better quality and when I use the green screen I need to have some distances just right to make the chromakeying work better. So then I lose control of the text. My arms are just not long enough…

Seeing as I am always fluffing my words then I do need to be able to have this controlling function – so enter iPrompt. I have not used iPrompt in anger yet but I have tested it and it looks like it will do what I want – I think….
The only thing is the control of it again. I would like to put the iphone into a box thing that I will make that is like the proper teleprompter when the camera is pointed through a hole in back a box and there is a piece of glass at an angle inside the box. The front is open and what you look into – seeing only the scrolling text

The iPhone will go at the bottom of the box pointing up at the glass and with the glass angled the presenter is able to see the text scrolling right where the lens of the camera is pointing out . Of course the scrolling text in iPrompt has to be mirrored so that it is the right way for reading in the teleprompter. The way that I do it now the text is slightly below the lens on my MacBookPro and you can sometimes see that I am having to look just below the lens to the scrolling text from time to time. I could see that this iPrompt solution could work even better if I had a distance controller – there is something that allows wireless or wired control so that I could speed up the text or slow it down or just pause it and restart it when I am ready to move on. I have to find out more about what controllers I can use with this function of iPrompt. I think I will need that distance controller though if I – can – put it in a box as I have outlined already because the iPhone will be more difficult to get at – when it is set up inside the box


I have just upgraded to the latest version of Evernote and I like the changes – It looks better and it also has a thing called trunk – It is the Elephant reference again.

Trunk is there to show what other applications will work with or integrate with Evernote – like
A to-do manager that seamlessly syncs content with your Evernote account.

Seems like a good idea from Ever note – but then
Had a bit more of a look through and it seems it is a way for Evernote to make some affiliate cash by directing you to paid for apps on on the iTunes Store. Nothing wrong with that ….

Evernote have to get paid for what they do also.

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Here are all the podcasts from last month. April 2009.

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The main topic was to say what you did with your computer today

People present were Paul Shadwell, Elaine Giles, Mike Thomas, Mark Dalton, Ross Craig, Matt Hillyer, Michael King and Ross Craig. Gazmaz called in as did Beijuu and Pat Mahon. Anyone I missed just let me know and I will add you.

Elaine mentioned Curio for coralling her thoughts, and Spam sieve. Natuarlly Devon Think and Evernote were on the list of things done during the day. Mind maps even got a mention. Curio works with Evernote and you can do drag an drop of things.

Devonthink is what Elaine uses as a Knowledge base, the long term storage. Keynote is important to Elaine but she also uses Open office and other stuff to be able to do her online presentations. was mentioned and some of us show pictures of what our desk looks like.

Later in the chat Elaine gave us an update on the problems she has with AppleCare. Have a look at or on

Mike Thomas was secretive about exactly what he was doing with his blog but he was doing something though. Mike also mentioned the ElGato TV thingy.

Mark Dalton brought up gigabit networking in the home office, and a discussion about the CAT cables ensued. Paul told us about his woking on video. Here is one of his video’s

Paul getting down with his guitar. What a superstar?

Paul and Martina video evidence of hovering technique

Mike Thomas and his desk at work.

Michael King

Michael King

Michael uses his computers for his work and uses iPhoto, Aperture and Lightroom depending on exactly what he is working on.