Mac20Q Podcast 85 Peter Boodts

Peter has been called the 3rd Belgian but is really a first class chap, and for a hobby he is into drumming. He enjoyed the movie I made about of the Drummers from Girona, because it was right down his street, musically.
Peter uses a 24in iMac and also has a MacBook Pro in the house. Both of those using the latest Snow Leopard, although he has to use Tiger on his computers at work. He creates 3D rendered drawings with specialist software and have been using Macs for a very long time.

Win Mercury Mover the Mac App

Had a great chat with the developer of Mercury Mover and I love using the software and you can use it too. I have a copy of it to give away and a copy of  HighBrow also from heliumfoot software.

YouTube High Quality If you want to see the higher quality version the click on the  YouTube High Quality HQ button on the Youtube site

Leo Laporte gets a right lashing !

certainly didn’t mince here words in the latest Nosillacast, in which she gave Leo Laporte a verbal lashing for his hypocrisy over the Snow Leopard. She played a couple of clips from the Leo Laporte Twit show in which he said totally contradicting things. In the first one he was talking about how the $29 upgrade for Snow Leopard was a great deal and despite there not being many in your face improvements, the under the hood improvements made it a no brainer good value deal to get Snow Leopard.

Leo Laporte

Leo Laporte

In the next clip he was heard lambasting Apple for the very same thing. I suppose he just changed his mind or he forgot what he said before. Maybe when you are making 1.5 million a year from podcasting maybe it affects the memory a little. When you look at him in the picture to the left, you would think that butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth. Not  such a good guy after all, did you hear the one where he had a spat with a guest on his show and kicked him off with a few expletives thrown in for good measure. I saw the video of that one and he looked like he was in a bad mood to start with. Maybe he was having a bad tech day.

What do you think of Leo Laporte?

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Mac20Q Podcast 58 GazMaz

ON Tournament copy
Mac20Q Podcast 58 Chatting to from the UK about him and his Macs – There is no truth in the rumour that he is a fence for stolen iMac’s. It was just a terrible misunderstanding, “Honest officer.”. Get the full story in the podcast. Seriously though Gary had some bad luck there.

I asked him where he comes from and he replied “Cobblers” I said there’s no need to be rude. After that we went on to talk about kinky boots, as you do on such occasions.

Are you trying to stick your finger in my ear?What does a rugby referee tackle with his Mac? All the details in the scrum section of the podcast. The whole family are Mac users and seems that sometimes they have to fight over who gets to use the Mac Book or the Mac Mini. Gary also has a Mac Mini serving up his iTunes on a silver platter. Nice! he was telling me about his MyFi gadget which allows him to share a wifi signal coming in from a mobile network. Sweet gadget and I would really like one too.

Gary podcasts on with Mike Potter and does a stint now and the on IMP podcast. He even reviews applications for The . I sent in another review of a podcast for that yesterday also.

It was through a recommendation from Gary that I got my hands on Hazel which is a super tool for keeping designated folders in order. If a file gets put in my downloads folder it is moved automatically to the pictures folder. You can set up a number of rules to take care of different types of files. Handy too that new files get a blue label to make them easier to find.

In the podcast I read an email from a listener in Scotland that had a terrible time with upgrading to Snow Leopard. Ended up being a hardware problem and she decided to get a new MacBookPro. Good excuse is what I say to get some new hardware.

The extra music for the  podcast is by Louis Vig a track called ‘Can You Feel It’ You can find his work at


Podcast listening

The MacCast

As I was walking the dog this morning I was listening to the MacCast podcast from Adam Christenson. I have a soft spot for his podcast because it was the first podcast I started to listen to when I changed to the Mac 5 years ago. He has a good mix of tips, news, new music and reviews. The reason I mention it now is because there were some handy little tips regards Snow Leopard and the use of the option key to get more info or do things, depending what you are clicking on.

  • Option click the sound icon in the menu bar and you can change the default input and output devices for your sound.
  • Option click the mobile me icon and you see more information about what parts of the service were backed up when.

Adam mentions a couple of others including the airport icon and for me I would just say that the Maccast is one of the podcasts you just have to listen to. His web site is useful too and there is also a forum on there which can be very helpful if you need to get a question answered. Adam has been interviewed on Mac 20 Questions as I don’t mind talking to the superstars of the Mac podcasting world as well as the ordinary users like you and me.

What is your favourite podcast to listen to?

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Mac20Q Podcast 55 Snow Leopard part 2


In this podcast I talk to three mac users after Snow Leopard had been out for a week or so. Two of them had upgraded and the other was still waiting for the disks to arrive. Thanks to Mark Dalton, and Alexander to talking about their experiences actually installing Snowy and to Stefaan Lesage for a general chat prior to his pending upgrade. Looking forward to meeting up with Stefaan later this week at Podcamp Barcelona.

I will have a busy week this week with interviews lined up with Mac users and also some indie  film makers and the Podcamp next Saturday. I put out a video podcast yesterday featuring my friend the artist Frank Corfield for .

I waffle on about my new toy , a which is sitting on my desk now keeping my data safe. I have put in a couple of 1TB drives and have another pair of 500GB Drives to put in also.

Mark has just bought a Drobo also and had put in 4 of 1TB drives. So he will have plenty of room for his video stuff with Final Cut Pro.

Don’t forget to use the code POD146 when you get the checkout at GoDaddy so that you get a 10% discount

Mac20Q Podcast 53 Rachael Furn

calmbananame A calm banana who loves neon zebra patterns and goes by the name of Rachael Furn.

I enjoyed talking to her about how she uses her Mac. Rachael told me about an application called Smultron which she uses for web development. is a text editor written in Cocoa for Mac OS X Leopard 10.5 which is designed to be both easy to use and powerful. I may have to have a look at it myself even though I prefer to use WordPress to make my web sites, mind you having said that Rachael is rather fond of WordPress too. She has admitted publicly that she enjoys long conversations about the merits of WordPress.

Rachael giggled her way through the interview and you just can’t help but like her. she plays Alto Saxophone in . They do a kick arse Pirates of the Caribbean medley. Also trying to teach herself bass. She is into photography and likes to get down and dirty with creative stuff.

Mac20Q Snow Leopard podcast pt 1

I got talking to some people that have differing views regarding what to do regarding Snow Leopard. Ranging from a developer that has been running it prior to Snow Leopard Day Friday 28th of August, to some that are holding back to let other mugs, I mean users try it out first and then jump in once the dust has settled and the patches have been posted to make everything run as it should.

During the day there have been reports on Twitter to say that some applications are not functioning properly on Snow Leopard and also people saying that there is a very noticeable speed increase. There is bound to be one or two issues to sort out but it looks like the developers are working pretty quick to make sure their apps will run on Snowy.

I ordered my family pack of the Operating system as soon as I saw that it was available on Monday but didn’t pay for extra quick postal. This was mainly because I am working until Monday and not likely to be able to get to install Snow Leopard by which time the box could be here and in my hands ready to play with. I did have the thought run through my head that I should go to the local re seller in Girona and get the packet but decided against it, it could have arrived here in the post by then.

I will be upgrading the MacBook in the simplest way and I will do a ‘Nuke and Pave’ with the iMac. there is a lot more work involved with the latter due to have to be extra careful with all of the data and all of my applications. I have got my hands on the application called AppFresh to see what I need to upgrade to the latest version. So that by itself will be a major task. I have to make sure all my email is safe and settings in various application that I use either daily or the now and then apps.

Snow Leopard coming ??

Many of blogs and podcasts are getting into the swing of things with the approaching of the Snow Leopard. There are reports / rumours that the cat will be with us before the end of August even, despite Apple saying that they would put it out in September. I always believe that it is much better to under promise and over deliver, and so bringing forward the release dat would do endless amounts of good for the whole of Apple business. We love the products anyway and to give us Snow Leopard out early  on to of the icing which is the low price is surely the cherry on the top.

I will be getting my hands on Snowy as soon as it is available that’s for sure. On the iMac I will be doing the nuke and pave approach because I want a complete refresh with the new operating system. On the MacBook I will do an upgrade or update. The MacBook is much newer so will be spot on for the quicker and easier upgrade. I want to consolidate the applications I have on the iMac so that is another reason for going the nuke and pave route. I have not been having any problems with the running of the iMac but I think it is a good time to prune dome of the dead wood from the application folder.

Starting fresh will mean that I have to make a list of all the applications I have on the system now and note all of the serial numbers so that I can re install them. I will be doing back ups before I start all of this anyway. I have back ups anyway but I will be doubly sure to back up before going ahead. That will be after doing some maintenance in terms of running the permissions repairs on the hard disk too.

I get the impression from all of the reports so far that we can expect some bit of a speed bump from the software due to the software making the most of the extra cores on the processor and even using the processor on the graphics card. Of course it is still all rumour and hearsay but it is what makes the Apple World go around.

So what are your plans for your Macs’s?

  1. Upgrade
  2. Archive and install
  3. Full erase and install

I can’t see any reasons to not upgrade to Snowy unless you have a Power PC  chip in your Mac. But maybe you have a good reason to not upgrade. Why not tell us about it.

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