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Writers20Q Podcast 1 SplatEric

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Mike has a MacBookPro as his main computer and has a Mac Mini connected to the TV. Mike is a writer and had taken the brave step of giving up a job in order to make his way in the world into being a writer. Has been using the [...]

Mac20Q podcast 41 Evan Montgomery

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Wizardgold Ramblings. I was listening to the Nosillacast and she was reviewing Mercury Mover and it sounds like a useful bit of kit that I would like to get at some time or other.

Scrivener and Bento are apps I have bought this week. Bento has a video [...]

Mac20Q Roundtable Lark 02

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In this one we had newcomers to the meeting in Matt Bleasby, Alice Saunders, Simon along with the stalwarts of MarkDalton, Pat Mahon, GazMaz, Legion11, Michael King, Robyn Saunders, Mark Sheppard, Stargate John, Jane73, Mike Thomas and ElaineGiles.  I should have kept a list of who was [...]