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Had a great very good chat with the from Ireland. He takes charge, hosts the International Mac Podcast and does his best to keep some order over the rest of the Scallywags. I will be one of the scallywags tomorrow on the next live show. Should be fun.

Bart has back up paranoia leading to the use of Rsync and Arrsync to do back ups a plenty. Along with pirate humour, a wooden leg and a parrot on the shoulder type of pirate you should note.
Doesn’t think to highly of Ubercaster for podcasting – reckons it is too flakey in use. Which is why all of the people on the IMP do a recording of the show just in case it is needed.

He likes to drink coffee while using his favourite application – NetNewswire. I have been trying it out since recording the interview and I think I like it but I don’t like coffee. I wonder if it works with tea?

  • – A straight-talking Apple blog
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  • – Agregation of blogs by members of the NUI Maynooth IT Society
  • – A must for all computer power users
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He’s a bit of an IMP so you will probably enjoy hearing what Stu Helm has to say about how he uses his Mac. Stu lives in Leeds in England and I know that’s a good place to live as I lived in Leeds for 4 years myself in the early eighties. I expect it has changed totally since I was there. The international Mac Podcast comes out once a week and Bart Bushotts is on there also to keep things in check. Sometimes they have just too much fun on there. I was on there once myself  and a few of the people I have interviewed here on Mac 20 Questions have also appeared on the show.

Stu was recently in America and tells me that he took more tech stuff than clothes, so if you have a funny story about a fella from Leeds in England turning up somewhere in the USA only partly dressed, then let us know about it, won’t you. Seriously these days international travel does restrict the amount of stuff you can carry onto an airplane and when you have computers and microphone you can be sure to get your bags searched and molested. It is when they start to put on the rubber gloves you have to get worried though!

Stu is into video production as well as audio podcasts. He is keen to use iLfe and was tellin me a bit about his video camera in the interview.

Stu listens to quite a few podcasts as well as produces them. Listen in to the podcast to find out which are his favourites.

Levelator – Software I use to do some trickery on the levels of the file in between raw editing stage and the podcasting part of the job in Garageband. There a good article which tells you some details about what it does and how it does it. Have a look to learn more.

Rob is otherwise known as @Switchmac and he has a web site dedicated to new users of the Mac system. Some great information for switchers. Rob seems to have found it easy enough to switch but must have thought that the fears of some new users needed to be allayed.

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Rob uses PDF Pen if he gets PDF document that needs to do work on and send back to other people. We talk about Crayon Physics, an iPhone game.

We talk about Garageband as a tool for making podcasts and mention Ubercaster, which people like Stu Helm swear by. I did look at Ubercaster once but decided I was happy using Garage band and AmadeusPro for making my podcasts.

Favourite software is for making web sites and is not terrible expensive. As far as buying things off iTunes is concerned well we got talking about .

an iPhone photography site and on the iPhone – Your external brain. Did you know you can scan things into Evernote and have it do the OCR on it to make it searchable. Rob tells me about how he uses Spaces with certain spaces for certain tasks.

Growl gets a mention

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