March was mad

I was looking at the list of podcasts I produced during March and there was less than half of my normal output, you would think that there was a certain amount of PodFade. However that was not really the case, as it was mostly down to external factors beyond my control. I lost over a week to having no power and no internet, I can’t record an interview when there is no electric in the house. I did go to my sister in law to get internet on a few ocasions but that is no help for recording as there are kids and noisy dogs in the house.

Following the week with no electric there was, certainly as far as I was concerned, too much time in the garden trying to sort out the devastation the storm left behind. Our garden is full of mostly cork trees and a few pines. Five of the pine trees fell down and all  of the cork trees lost branches, such was the weight of the snow. I still hate gardening, even if I get to use a chainsaw.

I did have interviews arranged during the month and the people were unable to keep the appointment. One of them seems to be very busy and the other had a bad cold. These have been re scheduled but has left us without the interview content. That is the problem with the fact that the shows rely on content coming in from external sources.

I did do something different last month also with the production of the Mac20Q ramble as a video. I enjoyed that experience because I did it with green screen in Final Cut Express. Of course it does take longer to arrange such a production, but I thought it came out well enough that I will do more of those. Good to have the video posted out in varoius places too all pointing back to the show notes for the audio podcast. I have bought a set of LED lights to illuminate the green screen and I will post a picture of the set in the studio shortly.

The lack of podcasts was overall for the Answer20Q network and I think I will have to do some catching up. Also though I will have to get a schedule. I plan to chose a day of the week for publishing a Mac20Q podcast and do that once a week. The Video 20Q can be a every other week and the others I will aim for one a month and I’ll see if I can ramp it up when the summer is over.

During the summer I work in a camp site, a bit of cash is nice,  I improve my Spanish and get to practice my German speaking too. It does mean though that the podcasting lessens during the summer also.  I have started work for this year already but until the end of May it will probably only be weekends. That works out quite nicely and I am not looking forward to the working 10 hours each day in a reception that has no air conditioning. The owners are too tight to look after the staff at this place. At least maybe I can write a script or two in the quiet moments. It is a shame though that it will have to be as today written using a Windows computer and a Spanish keyboard which has a few extra characters and a few in different places.

Funny thing about camp sites is that you get used to seeing people walking to the showers in the dressing gown and a toilet roll in the hand. Maybe I should think about a story involving a camp site as a location. I have seen one or two other funny things here.

I have started work on a story /  comedy sketch that I want to make as a short movie. Writing it first in Scrivener as a narrative as the first draft and for the second draft I will make it into a screenplay- script. I will perhaps keep doing that in Scrivener but I might try using Celtx which is dedicated script writing software. Planning to send the script to my son who is a professional cameraman because I can envisage him helping me both with the camera part of the filming and with the acting side of it. I need 3 actors for the job and I could see two of my sons and a friend filling the roles nicely.

I have not  written a screenplay before so I am also in the process of learning how to do that, luckily I found a web site that shows the correct way of doing it as per the industry standard and gives good practice type of tips too. After I have the short film made I will publish the script also on Video20Q.

The Podcasts of February

I started off the month with a podcast thanking all the listeners to the podcasts for supporting the Mac20Q show for one year, also looking at what is to come in 2010. I also talked about the move to consolidate the podcasting into one site. I have done this partly to save time with the looking after all of the separate WordPress installations and I am finding that it makes a better web site when it is all together. Mac20Q, Photo20Q, Video20Q, Writers20Q, Car20Q, Artist20Q and other sites like the Spondicious which has been about the selling of my photos and illustrations online through the microstock sites like Fotolia.

I talked to Paul Boag who is a popular guy, there have been over 400 downloads of the Mac20Q Podcast 84. Paul is a web developer that goes out extensively to talk about making web sites and I found him to be very interesting.

Then there was Video20Q podcast 17 featuring the filmmaker Jon Reiss, who made the movie ‘Bomb It.’ I watched it and was impressed. Great that it tied in with what I have been doing already with the , you can watch the first two episodes of the Graffiti Podcast on YouTube also.

Peter Boodts from Belgium was the next to be featured on Mac20Q. I find it amazing that I get to talk to so many interesting people doing some super stuff with the Mac, and Peter was no exception.

Andrew Jones, who is a British guy living in New Jersey in the U.S. doing photography, art, web design, video and all sorts of artistic endeavour was featured on the Mac20Q Podcast 86. He has set up a web site that he would like to see as a community of Mac users helping each other, which follows on from the work he does helping Mac users near where he lives. For a change I came upon Andrew via YouTube instead of Twitter, where I seem to meet with most people.

During February I also posted two screencasts showing how to use Blogo. This came about due a bug in WordPress that was annoying me and Blogo filled the bill in terms of avoiding the bug and since then I have gone on to love using it. I am using Blogo to make this post. I expect to be talking to the developer of Blogo soon and he will be donating a copy of Blogo for listeners to win. So keep an eye out for that.

I have also been putting out video from the local Carnaval, in Platja d’Aro. One video of that has been seen over 800 times and another of . The drummers were astounding, I loved getting into the thick of them to film the shots for that.

I am still working on growing the numbers of my Twitter followers and I am as of this moment up to 13,619 followers for @Wizardgold and there are over 3000 followers on @Video20Q plus another 2000 approx on @Mac20Q. Trying to keep Mac20Q for Mac related things and Video20Q for film making items. Wizardgold will be for general tweets and Rt’s of the other things to ensure max coverage. Well pleased with the growth of the Wizardgold account seeing as I only had 2000 followers in December.

All in all it was a busy month and great to be creating content for the listeners and viewers. Let me know if you would like to be featured on any of the podcasts, would love to hear from you. I will ask you 20Q about whatever subject you would like to talk about.

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Mac20Q Podcast 71 Paul McGovern – Educator Extraordinaire


Great guy from Enniskillin in Northern Ireland. He is Lecturer In Media Applications & Computer Science, Specialising in Video Game Development. I used to go there to Enniskillin, quite often either for shopping or to go to the Theatre. I did even once go kayaking on the river, with a bunch of kids. A good day out.

In the ramble I mention my new Magic Mouse which I am really pleased with, Google Wave and The Film Ink which got featured on , the film got put on torrent this week and was downloaded thousands of times. I would like to see them getting paid for it though. Excellent looking movie. I have a DVD on its way to me now.

– lecturer in Northern Ireland and in impressing his students with being a total tech head. He tells me about apps like Blender, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere. He also does things on the audio side with Audacity and other apps you can find out about in the interview. He is fond also of an Application which Allison of the Nosillacast often bangs on about.

is designed to replace your traditional paper planbook with a robust digital scheduler. Planbook is designed and written by a full-time teacher and includes all the features you need to save time, stay organized, keep others informed and help you finish your teaching day a little bit earlier.

is a versatile, powerful, yet very simple to use tool for recording lectures including PowerPoint and/or Keynote slides for creating enhanced podcasts. ProfCast provides a low cost solution for recording and distributing lectures, special events, and presentations as podcasts. ProfCast offers an integrated workflow that makes creating, recording, and publishing podcasts easy. It’s as simple as Launch, Load, and Lecture!

Paul tells me of a thing called , which is  a Course Management System (CMS), also known as a Learning Management System (LMS) or a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). It is a Free web application that educators can use to create effective online learning sites. I must check it out my wife is a teacher, maybe she could find it useful.

Love the MacBook

mainimage.jpgMy MacBook is very nearly a MacBook Pro with the changes that were made in the line up recently. All it really needs is an SD card slot and perhaps a firewire slot. The only regret I have about the computer is the lack of the backlighting for the keyboard. So often on the sofa with the MacBook and I have to resort to a usb light to let me see what I am doing.

What got me thinking about the MacBook was this morning I was using it just from the battery as the electric was turned off for the morning. I have to say that the battery life is just brilliant. With a previous HP laptop that was crappy in a number of ways, the worst of it was the poor battery life on it.

Another thing I a chuffed about with the MacBook is the trackpad with the integrated button. I never liked the extra buttons on other laptops and this one doesn’t get me thinking that I must have a mouse connected to be able to do serious work. That is mainly due to the gestures. I find that I can use AmadeusPro really easily with scrolling left and right and also the two fingers to be able to zoom in and out. I was using these features while I was editing the interview of an indie  filmmaker for the .

It was going so well that I even finished the whole podcast on the MacBook even though I could have waited to have more screenspace available on the iMac 24 inch. AmadeusPro is super for the multitrack editing. Shame more people don’t know about it. Mind you I may have put some of that to rights by doing a review of AmadeusPro which is on the latest episode of The MacReviewcast from Tim Verpoorten.


Video 20 Questions News

Just made this video to give an update on what is coming. I have one interview ready to edit and turn into a podcast and an interview lined up for tomorrow. I will be talking with the people behind the movie INK.
At only 31, Denver filmmaker Jamin Winans has nearly twenty years of experience telling tales through his camera. His latest creation, “Ink,” is playing at the Starz FilmCenter in Denver this week and runs until the 26th.

After opening to critical acclaim at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival in January, the independent film, “Ink,” has come back to Colorado, where it was filmed and where its creators – writer/director Jamin Winans and producer Kiowa K. Winans – reside. “Ink,” which is a dark, sci-fi peek at an invisible battle between good and evil occurring all around us, features a host of local actors and is the product of Winanses’ Denver-based Double Edge Films.

As I mention in the video Patrick Swayze has died and I think he will be missed by many fans. He was in Dirty Dancing, Ghost and the movie that I particularly enjoyed of his was Point Break.

Wizardgold News Podcast June 12th

Click the image to listen

Busy time here but I managed to record a podcast. I would have done it with video for the Wizardgold News but went with audio because I started to record after the light was gone and I don’t like the image you get when working with lights rather than natural light. Although if I was to use my video camera rather than the iSight camera I could have made some adjustments I suppose. Then again there are video adjustments possible in iMovie also.

Any way the upshot is that I did it in audio only. I recorded and turned it into a podcast in Amadeus again. The second podcast all done in Amadeus and I like it. Slight different way of working that’s all.

I talk about using a service called to be able to quickly see where I have my user name out there. It checks about 120 sites and I can then click on to sign up at the various sites. Basically it is to profect my user name and identity so that no one else can register Wizardgold and use it nefariously. I see there will be a Facebook name thing happening this weekend also. Will you be getting your name registered. Will there be people doing bad things to try a bit of Facebook cyber squatting, I wonder.

In the podcast I give a bit of news about the 20 Questions sites. If you would like to be featured in a podcast talking about whatever you fancy or more specific with the , , , then contact me using the form below. Lets talk !!

With the new 2.8 WordPress, last night I updated most of my sites. Only with one of them do I have a problem.  The text is not showing up in the posts on the site yet are still there in the database. I have exported out the posts also to keep them safe while I do what I have to to sort the problem out. Weird that it only messed up on one of my sites.

As I say in the podcast there will be no Round table meeting this evening. Mostly because of the fact I am working until 10pm and the rest is due to it seeming that it has all been done in the other podcasts. I listened to IMP, Mac OSKen and MacBreak Weekly and Vexed Tech podcasts and there is not much more to say. So I will stick to the Mac 20 Questions style of podcast which is about real users using the computer for real.

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